• [2018/06/22]
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  1. anthonykratos

    Stats problem

    Hola todos es mi primera vez publicando aquí y quería saber si hay una manera de resolver esto (ver foto) o si tengo que vender el movimiento e iniciar desde Zero. Que yo sepa no hay manera de cambiar una estadística si no tiene al menos 1 nivel de mejora.
  2. N

    Bug - Normal stats

    i just found a bug where the accuracy of my peacock inkling showed total 50%but all my moves in total is 62% of accuracy but it keeps saying it have just 50% even if i upgraded a special move
  3. R

    Other Crit Resist

    Crit Resist is probably one of the less valuable stat in the game so maybe changing how it works might be a good thing. My suggestion is to make Crit Resist be able to also counter Precision, that way it might be worth having this stat in some variants, like Immoral Fiber - Double, Blue Screen...
  4. Rekken

    Best way to get Annie in 2.4

    Anyone has idea of what's the best way to get Annie? Jackpot relics or Premiere relics? and also anyone has the accurate stats I would love to see, thanks
  5. Scorialimit

    [Guide] Show Me ya Moves: Move Stats and Which To Invest In

    Note: order within tiers are alphabetical A prelude about Accuracy: With all that out of the way, let's get to the main event: Offense: SS: Atk% S: Meter Gain Piercing A+: Crit Damage Crit Rate Special Cooldown A: Defense Element Bonus HP% B: Block Proficiency Crit Resist Resistance...
  6. 2nd

    Collection Small suggestion: change the color of maxed out stats

    This would help new players understand that there are limits, and for late game players, would aid in swapping moves between characters for rift battles. Example:
  7. educavalcantee

    Question about movestats

    Recently I've got two Inferno Brigades. First has %meter gain, %atk, %def. The second has %meter gain, %hp, %crit dmg. What is best suited for my primed?
  8. Yomady

    Improving Stats In Skullgirls Mobile

    As for improving stats, it can make a fighter stronger in attack, defense, or in any other special purpose as desired!. In this video, it will outline something's newcomers may overlook, that is the bare essential, that's needed to become a fierce opponent in Skullgirls Mobile. Remember to...