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Season's Beatings 2019

Discussion in 'Game Events' started by BallotBoxer, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Disasterrr19

    Disasterrr19 Active Member

    Feb 23, 2019
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    I think it was an almost perfectly balanced PF. Very reasonable top milestone for 8 days, lack of drastic breaks between the milestones kept me going on and on (100M to 250M in Halloween PF was a bit frustrating), EXTREMELY generous prizes. The modifiers were really intertaining, but I agree with others that Fire was too weak in comparison to others - it definitely needs to be reworked to be on par with Air and Dark (probably, it could apply Bleed, give more long-lasting Enrage or grant Buffs as a reward for hitting the opponent).

    I genuinely enjoyed this one, thanks HVS!
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  2. Lililira

    Lililira Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2019
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    100 mil in 8 days is relatively reasonable (I completed it in 4-5), and it definitely helped that the milestones were decently spaced so it never felt like the next reward was too far away. Plus, I feel like 8 days was a good amount for this busy time of year, so that most folks could have a chance to participate without putting off real life stuff.

    My only question is what I'm supposed to do with the 4 extra theonite, lol.

    Quick assessment of the modifiers:
    • Fire: Very weak, didn't seem to make a difference since all stacks of enrage were gone before the ground combo was over. Maybe a timed buff next year? Or have them disappear on knockdown?
    • Water: Good defense, and would stall out most fighters other than...
    • Air: Very strong offense, especially against water defenders. I diamonded my Poltergust at the start of this pf, and by the end she was over level 40 and I was using her for at least half of my battles.
    • Light: Good defense for stall teams. Not so great otherwise.
    • Dark: Good defense against BB reliant characters, and good protection if you mess up on offense.
    I'm hoping that next year there will be enough Neutrals so they can have their own modifier! I'd love to see more Neutral fighters tbh, Overclocked was my first diamond back when I was a newbie, and she's shown me that they've got a bunch of neat interactions with the game mechanics.
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  3. TonyPartridge30

    TonyPartridge30 Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2017
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    Considering that just over 1000 players reached the final milestone, I'd say that 8 days wasn't too long. If 10-20% of all players got the top milestone, then maybe one could argue that it was too easy to hit. But in this case, the minimum score to be in the top 1000 players was really close to the score for the final milestone.
  4. GreatTiny

    GreatTiny Member

    Sep 30, 2019
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    I thought I might have come up as too "complainy" after reading it, but the post was up already and didn't wanted to edit.

    My comment came from the perspective of a player who has now access to several fighters on the 15-20K range. This makes completing the milestones relatively "easy", so my aim was less in that and more in the "Event Rewards" (I really wanted those dia keys). The event been 8 days, I kind of didn't knew if I needed to continue grinding or not to be in the top tier and that was kind of annoying.

    If I were to have only 9-12K fighters for this event (my situation like... 2 months ago) I would probably not had aim to the final milestone. BUT I know I would be very gratefull for the time given.

    Another way to look into the scores, is that they were relatively similar to the elemental PFs. Spread out in 8 days, I don't know if that's a success. It just means that after reaching the milestone one thought could do, everyone went away to the other PFs (the scores on the light one were actually a lot higher than usual).

    But to sum it up, my comment was not intended to be a complaint, just a perspective. The milestones were indeed amazing. The 100M cap was spot from my point of view (in eight days, if you REALLY want to, you can get there). And we are forgetting of the 12 days of givings, which were the most awesome thing, too.

    PS: I would really like that fire fighters were more terrifying in defense at least one. For me, something like "Gain enrage when X, and when beneffiting from enrage, blocked hits do the same damage as non blocked hits" would be fun. I don't really have good fire fighters, but they are always so underrated they feel like the Yamchas of the game (making dragon brawler ironic).
  5. BallotBoxer

    BallotBoxer Well-Known Member

    Feb 4, 2018
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    To GreatTiny's point, it seems there might have been a want fo something more for the players with strong collections. Something higher to aim for. (not me, though! 100m was tough)

    The final scores make me dizzy. #1 was one BILLION! I stopped at 100 million, never thinking top 1000 was only 4 million away! One billion! After lapping the 20-tier milestone track over ten times, I bet that player's entire collection has hardened into all level 60 diamonds by the end.

    I liked how the PF had a good amount of time to complete and a good milestone track (minus points for the odd theonite numbers we have no way of spending, except for maybe streak restarts?) to keep me motivated. Normal PFs, not scaled for this blown-up diamond age, run out of milestones so quickly.

