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OFFICIAL: 1.3.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

Discussion in 'Official News & Announcements' started by MightyZug, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. MightyZug

    MightyZug Game Director
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 5, 2017
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    (8/1) RELEASE UPDATE: 1.3.0 is now LIVE.

    (7/30) RELEASE UPDATE: 1.3.0 has been approved by LINE and is review with Apple. If all goes well, we are hoping it will launch on 7/31 or 8/1. Fingers crossed!

    (7/30) BEOWULF RELIC UPDATE: The Beowulf Relic will be made available on 8/2 (Wednesday) instead of the usual ~1 month delay. AROOOO!!!

    We are excited to announce the first of many new characters to be added to the game since we launched - Beowulf!


    Beowulf is a grappler who can be described as a “power-play” character. At various times throughout a fight, he will get large spikes of power that players will need to tactically take advantage of if they want to maximize Beowulf’s potential.

    Character Ability - HYPE MODE

    While fighting, Beowulf’s Throws (including Special Move Throws) and Juggle Finishers will generate HYPE. Once Beowulf gets 3 levels of HYPE, a button appears (similar to Eliza’s button in Sekhmet mode) that allows Beowulf to activate HYPE MODE for 10 seconds.


    In HYPE MODE, Beowulf’s throws are unbreakable, and many of his moves will have different properties. Experiment to find them all!

    Additional HYPE Notes:
    • You can use any of the following moves to build HYPE:
      • Throw
      • Air Juggle Finisher
      • SM: Aroo Ready? (Taunt)
      • SM: Wulf Shoot
    • Like any other Modifier, HYPE charges do not persist on tag out
    • HYPE Enhanced versions of Beowulf’s moves will execute only if you are in HYPE MODE at the start of the move
    HYPE affected Move List:
    • Core Moves
      • Normal Throw
        • [HYPE] Extra Attack: Double Reverse Wulf Press Slam
      • Knockback
        • [HYPE] More Combo Friendly: Increased Knockback
      • Trip
        • [HYPE] Increased Range: New Attack with bonus range!
      • Juggle Finisher
        • [HYPE] Extra Throw: Da Grendel Killa
      • Charge Attack
        • [HYPE] More Combo Friendly: Increased Knockback
    • Special Moves
      • SM: Wulf Shoot
        • [HYPE] Extra Attack: Double Reverse Wulf Press Slam
      • SM: Wulf Blitzer
        • [HYPE] Extra Attack: Can Tap up to 4x (instead of just 3x)
    • Blockbusters
      • BB1: Geatish Trepak
        • [HYPE] More Combo Friendly: Increased Knockback
      • BB2: Air Wulf
        • [HYPE] Increased Damage: Attacks do extra base damage
      • BB3 Three Wulf Moonsault
        • [HYPE] Increased Damage: Attacks do extra base damage
      • BB2: Lupine Pummel
        • [HYPE] Extra Attack: Double Headbutts
      • BB3: Wulfamania
        • [HYPE] Extra Attack: Canis Major Follw-up
    You will now see 6 new Beowulf variants popping up in Random fights throughout the game:

    ON THE ROPES - Gains bonuses when suffering from negative Combat Effects

    Cold Stones
    OUT COLD - Throws can cause STUN & inflict bonus damage vs STUNNED opponents

    Number One
    - Gains HASTE on opponent TAG IN and chance to gain ENRAGE when hitting enemies while having HASTE

    Hype Man
    - Hype Mode drains BB meter of opponents, and leaving Hype Mode maxed will generate extra BB meter for teammates in reserve

    Weekend Warrior
    LAST CALL - Gains IMMUNITY and HASTE when triggering Hype Mode, including LAST STAND (which temporarily prevents death regardless of damage taken)

    FORCE CHOKE - Throws trigger CRIPPLE and HEAL BLOCK, and do extra damage vs opponents suffering from negative Combat Effects

    Beowulf will be available EXCLUSIVELY via Prize Fights starting on the day of the 1.3.0 update (final date TBD)
    • BRONZE EVENT - Chance to earn Underdog
    • SILVER EVENT - Chance to earn Hype Man
    • GOLD EVENT - Chance to earn Wulfsbane
    Beowulf’s Daily Event (Wednesday Night Rawr) has been added to WEDNESDAYS every week

    Potential rewards include the following Beowulf Moves:
    • Special Moves
      • SM Wulf Blitzer
      • SM Wulf Shoot
      • SM Gigan Arm Sweep
      • SM Hurting Hurdle
      • SM Burst
      • SM Striker Kick (Outtake)
      • SM Aroo Ready? (Taunt)
    • Blockbusters
      • BB1: Geatish Trepak
      • BB1: Gigantic Arm
      • BB2: Air Wulf
      • BB3 Three Wulf Moonsault
      • BB2: Lupine Pummel
      • BB3: Wulfamania
    Coming soooooooon.....


