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Characters Suggestions about that characters

Carlos Animax

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Jan 22, 2019
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I was post this type suggest 1 year ago aprox. I hope don't problem, I think can be a good idea, I enhance a little the post. n.n

But if repeat it's bad, I can erase, don't problem. :3

I have some suggestions about a future Update for Trade of Characters, What do you think? I hope you like and interest this suggestion for game and the community. :)

If they are Fighters of (Bronze).
Canopy: 2,000 or up to 7,000 per Character.
Trade: 5 or 3 times per day.
Characters per Trade: 10.

If they are Fighters of (Silver).
Canopy: 12,000 or up to 25,000 per Character.
Trade: 3 times per day.
Characters per Trade: 10.

If they are Fighters of (Gold)
Canopy: 35,000 or up to 60,000 per Character.
Trade: 3 times per day.
Characters per Trade: 5.

If they are Fighters (Diamond)
Canopy: 300000 or up to 500000 per Character.
Trade: 2 times per day.
Characters per Trade: 3 - 2.

I Hope Like you this idea for Enhance this beautiful Game. :D

Sorry if my English don't be good. ''n.n

Trully and my best regards: Carlos Animax.
Trading system? Noope, nope, nope, nope. As much as we'd enjoy the convenience of that too, there's just too many flaws with the idea that it's been abandoned as a possible feature altogether. :c

To name one, people can transfer their fighters through different accounts.
Have to agree with Rudolf here. As much as I'd love to finally get an overclocked, it would totally break the lifespan, the fun and the income of the devs. So I don't think it's a good idea to something like that. Especially with the restrictions you set. 2 diamond trades a day?
At max I'd say once a year if at all.
It might be possible with some harsh restrictions because it is such a pain when you want to use a certain variant at a lower rarity you just evolved/used as fodder such as a silver wrestler x or a gold.
My suggestion for the restrictions are perhaps like max player level, a high amount of total theonite spent or maybe having to spend a set amount of irl money in the store. And limit it to gold and below to maintain game life? So far I see that golds are getting easier to collect with so many ways of getting them.
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I've said this a million times on Discord, don't know if I've said it on the forums though.

The only gacha game I've played that has any kind of trade system without murdering rates is Puzzles and Dragons, which requires you to sacrifice *five* characters to get one, they have to be the same rarity and specific types and not farmable. As an example of how this would translate to SGM, imagine you could trade five gold Fukuas for a specific one. However, you couldn't trade away Parasite as she's "farmable" from Prize Fights, and you couldn't get Idol since she's intentionally limited.

And on top of that, that game changes meta faster than I change shoes. If a trade is top tier for 3-4 months that's a good investment. In this game, the meta is relatively stable. Harley has remained top tier for the entire game's life, Bio since her release (although she isn't offensive rift meta, she still deals with a ton of threats), Primed has always been able to melt foes and if anything has gotten better thanks to precision taunt. I think the only cases where a fighter has gotten strictly worse were direct nerfs and I don't think any fighter has gone from top tier to deadweight (Epic Sax was close I admit, but that was more of a result of Prize Fight changes imo). Otherwise, investments are relatively stable long term.

The other examples I can think of are card games that not only have really low value but no single card will carry you. It's extremely easy for one fighter to massively boost your progress in SGM. You could argue rifts force you to have a variety, but you can do well with just 6 powerful offenses and good supports in new rifts. Even bronze Trauma Centers or Sketchy supports will work well.

The main reason I'm fine with the current SGM economy is because of how stable the meta is. I think if trading were ever implemented we'd probably see far more power creep to encourage continued IAP and investments would drop in stability. That seems like a downgrade for everyone to me.
Source of skill points and fodder gone >:b
Yeah. That's some of the worst case scenarios.
You should have watched some super relic opening videos on YouTube and when they ran out of space, they just empty space by powering up(the worst feature of this game) certain characters.
So instead of powering up, why not sell them for some canopy!
And who hates canopy?