    Halloween had a guaranteed diamond at the top of the mountain. Something so tantalizing, it drove some players insane (won't say names, but I saw a few ragequit in the profile posts panel of the forum, never to be seen again). Here we had essentially "guaranteed bronzes" at the top. While RNG has forbidden anything but common results in elemental relics for me, I still like the chance to hope when opening a relic, compared to getting a pile of material shards.
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  6. Lililira

    Lililira Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2019
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    Yeah, I also ended up in the 'just a few mil short of top 1000' club, and RNGsus wasn't kind to me while opening relics. I just got silvers from the Ornamentals and mostly bronzes from the elementals (with one extra silver I think).

    I'll have to give this a bit more thought before I can really pin down my opinions on the rewards for this pf vs the Halloween one, but here are some basics.

    • Very steep exponential milestone curve, with very good rewards for the last two milestones
    • Most relics from ranking rewards, meaning you're not sure how many you're getting, or whether it'll be worth it to go for those unknown cutoffs for what is probably just a few more silvers
    • Steep milestone curve means it was easier to find a good place to stop, at least for me. I didn't feel like I needed to try to go for the higher cutoffs because back then I knew I couldn't reach them, so I just stopped after the 12mil one and felt pretty okay with it.

    Season's Beatings:
    • Gentle exponential milestone curve, with rewards that feel kinda 'meh' once you reach the midpoint compared to the amount of effort it takes to reach them.
    • All relics earned from the milestones, which I liked personally. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer earning randomized stuff through milestones, which are well-defined and known from the start of the pf, to earning them from rankings, which are nebulous and secret up until the end of the pf.
    • Ranking rewards were all pretty good tbh. No randomized stuff, and diamond keys are always good. (Though I'm kind of kicking myself for missing the top 1k by just a few mil and missing out on another key)
    • Gentle milestone curve makes each milestone seem attainable, making it easier to keep going and earn more but harder to find a good stopping point.
    • The rift coins were very appreciated, I'm glad to see more ways to earn them since they're so useful.
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  7. Sairus

    Sairus AKA Cellsai
    Moderator Hidden Variable Dev

    Apr 24, 2019
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    Lots of good comments and thoughts in here, but I just wanted to address this one specifically while I have a couple of minutes.
    Without going into specifics, it was faaaaaar more than just over 1000 players.
    Two people in this thread already confirm what lots of players did - hit the top milestone and then moved onto other events. I imagine there are many players out there wishing they'd done just a couple more fights!
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  8. qlimax

    qlimax Member

    Sep 25, 2018
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    I would prefere that we get 4 theonite and 3 rift coins less because the uneven number I now have to look at for at least another year triggers me more than I care to admit :S
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  9. vucaar

    vucaar Active Member

    Oct 19, 2017
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    I took the challenge the last year (over the milestones and rewards, it was more a personal challenge) and this time I did it again but I had a less amount of time. I can say that the period / event duration and the rewards are fine, maybe I would add some gold gifts in the milestones the next year (I started getting a lot the first days, now I can barely get one). The last year if I am not wrong, top 1000 was under the 100M line (about 25-35M I think I could remember) and it seems it was "better" this time (just in paper from my perspective). Fire buff would be cool, but don't exaggerate please, I think we have enough with dark, light and water characters....

    I would recommend to keep the 100M milestone as the final goal because if the moderator words are correct, there was a lot of people that didn't reach that goal, and if you ask me, I would like them to have a chance the next year once they have grown more, but about the rewards I would like to suggest to stop the last event reward with a certain score, I mean for example, once players reach 100M they get the last current event reward (1 bronze key 1 silver key 2 gold key 2 diamond key 1500 silver shards 500 gold shards 250 diamond shards) no matter what and then they could do any points they want, but they won't affect the other people in the cutoff.

    Or maybe do that and open a new event reward above and reduce it with top 500, there was a player that made 1000M (an english billion I think) and I know that it is a special situation, but other players that overdid the PF kicked out some players that accomplished the great milestone it was. Watch out, it is not your fault or I am saying that you are mean or stuff, but players that really fought with less resources and really pushing, finished just in the line, thinking they have made it. I have reached 100M with a 23 streak but I said in the last day: Why not? And I keep fighting until I lose (in the 38th streak with 109M), wow if only I have known I wouldn't hit top 1000 with that, maybe the next year I will just have to do the milestone because you are going on without stopping and inflate the scores.

    The event as it was, was improved and it is smooth, and the things I have written it is just a suggestion to give more motivation to the players that will have more chances in the future, or well, are growing.
  10. Animus66

    Animus66 Active Member

    Oct 1, 2017
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    Good event, we need more like this one!.

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