• [2018/06/22]
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  1. O

    Squigly Story(Couldn't find a better name, sorry.)

    So, I've been thinking about Squigly's story for a while and, generally, it's a pretty sad one(no offense to the other stories such as Ms.Fortune, etc) and, personally, I would like to hear others opinions on it and what would Squigly's next story would be("next story" as in, what will happen...
  2. Narunan

    Other [RUS] Престиж/Коллекция и Фильтр/Уровень/Перезапуск кампании и "Быстрая игра"

    1. Престиж - Почему престиж не переносится ведь я должен получить не 2 престижа а 8 т.к. использовал оригинальный дубль. (Скриншот 1 - 6 уровень престижа и при развитии "Филии" до ранга "Золото" я должен по факту получить 8 престижа а не 2) 2. Коллекция сделана неудобно, фильтр должен быть -...
  3. Art3mes

    Opinions about Characters before and after knowing their Stories

    Not everybody get to Skullgirls' mobile after playing The Skullgirls'. So most of us(including me) became mid-late game players without even knowing the official storyline of the game. People generally view characters differently before and after they know their stories. In short: Does your...
  4. ROTHY

    The Fall of the House of Contiello: Squigly's Origin Story

    Didn't see a thread despite the origin dropping a while ago. What did y'all think of it?
  5. P

    Story Beowulf’s Story Suggestion

    Hi, again. I don’t know if this would happen or not but, in my opinion, I feel like Beowulf’s story should be a little different. Most of the Skullgirls characters have serious backstories (with the exception of Fukua and Robo), but Beowulf’s story tends to not be taken seriously. Like for...
  6. Brawlitup99

    Skullgirls' Current Timeline (+All Origin Stories!)

    While browsing around Skullgirls' many forums, I noticed how there doesn't seem to be a full timeline containing all the events that SG2E and Mobile offer. Thus, I present a (mainly complete, to my knowledge) timeline containing all the events we know currently up to 2nd Encore. This may help if...
  7. Ghost

    Story Story mode and origins.

    You have to add Master difficulty in story mode and origins to make the game more interesting. Sometimes I don't have nothing to do in the game and a new difficulty in story and origins would be cool!
  8. Gamma Ray

    (SPOILERS!) Parasoul Origins Lore Discussion Thread

    This thread can be used to discuss the story of Parasoul's Origins, please be aware that continuing down this thread will reveal spoilers (As indicated in the title).
  9. Hall☆weenQueen

    Story Please make story playthrough like Encore

    I understand to do this will probably be a massive project, but wouldn't the story be way more amazing if it was partially video and animation like how it is in Encore? I truly hope the developers will consider this because it really brought the game home and was the best part (in my opinion)...