• [2018/06/22]
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daily event

  1. T

    Fights A Way to Farm Canopies and Moves, Daily Event Swept Mode.

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Here is a proposal for an update, a sweep mode for Daily Events. This would be a way to make farming canopies and moves easier for both experienced players and newcomers. Because farming such materials is time consuming that some players don't have and could be using...
  2. S

    Bug - Normal 3 issues i've found

    First one i've found is in Cerebella's master level daily event. It has a "Get a grip" effect and makes all throws deal no damage. But some Squigly and Filia blockbusters deal no damage too cuz of this effect. Idk if this is a feature or a bug. Another issue is with the russian translation of...
  3. Sacreblu

    Bug - Normal Cerebella Basic Daily Event Bug(?)

    Picture should show what I'm talking about: Higher level Cerebellas being placed before the lower level ones. The same goes for all other difficulties in the daily event. Question mark's there because I haven't played a Cerebella's daily event in a while, so I'm not sure if this is intentional.
  4. Izarck

    Fights Rework Daily Events?

    Daily events? bored It still hurts me that they ruin the main attraction of the game. PF Let's be objective, daily events are boring or get boring at a certain point in the game. this is my suggestion. 1.- Enable a function that facilitates the completion of daily events to what we will call...
  5. M1ro

    Bug - Normal Daily Events visual bug

    When I go to Daily Events, the cards of events that are yet to happen look like a Prize Fight card. I've also privided a screenshot of the bug.
  6. Salmonid

    Other Dailies Skip/Auto Suggestion

    Can we add a feature for people who are level seventy where they can skip battles in Daily events when using a team of stronger fighters or something like that? I noticed in a few other mobile games there are options like this where weaker daily grind fights can be skipped if the team is like...
  7. Felix Alvarez

    Other Squigly daily event

    Hello, my name is Felix. I'm a fan of both games Skullgirls 2nd encore and Skullgirls mobile. Youre doung a very good job supporting mobile game and as every single fan we hope some day to have a future Skullgirls 3. However I just want to ask you something in some way as a customer complain...
  8. Soaked-In-Soul

    No 3rd tier Blockbusters for Valentine Master Daily Event

    I’ve noticed that I wasn’t awarded a 3rd tier unblockable blockbuster move as a reward for beating the master level difficulty of Valentine’s daily event. Also, the preview of the rewards seem to change every time you view it. Is this a bug? Or is it just a random chance to earn that and the...
  9. Art3mes

    Robo Fortune Daily Event

    Considering these two treasure nodes. How am I supposed to "efficiently" complete this if almost all of my Robo's hits are giving them barriers? (The above node got a permanent heavy bleed also) My robos: Terror Byte Blue Bomber Blue Screen Purrminator Purrminator does some work but after...
  10. Manowar

    Fukua Daily Event

    I beat the master event with a maxed out silver souls sister. It’s possible. The only BB I had was head over heals BB3 so I was reasonably assured I wouldn’t proc the fatigue. Then I just spammed orbs and made good use of lash out. A little RNG also helps with the team you end up facing.
  11. S

    Other What needs help ?

    Hi consider me a voice of the in game chat people . I have a lot of suggestions to add so I won’t waste your time. how come players like me and you vie for fighters as the best part of this game and after we finally are rewarded with golds and diamonds were bombarded with having to re run...
  12. TraiP

    Other [Suggestion] New Character Daily Event

    As lot of you might have experienced the dailies are kinda repetitive and honestly feel outdated. I would like to suggest the addition of a new weekly event,based on the dailies. THE EVENT: Every week, following the order of the dailies,one character will have an extra daily with higher...
  13. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Burst locked after first use in Daily Event match

    While completing the Beowulf daily event, the AI used their Burst move right after tagging in, and after that it was locked and unusable as if it were a Comp PvP match. I noticed this happened in another match a few days ago but didn't get a picture, I think it was also daily event match...
  14. AwsomeTheMyth

    (Suggestion) Master Daily Events Revamp

    As you know, its been a year since MASTER Difficulty of Daily Events showed up in Diamond Evolution Update, and looking at it now helped us evolving our favourite variants to Diamond Tier before the arrival of Natural Diamonds. Looking at Master Dailies right now, somehow doesn't live up to its...
  15. CyborgN00dle

    Fights Big Band Daily Event Fix

    Big band daily event needs a fix, the buffs on the CPU is so OP that's make the daily event not interesting to play. He gets armor, super armor and INVINCIBILITY, even if I have a character that can one shot kill him there's a chance of he gets ZERO damage. I gonna say again even if I have a...
  16. F

    Fights Unplayable Daily Events

    There's way to much fight modifier for the apposing team. I was playing Bigbands daily event on master difficulty and it was near impossible to complete or to even get a hit in. the modifier say 15% chance to activate a modifier, but it seems to be triggered 90% of the time no exaggerating...
  17. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Odd taunt behavior on Parasoul Daily

    iPhone 8 iOS 12.1.4 Game version 3.1.0 I was playing the Master level Parasoul Daily event, and got to the node with the Barbed Wire modifier (2 Star Crossed Parasoul, total fighter score 14.1K). While fighting, an enemy Star-Crossed backed up to the edge of the stage and used her Taunt...
  18. Chocostix

    Fights Shell Stunned for decades.

    I think many have already known that Parasoul's event modifiers are pretty annoying as heck if you get hit once and it initiates the god forbid stun that lasts a decade while your opponent stands there like a dumb oaf before proceeding to ATTACK you again once the stun is gone, repeating the...
  19. S

    Fights Big Band Daily Event

    I'm going to try my best to be as reasonable and as civil as possible here. The topic I'm about to discuss makes me want to scream my head off when I'm going through it but I know doing that wont get me anywhere. So, the Big Band Daily Event is... Annoying... Really annoying... The fight...
  20. empanadas de pollo

    Bug - Crash cant join in daily events

    Phone specifications error : when I try to play the daily event mode, the game closes automatically and which does not allow me to progress in it. If you can help me I would appreciate it! ♪♫I consider brave the one who conquers his desires, since the hardest victory is that of oneself.♫♪