    STORY MODE now has a new tab - ORIGIN STORIES!
    • These are special, never before seen stories that dig into the history behind your favorite characters
    • Origin Stories require Player Level 20 to Unlock
    • Every Fight within an Origin Story requires that you use a Fighter of that story’s character type
    • Origin Stories are NOT EASY, especially in Advanced and Expert mode. Get ready for a challenge!
    • Kicking things off is everyone’s favorite destructive dame… PEACOCK!
    • COMING SOON: Big Band, Valentine, and Painwheel!

    • Skill Tree Theonite Shortcuts
      • Short on Canopy Coins and/or Skill Points? You can now directly purchase Skill Tree nodes using Theonite!
      • NOTE: You will still require KEYS to gain access to locked nodes
    • Eliza Fighters & Moves Added to Standard Relics
      • You can now get Eliza Fighters and Moves from the standard non-exclusive Relics (Premiere, Shard to Get, Bronze/Silver/Gold Move Relics, etc)
    • Move Relic Pricing
      • Move Relic HC prices have been reduced:
        • Bronze Move Relic: 25 Theonite (was 40)
        • Silver Move Relic: 50 Theonite (was 80)
        • Gold Move Relic: 75 Theonite (was 120)
    • Increased Energy Refresh Cost
      • Increased cost to refresh Energy from 10 Theonite (was 5)
    • Prize Fight Reward Tuning
      • Prize Fights Milestone Rewards now grant 50% less Theonite and 50% more Canopy Coins
    NOTE: All these changes apply to players as well as AI opponents
    • Improved Punishability for Blockbusters
      • Almost all Blockbusters have received a pass to help ensure that players can more effectively PUNISH them after successfully blocking or avoiding the attack
        • NOTE: This is NOT guaranteed for all characters in all scenarios, but it should minimally address the issues where certain BBs should be punishable
      • A list of affected Blockbusters includes:
        • Big Band
          • Super Sonic Jazz
          • Beat Extend
          • Take the A Train
          • Tympani Drive
        • Cerebella
          • Diamond Drop
          • Diamonds Are Forever
          • Excellebella
        • Eliza
          • Nekhbet Breaker
          • Khepri Sun
        • Filia
          • Gregor Samson
          • Trichobezoar
          • Widow’s Peak
        • Painwheel
          • Death Crawl
          • Hatred Install
          • Fracture Reaper
          • Buer Thresher
        • Parasoul
          • Silent Scope
          • Canopy Bounce
          • Motor Brigade
        • Peacock
          • Argus Agony
          • Bandwagon
        • Valentine
          • Checkmate Incision
          • Countervenom Alpha / Beta / Omega
          • Forbidden Procedure
          • Laryngectomy
    • Taunt Improvements
      • Increased the duration of all Taunt buffs (excluding Parasoul’s Egret Call) from 5/7/10 seconds to 10/12/15 seconds
      • Standardized the animation length of Taunts for the following characters to reduce punishability:
        • Big Band (~30% shorter)
        • Parasoul, Valentine (~25% shorter)
        • Painwheel, Parasoul, Beowulf, Filia (~10% shorter)
      • Combined, these changes should make Taunts much more viable Moves at all levels of play
    • Stun Logic Improvements
      • Fixed an issue where characters who were stunned mid Throw or BB would play the Stun animation and cease to take damage during the animation
      • Fixed an issue that would errantly cause characters who were stunned mid combo to finish their combo while “stunned” and then play the Stun animation
      • Fixed an issue where certain attacks on stunned opponents would errantly trigger Knockdown
    • Match Start Auto Walk
      • Fixed a bug where characters would sometimes auto-walk towards each other prior to the Fight beginning
    • Removed Errant Modifier Triggers
      • Fixed an issue where temporary SA bonuses (like +15% ATK) were triggering instant Modifier buffs “under the hood”, which were also clearing opposing modifiers (ex: Cripple, Armor Break, etc)
    • Taser Modifier (used in Big Band Daily Events)
      • Reduced proc chance from 50% to 25%
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  2. MightyZug

