• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Green-ao

    Big Band need rework

    Big Band is outdated and requires a rework. here are my rework ideas: 1. Take the 'a' train - Band makes a dash forward and cancel the animation of knee strike to: noise cancel, brass knuckles, sweet clarinet, tympani drive, also can do 2 knee strike and cancel the...
  2. M

    Bug - Normal Multiplayer stuck on “Found potential opponent…”

    Hey! First, thanks for the great game! Especially the mobile competitive has a surprisingly in depth meta. I’ve been playing Skullgirls mobile for a few years now, including mobile competitive. But a few months ago, I stopped being able to connect to other devices for competitive multiplayer...
  3. H

    SGM Competitive Versus Matchup Chart

    As well as my tier list I've posted, I've also compiled my thoughts on how well each character can fight one another. This also takes into account how well their tag ins and other team gimmicks fare vs each character...
  4. H

    Competitive Versus Tier List

    This is my current thoughts on how good each character is in current competitive versus meta, factoring in both matchups and team compositions I would like to know what people think of it and I can give reasoning as to why each character is where they are
  5. Rudølf

    Beowulf in Competitive PvP

  6. Rudølf

    Fights Competitive|Throw Invincibility Effect

    The grapplers, Beowulf and Cerebella, are having a hard time in comp using command grabs, because of the throw invincibility. Yes, it is a fair rule since grab spams are annoying. But I'd like to suggest a more visible effect on fighters when they are invincible to throws. Most of the time...
  7. Rudølf

    Fights Competitive|Damage Scaling=Immediate ToD Nerf

    I was watching Liam's SG2E tips, where he was advising us to use heavy attacks at the start of the combo, because it gets weaker as the combo count goes higher. Then it hits me. What if this was implemented to competitive versus? There are fighters who can reach unfairly high combos (YES NADIA...
  8. G

    Fights Posibble solution for Rage quit

    Hey, so this will be a simple thread. As a possible solution for the rage quit, I propose the inclusion of a timer. Like, if you want to quit, sure, the button will be available in 10 seconds. If you are rage quitting, you'll have to wait unless you want to close the app and restart it. If you...
  9. Rudølf

    Fights Versus|Dealing with ToD's

    You know how in Skullgirls 2nd Encore, when the AI spots an infinite your combo breaks? I was wondering if something similar to that could be implemented to SGM, but only in PvP. Okay, I'm gonna ask if you guys agree with me first: Should ToDs and infinites be nerfed or even get rid of...
  10. Rudølf

    Fights Local Network Options

    Aha! I got a reader in! No this isn't clickbait don't go ;0; Anyway! Have you ever had IRL buddies who play Skullgirls with you too? And you both go: “Hey wanna comp?” “Yus suure!” “Noice! So.. how..?” And you both realize you're in the middle of nowhere, or you don't have any wifi access, or...
  11. Arkantos

    Fights GG and Forfeiting in PVP

    Could you please change the 'quit' button in PVP to a 'forfeit' button so that when someone runs away from defeat online, it will automatically count as a victory to the other player. 'Losing connection' is still a problem I see a lot in PVP. The other guy either rage quits, doesn't have the...
  12. Rudølf

    How Are Fighters Considered 'Good' in Comp Versus?

    Is it more of a who gets the highest combo count? Who gets to touch who first? Ooor does it completely rely on their kit (if i even know what that means)?
  13. Nishcheta

    Other Competitive Mode Customization

    I was wondering if it can be made possible to customize your fighters in pvp competitive mode? Not with palettes, but, with things like the animations they play during match start. Voice quips at match start, or if you win. Being able to choose from all of those which already currently exist in...
  14. S


    Medici tower, new mode 100 level tower called The Medici Tower you fight stages that get stronger with each level (that increase in attack modifier ) Medici theme. Resets once per month and gives rewards on every 5th and 10th floor. Medici tower
  15. V

    Fights Exit the match

    It is getting impossible to play PvP, out of 10 fights you make 9 abandon the game. What should be done is that if they left the game it would count as defeat, or else they would take a punishment.
  16. Lililira

    Bug - Normal 5 missions, duplicate 'King of the Ring'

    When I logged in today and checked my daily missions, I realized I had a duplicate 'King of the Ring' mission, making a total of 5 missions for the day. Attached are screenshots of the missions before completing the requirements: The little popups for mission progress: The mission...
  17. You cant beat D

    Fights PvP Ideas

    I'm sure at this point that The groundwork for the basic pvp system is already there, and it's only a matter of The devs doing the finer Coding and debugging (Changing one thing can cause a multitude of issues) But i still wanted to throw out my ideas for the pvp system, to see what others...