• [2018/06/22]
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  1. SvenZ

    Characters Parasoul - Ivy League [ BUFF ]

    Ivy League right now feels rather underwhelming. Imo she needs a bit of a push in order to be more viable. I think an enhancement on her Signature Ability A2 will do the trick. OLD Signature Ability 2 On TEAR DETONATION, inflicts WITHER for 5/7/10 seconds per active TEAR. NEW Signature...
  2. P

    Characters tokyo ghoul reference

    it would be cool if they made a character with a reference to Tokyo Ghoul...for example parasoul as Arima Kishou or Umbrella as Juuzou Suzuya or Ken Kaneki..they have weapon(especially Umbrella) similar to kuinke from this work and when i see those characters i remember TG.I hope someday there...
  3. klidevalentine

    Skin Idea

    Ok so think there should be another skin for parasoul. What about one that is inspired by Starfire? Ms. Fortune (Beast Boy) and Eliza (Raven) already have Teen Titan inspired skins, so I thought this would also be a good concept.
  4. A

    Fights Counter error

    Cuando parasoul usa el special 'Egret Dive' el rival no sufre de el efecto de stun. (Tengo un vídeo, pero el archivo es muy grande)
  5. Tart

    Bug - Normal Regarding Risky Ginger

    So, with the newest Parasoul nerf that'll be dropping in 4.9, Risky will be more relevant now... But I think everyone who owns one will share this frustration with me: how poorly her first SA works. C'mon. It's been like that since forever. You intercept a character and you do not get the enrage...
  6. stale cheeto

    Parasoul's arm bands removed from her palettes?

    I don't mean to sound like one of those people who were super whiny about things like the panty shots getting removed from the game, but I'm just curious as to why Parasoul's arm bands were removed from the Star-Crossed (#25), No Egrets (#4) and Heavy Reign (#8) palettes specifically. It's a...
  7. stale cheeto

    Bug - Normal Bug involving Double and Parasoul

    If you tag out with Double right when Parasoul is using the Silent Scope blockbuster, and Double is hit, the camera gets fixed on Parasoul and the rest of the enemy team for the rest of the match. You can send the enemy flying, and the camera will just keep following them.
  8. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Does a missed Napalm Shot's tear count as an active one?

    I'm asking if after missing a Napalm Shot (it fails to hit and waddles away behind the opponent) that tear would count as an active one for any of Parasoul's Marquees or for her changed BB3 (Inferno Brigade).
  9. fanghoul

    Risky Ginger Parasoul

    Another new video up https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1186087719413284864?s=20 Her look and quote are from Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It appears that her SA gives her stacks of Enrage without timers on them when she crits when she intercepts, which then disappear one by...
  10. A

    Eliza Scarlet Viper or Bloody Valentine?

    In which of the two is it worth investing resources? Take also to ask the same for No Egrets and Ivy League :)
  11. Smuggerino

    Bug - Normal Peacock and Parasoul

    When Peacock uses her George at the air show right before Parasoul uses her motor brigade and destroys one of the Motor bikes the game crashes.
  12. educavalcantee

    Question about movestats

    Recently I've got two Inferno Brigades. First has %meter gain, %atk, %def. The second has %meter gain, %hp, %crit dmg. What is best suited for my primed?
  13. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Odd taunt behavior on Parasoul Daily

    iPhone 8 iOS 12.1.4 Game version 3.1.0 I was playing the Master level Parasoul Daily event, and got to the node with the Barbed Wire modifier (2 Star Crossed Parasoul, total fighter score 14.1K). While fighting, an enemy Star-Crossed backed up to the edge of the stage and used her Taunt...
  14. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Parasoul BB "Silent Scope" untouchable frames?

    Is Parasoul Blockbuster "Silent Scope" Meant to have untouchable frames? Or is it posible to do a hit exchange during this blockbuster? I was doing Accursed experiments, and in the first node to the right, Double Xenomorph has hitted parasoul while she performes her BB. In other cases, I see...
  15. cappatacus

    Buffed Sheltered

    Anyone fighting with a sheltered parasoul post-update, how has your experience been? I had one evolved to gold for diamond evolution, but after fighting with her for the sake of prize fights I'm kind of impressed. I don't think she'd be quite as good as primed, but maybe some of you have had her...
  16. cappatacus

    Character Palettes

    I know I've seen somewhere that the production cost of a single character is roughly $100,000, if I'm remembering correctly. I was wondering if it's much to the devs to create a new palette - one not from the original game. I really don't have a reason for wanting this much more than wanting a...
  17. Chocostix

    Fights Shell Stunned for decades.

    I think many have already known that Parasoul's event modifiers are pretty annoying as heck if you get hit once and it initiates the god forbid stun that lasts a decade while your opponent stands there like a dumb oaf before proceeding to ATTACK you again once the stun is gone, repeating the...
  18. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Parasoul and The Invisible Zombie

    So, the first fight of the first section of No Shelter--Expert. I try and do a ground combo with my Heavy Reign against the opposing Bio Exorcist, which worked as normal, but upon trying a grab...well... Yeah, that happened. Squigly shrinks down to a little clump of pixels, totally untouchable...
  19. theLoneskull

    A Parasoul Tier List

    Introducing Parasoul Parasoul is an "assassin" type fighter, as most of her variants rely on getting critical hits. Her attacks don't exactly do the most damage, but she is incredibly deadly if she consistently lands critical hits. Parasoul has decent attack and health and a number of her moves...
  20. J

    Bug - Normal Missing Parasoul Relic after origin chapter completion

    As title says, I just 100%'d the cannopolis chapter of Parasoul's origin story in advanced difficulty, and as expected, I received a Parasoul relic as a reward. However, when I went to open it, it just wasn't there, I don't know if anyone from the support team can track my relics or something...