• [2018/06/22]
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show off your shiny collection!

RNG has been good with me with regard to shinies. Definitely has not been with moves, I'm lucky if I get a 2/3 stat move. The most useful shiny I've pulled has by far been Rock Star. In rift, starting with RS, dash back to do a Ringlet Spike, inflict bleed, then tap at the enemy to get permanent bleed through the MA- and substitute in the next fighter with three stacks of barrier. This is insanely helpful in Rift, especially when paired with Overclocked whose barrier instantly reflects damage. I haven't developed Feathered Edges yet, but want to try it with her as well. Recently pulled a second shiny RS which will allow for the same tactic when attacking another node.


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I can confirm that.

Only six shinies after 1100 hours of playing 😭 My account seems to be cursed, should I terminate it? 🤔

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Be strong, pal, fight against the odds! SHINY WULF GANG ASSEMBLE!

BTW I did not pull a single Shiny Diamond since summer 2020. Guess my luck is still depleted after getting Shiny Shadow Puppet and Summer Salt within a month from each other...
don't have many but it's alright (had to crop it cause the photo was too large)


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