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OFFICIAL: 2.1.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)


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May 5, 2017
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Los Angeles, CA
Hey everyone!

Now that the dust has settled from The Server Issues that plagued us in early February, we're excited to be able to share details regarding a brand new update! We have just submitted this update to the App Store, and are expecting that it will be released early next week (ideally Monday afternoon PST).


Many of you have asked what impact The Server Issues would have on our upcoming release cycle. In brief, due to all the technical investment and extensive customer support required, it basically shifted back all of our plans by 2-3 weeks.

In general, our plans are still to release an update every 4-6 weeks that includes a combination of new stuff to play with (characters, moves, origin stories, modes, special prize fights, etc) along with bug fixes, improvements, and optimizations to help ensure the game is running smoothly.

In light of all of that, this 2.1 update is a little bit leaner than usual and is more focused on bug fixing and stability than brand new content. We'll get back to our standard balance of new content and polish for 2.2 (which you should expect in early April).

Before we dive into the fun stuff, we've discovered some folks in the broader Skullgirls player community that have been engaging in some pretty shady in-game activity (ex: 50x IAP attempts in under a minute, etc).

As such, those users have been BANNED. Banned users will not be able to access their account and will be prompted to contact us directly if they feel the action has been in error.

We've made a special forum post for Bannable Offenses. Let us know if you have any questions!

And awaaay we go!

Lurking within DAILY EVENTS, you will now find a WEEKLY event called ACCURSED EXPERIMENTS:


In addition to featuring maxed out L50 gold Fighters, each fight contains a unique cocktail of experimental modifiers that have been painstakingly designed keep you on your toes.

As you can probably tell, these fights are designed with our late-game players in mind and are intended to be HARD. We're eager to see how everyone enjoys these modifier-heavy Puzzle fights!


  • Any Fight Completion
    • 70%: No BB Reward
    • 20%: Random Silver BB or SM
    • 10%: Random Gold BB or SM
  • Boss Node Completion
    • 50,000x Canopy Coins
    • 1x Bronze Key
    • 1x Silver Key
    • 1x Gold Key
  • Treasure Node Completion
    • 1 Key Bundle
      • 50%: 3x Bronze Key
      • 30%: 2x Silver Key
      • 20%: 1x Gold Key
  • 100% Completion (all 8 Fights)
    • 100,000x Canopy Coins
    • 10x Skill Points (for each Character)
  • Beowulf
    • Removed unintended Invincibility frames during Beowulf's Launcher animation
  • Big Band
    • Fixed a bug with Big Band's Throw that would allow you to "pick up" enemies off the ground during a tiny window between the end of crumple stun and the opponent's stand animation
  • Valentine
    • Fixed a bug with Valentine's Throw that would allow you to "pick up" enemies off the ground during a tiny window between the end of crumple stun and the opponent's stand animation
    • Fixed a bug with BB2 Laryngectomy that would cause BBs and SMs to errantly trigger midway through the BB2, causing them to be errantly consumed instead of queued
    • BB2 Laryngectomy should now reliably work on Double (she's slippery!)
  • End of Match Soft Crashing
    • Fixed numerous issues that could cause an end-of-match Soft Crash (including Double KOs and instances where the opposing team was KOed, but the player could continue endlessly performing actions)
  • Blockbuster Death Effects
    • Cleaned up pixelated noise that would accompany some Blockbuster deaths
  • Modifiers
    • Heal Block now prevents healing from Drain or Vampire
    • Hex has been fixed so that it doesn't errantly sometimes re-grant modifiers multiple times on expiration (leading to some CRAZY effects)
  • Knockdown to Standing Combo Adjustments
    • Made tweaks to "re-stand" logic which prevents characters transitioning from a knockdown state to a standing hitstun state when hit, allowing for unintended combos. (Most notably, Merry-Go-Rilla.)
  • Login Process Refinements
    • Numerous refinements have been made to the Login Flow to help address reported issues of inability to reliably login and/or long delays on phases of the Login process (ex: Syncing Downloads)
    • Skullgirls Login will now also be referred to as "Email" login at various spots throughout the game
  • Black Screen on Login
    • Fixed issue that would cause a Black Screen to appear on login (that you would need to force quit to dismiss) as you got closer to the end of the month
  • Daily Event / Prize Fight Creation
    • Made improvements to help ensure that Prize Fights and Daily Events will reliably be created at midnight PST without delay
  • Daily Mission Mail Text
    • Daily Mission Mail messages will now have a proper Subject line
  • Google Play Purchase Flow Refinement
    • Fixed various issues surrounding attempted (but not completed) Google Play purchases that could lead to confusion until the app was restarted.
  • Daily Missions
    • Silver Lining daily mission has been renamed Silver Bullet to avoid confusion
  • Results Screen
    • Fixed issue that would show your Fighter leveling up multiple times, even if they did not earn the XP to actually do so (and thus had not leveled up)
    • Fixed issue that would cause your currency tally to _appear_ to unexpectedly plummet, dropping below 0 after finishing a fight.
  • Mode Unlock Soft Crashes
    • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause the character pop-ups celebrating the unlock of a new mode (Daily Events, Prize Fights, etc) to create a soft crash instead.
  • Power Up / Evolution Screen
    • You should now always see the proper ATK / HP preview of what your Fighter will have after Powering Up and/or Evolving
    • When evolving, the Fighter portrait frame will now update to reflect their new tier
    • Increased size of the text on the fanfare to make it more impressive
  • Act Select Screen
    • Fixed issue where the Act Unlocked fanfare would errantly display when completing Origin Story Acts
  • New Offers Available
    • New Like a Boss and Ascension Offers added for new users upon completion of Who's the Boss and Ascent of a Woman for the first time respectively.
    • New Moving On Up-Grade and Gold Hearted Offers added for all players.
  • Localization
    • Fixed an issue where some Œ and Ç were not showing up in certain in-game fonts
    • In Russian, fixed a number of overlapping text issues on the Character Details screen
There we have it! As always, please share your feedback about what changes you like, and what you’d like for us to add next. We’re listening!

We have a lot of exciting new content actively in development (including a certain character everyone's been hankering for...) - looking forward to sharing more details as we approach 2.2 and 2.3!

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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max level husBANDo here i come
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I love the update and all the improvement.
My only thing was if you guys looked into Bella throw when it came too double. I seemed to have issues with using mgr and diamknd drop with double. Its been a some time since ive fought double with Bella but I k ow others had some issues too
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Though small, this update packs power. The first inkling of endgame content, a new source of keys, and several performance fixes for issues that have affected me personally. Nice. Also good to see you guys maintaining the integrity of the game with bans. Thanks, guys.
I love the update and all the improvement.
My only thing was if you guys looked into Bella throw when it came too double. I seemed to have issues with using mgr and diamknd drop with double. Its been a some time since ive fought double with Bella but I k ow others had some issues too
It’s good that you’ve noticed a bug and are reporting it, but unfortunately you’re not really doing it in the right place. It would be much more useful for the developers if you made a thread detailing this problem in full (with screenshots if at all possible) in the ‘known bugs & issues’ section of the forum. If you just make one comment in a thread where the bug is not entirely relevant then it is less likely to be noticed and patched in the future. Just trying to help!
Anyway, less than twenty-four hours left to the estimated update release. It’s time for Hype Man to earn his pay.
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Wait a minute.
Do we need to travel to the past to get the update?

End game content! -Fawns-
Just when I’m getting tired, I mean really tired with grinding pz. This is very good.
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And with every update: my heart and respect for the staff grows more and more...!

Keep up the good work! I can't wait to test my skills on this new challenges and see what else is to come!