• [2018/06/22]
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What do you think Robo Fortune will be like?

Character ability: battery.
Everytime she hits the opponent or get hits she will power up a battery and when it's full it can be converted to extra blockbuster meter by tapping on the battery icon. Max to 3 levels, red for +10% bb1, blue for +10% bb2 and +20% bb1, green for +10% bb3 +20% bb2 and +30% bb1. Once used the battery will return to 0 charge, no matter if there was still some energy left.
If battery is used more than twice a match se will be inflicted with overcharge (something like instant doom that will bypass final stand and immunity, no way to avoid it) and the rest of the team with something permanent like cripple and armor break. Or punish her teamates with something more extreme like 20 seconds doom and the enemy team with permanent heal block and permanent death mark.

Since she's a robot she will be immune to bleed and heavy bleed but she also can't benefit of regen and heavy regen.
Also can't get resurrected with Forbidden procedure but if she dies and still have a level 3 battery she will be back with full healt but special attack and blockbusters will permanently blocked for the rest of the match.

I think that she will have a little more hp and attack of a normal Fortune, so can also grant permanent enrage to every Ms Fortune, both teammembers and enemy.

About buff and debuff, maybe something related to increase/nullify critical hits/damage.
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My idea for Robo’s debuff was Burning- seems like it’d fit with her lasers. It’d basically be an alternative to bleed that’s not percentage based- instead maybe based on the attacker’s stats (a percentage of the attack stat like Freeze Frame’s SA) and maybe it’d be possible for it to kill the opponent directly? I’m not really sure about a buff, though.
I was also thinking at least a couple of her variants could have different “modes” you could switch between by preforming certain actions, maybe a charge attack, launching a head drone, using a certain level of blockbuster. An example could be one variant has a “light mode” where she gains BB meter more quickly but has paper thin defenses, and a “heavy mode” where she has much better defense but poor meter gain.
According to the 2018 plan thread, Robo Fortune will most likely be after Ms. Fortune, so I predict a good few months yet. Hopefully by the end of the year, but no guarantees. Could be even sooner, though!

While the Hidden Variable developers are theoretically able to create new palettes, this takes time and resources so it is very rare for them to create a new colour scheme for the game from scratch. There was one time when an engineer made palettes based on Steven Universe characters, but this was something they did in their own time as a little hobby side project and not for the game. For now, it is better to look at the palettes that already exist for Robo Fortune, and guess which ones will be used in Skullgirls Mobile.

Dude, the Aigis from persona 3 palette had me on the floor.
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Neat!! Thanks for the preview! CA looks fun to use, probably easier than Ms. Fortune’s too (I’m still awful at using her head because of the change in her body’s jab moveset). I’m super stoked. I like that she won’t really be restricted by one archetype stats-wise, too!