    MightyZug Game Director
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 5, 2017
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    • Big Band
      • Robocopy SA (Dead or Alive)
        • Now grants TWO stacks of ARMOR and ENRAGE when activated
      • Epic Sax SA (Circular Breathing)
        • Reduced the damage bonus per combo hit from 2/4/6% to 1/2/3%
        • Reduced the bonus damage cap from 100% to 50%
      • SM Cymbal Smash
        • Reduced the proc chance of STUN from 50/100% to 20/35%
        • Reduced the STUN duration from 4/6 seconds to 3/4 seconds
      • Advanced Combo Hit Meter Gain
        • Reduced the amount of Blockbuster meter granted to Big Band from his Advanced Combo hits
      • Dash Attack
        • Reduced vertical force applied via Big Band’s dash attack
      • Fixed Errant Double Air Juggle Logic
        • Fixed an issue where Big Band would sometimes attempt air juggles multiple times in one combo
    • Cerebella
      • SM Merry Go-Rilla
        • Reduced base damage by 25%
      • SM Battle Butt
        • Changed properties pre-hit so Cerebella still has Unflinching, but is not invincible (will still take damage)
        • Battle Butt is now punishable by Light attacks on Block
    • Eliza
      • SM Weight of Anubis
        • Added to Eliza Daily Event and Move Relic Drop Tables
      • BB3s vs Sekhmet
        • BB3s will now reliably pull Eliza out of Sekhmet mode to complete the BB3
    • Filia
      • Dread Locks SA (Lock Nest Monster)
        • Increased the damage reflection percentage from 5/10/15% to 15/25/35%
        • Changed the second effect when suffering a critical hit from BLEED to HEAVY BLEED
      • BB3 Blowout
        • Fixed issue where queued Blowout would sometimes whiff against opponents tagging in post teammate death
    • Painwheel
      • No Changes
        • Carol needed a break
    • Parasoul
      • Ivy League SA (Fenced In)
        • SLOW Blockbuster meter gain rate reduction increased in effectiveness from 25% to 50%
      • Tag In
        • Fixed issue where Parasoul would sometimes inadvertently cross over to the other side of the opponent
    • Peacock
      • Pea Shooter SA (Vintage Projector)
        • Decreased the damage bonus percentage from 25/35/50% to 15/25/35%
      • SM George’s Day Out
        • Reduced base damage by 25%
        • Increased the number of start-up frames to limit combo-ability.
      • CPU The Hole Idea + Tag In Positioning
        • Enemy Peacock Fighters will now consistently spawn underneath the player when using The Hole Idea or Tag In
    • Valentine
      • Oh Mai SA (Deadly Fury)
        • Increased the Enrage duration from 4/6/8 seconds to 7/10/15 seconds
      • Graveyard Shift SA (Forensics)
        • Increased the Regen duration from 4/6/8 seconds to 7/10/15 seconds
      • Silent Kill SA (Foggy Memory)
        • Increased the proc chance of both effects from 5/10/15% to 10/15/20%
      • BB Countervenom Alpha/Beta/Omega
        • Added to Move Relics and random drop loot tables
      • SM Vial Hazard(s)
        • Vial Hazards now use correctly colorized icons
        • Effects still land if the opponent is blocking (Gasp!)
        • STUN vial activation chance reduced from 25/50/100% chance to 25/35/50%
        • BB DRAIN vial activation chance reduced to 25/35/50%
        • REMOVE BUFFS vial activation chance reduced from 25/50/100% to 25/35/50%
        • All Vial Hazards now cost 2 Move Points (instead of varying between 1 and 2)
        • Cooldown Time reduced from 20s to 10s
        • Vial Hazards now do a small amount of damage (instead of 0 damage)
      • SM Chocoglycemia (Taunt)
        • Fixed an issue where this move would sometimes have too many sub-stats

