• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Odd taunt behavior on Parasoul Daily


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Jul 11, 2017
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New England
iPhone 8
iOS 12.1.4
Game version 3.1.0

I was playing the Master level Parasoul Daily event, and got to the node with the Barbed Wire modifier (2 Star Crossed Parasoul, total fighter score 14.1K). While fighting, an enemy Star-Crossed backed up to the edge of the stage and used her Taunt. However, instead of gaining the normal 10 seconds of Immunity, the enemy gains 3 stacks of semi-permanent Armor. I say semi-permanent because the armor buffs did not have the "permanent" border, but were not on a timer and disappeared after the fighter tagged out. I reviewed the fight modifiers and found no reason why this should have happened. There was no modifier that had anything to do with armor, and Star-Crossed SA has nothing to do with armor, either. They were real buffs, too; I was dealing way less damage after the armor stacks appeared than before.

Reproducing this could prove difficult since the special move rolls on the enemy fighters are random. If I notice it again I'll try to capture it, or at least submit a follow-up report.
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Thanks for the report! Parasoul as an AI opponent is using her taunt from the tutorial, which provides her with armor. It's a known issue and we'll get it fixed soon.
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I saw this one too, on the treasure node! Kinda funny- I had totally forgotten about her taunt functioning that way in the tutorial. Thanks for taking care of it Liam and other devs!