• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Art3mes

    Characters New Catalysts 🤭

    Here are some simple character exclusive catalysts. Annie: after X amount of time, fill Y amount of star power meter.(already having full star power, renders this catalyst useless) Beowulf: after X amount of time, gain 3 wulf stacks.(already having 3 wulf stacks, renders this catalyst useless)...
  2. Art3mes

    Scratching post rift catalyst

    It says:Ms. Fortune inflicts SLOW and DEATH MARK for 2/12 seconds when her attacks are blocked. When reaching 5 stacks of SLOW the opponent becomes STUNNED for 3 seconds. Just the match starts, fortune attacks and only her hand-drill hits more than five times! So, your player get stunned just...
  3. Tsukiakari

    How to deal with Electrostatic Shield in Rift

    As the title say, I still sometime struggle to deal with Electrostatic Shield in Rift, which seem to be the meta right now with how the AI work. I sometime use Silent Kill but more often than not, she is dead because of Inverse Polarity and Power Surge. I can somehow circle them out with Sketchy...
  4. SheriffNick

    Starting Rifts

    I haven't really been able to find or maybe know what to search exactly. I am just starting rifts finally as my roster has started to flesh itself out. I dont really have much for catalysts and every single Rift I have faced is loaded with golds on every node making my base in comparison a...
  5. MugPug

    Fights Attack Catalysts!

    Hello guys, it’s me your least favorite poster, regardless I had an explosion of thoughts and while looking at all the threads complaining about the Rift Mode that we all LoVe SO MuCh thought of having another type of catalyst to counterattack the comments and I didn’t see this idea from anyone...
  6. R

    Other Make Rising Temperatures a defensive catalyst

    Frost Armor, High Waters, Into Thin Air, Dark Nut, Lightweight, and Last Words. All these catalyst provides a defensive capabilty for fighters within their respective elements. Meanwhile, Fire elements have catalyst that provides Enrage for an additional offensive power which could be good, but...
  7. K

    Catalysts and Matchmaking

    I know team strength is taken into account for """balancing""" but does anyone know if Catalyst are also taken into account for matchmaking? Because the past 10 or so matches I have been fighting with the same four people who are 4-6 levels higher than me, and the one thing they all had in...
  8. StrongestAntiMETA


    First of all I want to emphasize that these are just suggestions. So no hate please, be easy on me. LOL Also, we (or just me) must admit that these catalysts are near-useless. Then we have the METAs like FrostArmor, ScratchingPost, DPTB, Futile, etc. So I thought, why not do a rework and see...
  9. TonyPartridge30

    Resolved Sell option not giving coins

    iPhone 8 Game version 3.3.0 iOS 12.3.1 Tying to sell some catalysts from my collection and it’s offering me 0 canopy coins in return. The catalysts I’m trying to sell happen to be from the 2 free relics given in the server maintenance apology message.
  10. TonyPartridge30

    Fights Add Catalyst Diversity bonus to Rift

    Defender Diversity bonus is a nice incentive to use a variety of characters on your Rift defense instead of a bunch of the same fighters. I think a similar bonus should be applied for Catalysts, so that we encourage people to use a variety of catalysts instead of all the same one.
  11. educavalcantee

    Catalyst Discussion

    So, let's start talking about them. Someone had luck with the catalyst relics?