    • Origin Stories + Main Stories
      • To accommodate Origin Stories, Story Mode Acts are now split between two “tabs” - Origin Stories and Main Stories
      • “COMING SOON” cards added to the end of both Origin Stories and Main Story…
      • When you unlock a new Act in Story Mode, the Act will now be highlighted with supporting fanfare
    • Improved “Collection” Performance
      • Made adjustments to the Collection list loading logic to improve load times, prevent performance hitches, and reduce memory errors (especially for players with large collections)
      • Fighter Card art is now dynamically loaded on demand, decreasing memory overhead and improving performance and stability (especially on lower end devices)
        • NOTE: You may notice that some cards will display a character sigil first, and then the art will “pop in” - this is intended in order to improve performance overall
        • Applies to Collection, Team Select, and Power Up / Evolve screens
    • Collection Screen
      • Equipped Move Indicator
        • On the Collection screen, equipped moves will show the palette of the Fighter they are equipped to, whereas unequipped moves will be tinted the color of their Tier
        • This should make it easier to distinguish which moves are currently unused
      • Move Points
        • You can now see Move Points on all Moves in the Collection view
      • Default Sort by Descending Fighter Score
        • Now your Collection will show your highest FS Fighters first instead of lowest FS first
      • Sort / Filter Option Persistence
        • Sort / Filter selections will persist until the app is restarted
    • Underdog Bonus → Longshot Bonus
      • In light of Beowulf’s Underdog Fighter variant, we have changed the Underdog bonus to a “Longshot” bonus. Functionally unchanged from prior behavior, just cosmetics
    • Initial Download Prompts
      • Adjusted Pop-up text (re: background downloading) to make player choices less ambiguous
    • Move Details - Character Type Sigil
      • The sigil for the Character associated with a given move is now displayed on the Move Details screen
    • Debuff HUD Text Effects
      • All Debuff Modifiers are now displayed in RED

    • Various modes have had their access requirements updated:
      • Egret Boot Camp
        • Requires Completion of Fishbone to Pick
      • Prize Fights
        • Requires Player Level 10
      • Origin Stories
        • Requires Player Level 20

    • Increased Initial Load Time
      • Optimized the SYNCING DOWNLOADS portion of the initial startup process, significantly improving initial loading time
    • Prize Fights
      • Min Score Requirements
        • All Prize Fights now require that you score at least enough points to achieve the 3rd Milestone Reward to be considered for the Rank Rewards
      • Applying Move Stats
        • Previously, the Move Stats for a Fighter would not be applied to their Prize Fight Team (enemies in Story Mode do not get any bonuses from Move sub-stats)
        • Now, Prize Fight opponents WILL have whatever sub-stats that team had when it was recorded as a Prize Fight entry - be forewarned!
    • Pink Triangles… BEGONE!
      • Fixed an issue where memory errors would cause Pink Triangles to appear all over the screen
    • New Hints Added
      • Added new Loading Screen hints
    • Easier Early Game Fights
      • Parasoul is less aggressive during the Charge / Trip / Throw Break Advanced Tutorial
      • Reduced difficulty of some BASIC Fights in Egret Boot Camp, Fishbone to Pick and Who’s the Boss
    As always, please share your feedback about what changes you like, and what you’d like for us to add next. We’re listening!
  3. J8khero

    J8khero Active Member

    Jul 9, 2017
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    Wow! So much content coming in this next update! Now I just gotta adjust with these Peacock nerfs.
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  4. SoulDragon66

    SoulDragon66 Member

    Jul 10, 2017
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    Nice Beowulf is finally getting added after a few weeks of hype.
    Also really hope people won't die.. A lot ..like I mean a lot when they first play
    Also time to spend 10 hours trying to go through prizefights to get theonite before the update

    I can hear the we are number 1 memes...help me
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  5. luawei

    luawei Member

    May 31, 2017
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    Wow, so much to look forward to! I'm sad about all the nerfs but pretty much all of it was warranted. Now I hope things don't get too hard now that stats are more prominent, 50% Defense teams sound nightmarish. Anyways, can't wait to play Beowulf and beat the Peacock Origin Story!
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  6. FreyRenoir

    FreyRenoir Member

    Jun 27, 2017
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    I am looking forward to ms. terrifics tier list tweaks according to the balances in this update. Theres quite a lot to consider.
    #6 FreyRenoir, Jul 22, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2017
  7. Shawesome

    Shawesome Active Member

    Jun 25, 2017
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    Considering how the story chapters are getting some changes why not have the ability to delete story mode progress after updating? This would be optional and only available once, so if a player wanted to keep their achievements they wouldn't feel tempted to delete them.
  8. Underdog

    Underdog Member

    Jul 12, 2017
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    Yesssss I can't wait for the hype man lol which variant is the best though. I think wulfsbane is a great one for the Sunday prizefight
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  9. missingno

    missingno Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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    Since jumping doesn't exist, this and command grabs really need rethinking. I expect Wulf Shoot to completely break the game with its range. You could tick into it off literally anything.

