• [2018/06/22]
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    Resolved Suddenly unable to sign in. Error Code 2 Session 6.

    My game has been working fine up until this morning. Now, when I open the app it says "We could not refresh your login with Facebook. Please try to login via that method again". It also says "error code 2 session 6". Everytime I then click to sign in with Facebook it repeats the same message. I...
  2. P

    Bug - Crash Facebook - Acceso al servidor

    Buen día. Lleve varias horas intentando ingresar a mi cuenta a través del vínculo de Facebook pero no me lo que permite. No puedo recuperar mi progreso y el proceso de reinstalación de la aplicación tampoco funciona. ¿Qué me recomiendan? Adjunto una imagen.
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    Bug - Normal Lost All Data After Force Close and Restart

    Hi all, Been playing Skullgirls Mobile for a few weeks, and was really enjoying the game. Occasionally, the game freezes after finishing a fight (ex. on the rewards screen) or on the story/event node screen (i.e. I can pan the map and use the home button, etc., but selecting nodes doesn't do...
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    Resolved Help! How do I log out

    The game randomly made me log out (Idk why) and I accidentally logged in with my Facebook when I was supposed to use gmail. How do I log out so I don't have to start over again? I got pretty far in the game and I would hate to lose all the progress.