• [2018/06/22]
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Umbrella Palette Ideas

Hold on, sugar! Daddy was drawn to sweets today!


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There is nothing more poisonous and terrible than a human child!


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Just shoot more often and you will definitely hit something!

is there a chance to see one of the colorways offered here in the game?


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I thought about making a reference to Queen Delightful (and her dog) from "The 7D", but it didn't turned out as I expected. Still, I kind of like the colours.
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Umbrella reminds me of a song. A certain song, that is. Can't take it out of my mind.
So I decided to palette it out with some references to different versions of that certain song.
Maybe it will help.
She's sharp, she's cool, she's nobody's fool, she's Umbrella the long-awaited fighter!
Coloured as the main character from "Albert the Fifth Musketeer" (with Hungern being Albert's mule).
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I'm surprised no one has thought of a Little Sister (Bioshock) look for Umbrella. A friend of mine and I thought it'd be cool to see a Big Band and Umbrella variants based off the Big Daddy and Little Sister.
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