    Either make command grabs techable (perhaps with a shorter window) or add something else that beats them.

    okay but filia lore when

    Thank god. I still have questions as to why it was ever like this in the first place.

    Should just be removed tbh.

    I have a lot of questions here. What about the invincibility (glitched unflinching?) on MGR, a move that never had it in the original game and sure as hell does not need it in Mobile (as mentioned above, command grabs are already dumb enough)? Why are these the only special moves that have invinciblity/armor in SGM and not Lock n Load, Brass Knuckle, Upper Khat, etc?

    Also, there is a curious lack of anything related to the move storage cap in these patch notes. I got tired of having to sort through and delete stuff every time, so I've been leaving my relics unopened and PF rewards unclaimed in the hopes that the patch would give me more room. :/
  10. SoapyFam

    SoapyFam Member

    May 10, 2017
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    Aw Man! When will we get our Double the trouble?
  11. NamelesstheBeardless

    NamelesstheBeardless Active Member

    May 28, 2017
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    Eeeh tbh I don't mind Beowulf having a temporary mode that lets him have unbreakable throws. If anything if it's like Sekhmet and the unblockable charge it would kind of be weird to not have a "guaranteed" whatever u know. I know the grab and "fuhgettaboutit" method with Sekhmet won't work as well on Beowulf but I don't see myself having too much trouble here. A 10 sec only state that you have to work for (unlike most of the blockbusters for AI when you fight them haha) feels reasonable tbh, just the right amount of time.

    Guess kind of when you think about it Beowulf's treading that line between Eliza and Cerebella here with ability and moves respectively.

    Plus it says 3 times to finish HYPE, which I'm assuming means successful attempts anyway. So even if you manage to land that special move grab, then did the air juggle finisher (WITHOUT K.O.'ing them cause that does happen), you'd still be one short in the end. (Though it will give HUGE reason to have his taunt so good job developers for making me want to use them now hahaha)

    Edit: Granted I still think throws need a tweak but u know one step at a time
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  12. Ryouhi

    Ryouhi Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2017
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    Holy heck, so much good stuff to look forward to!
    Good job Devs!

    Really hyped for Origin stories, especially with Peacock being first in line <3

    Can't wait for this to go live <3<3<3
  13. Snow

    Snow Active Member

    Jul 23, 2017
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    Is it not possible to coincide the New Character Release Date with their Relics?

    I feel like new characters are released and their relics arrive way too late. All the hype is lost and there is no urge to purchase any theonites and have to wait over a month to purchase them or obtain them on relics. Those of us not strong enough to get them through prize fights are basically so behind all the rest and we cannot even purchase the new char in the relic to begin with and will be over one month in exp behind... :3 :3 :3
  14. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2017
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    Im worried about the 50% reduced theonite reward in prize fights. It would take twice as long for fighter relics. (Thou im thankful for the reduced prise in move relics)
  15. Athletinerd48

    Athletinerd48 New Member

    Jun 7, 2017
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    Geez how about some appreciation for all the devs work before launching into a diatribe of what you don't like. I mean crticism is fine but straight complaining is unlikely to get you heard. Especially for a game that's free.
  16. Snow

    Snow Active Member

    Jul 23, 2017
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    They only complain or criticise if the game means something to them or else they won't be here.
  17. Vex

    Vex Member

    Jun 7, 2017
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    Wow! This is huge. Too much to take in but I can't wait to try it out.
  18. Vex

    Vex Member

    Jun 7, 2017
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    One question: what about Oh Mai Valentine in relics? I'm under the impression she's still not available.
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  19. missingno

    missingno Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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    For anyone that doesn't know me by now, being a harsh critic is what I do. And I'm harsh because I want to see this game improve.
  20. ThanatosDK

    ThanatosDK Active Member

    May 28, 2017
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    Devs getting feedback in a form that's objective helps them in getting the player bases opinion on mechanics and helps them see sides to the topic they might not have seen.

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