• [2018/06/22]
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OFFICIAL: 2.1.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

iOS Users:
Upon launching the app, it will likely tell you to download a new version, but it won't be available in the App Store.
As soon as 2.1.1 is available for download in the App Store, you'll be able to play!

It downloaded the data when opened. After the update was complete, the game booted and logged in. Went to a black screen. Random tapping opened up the collection the first time. Then just black screen.

Now it’s doing exactly what you described. Apple needs to get off the dime.
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Maintenance has ended, users with Skullgirls 2.1.1 can now login and play.
At the moment, this is ANDROID USERS ONLY as the App Store is still processing the 2.1.1 update.

iOS Users:
Upon launching the app, it will likely tell you to download a new version, but it won't be available in the App Store.
As soon as 2.1.1 is available for download in the App Store, you'll be able to play!

Android Users:
If you are experiencing login issues, or a black screen, please delete and reinstall the app!

So sorry for the confusion, everyone!
I'm not able to login in after redownloading it. It just says logining in over and over
If your on iOS you just gotta be patient
Im on the same boat rn, it sucks balls cause I just wanna play already. Apples lame like that
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Well, last update android users waited a long time too. So I’m ok with this. iOS user
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This is brutal. Why does Apple take so long when Android is out? Do they give the devs an estimate of when it'll be in the app store?
No, they just watch while you and I suffer
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Just so you know, it's not just Skullgirls Mobile that's waiting on an Apple Store Update: https://twitter.com/sdw/status/971208846520627200

At this point we're going on 10+ hours since we released Halide 1.7 for sale and it's still not showing up on the App Store. This is completely ruining our day. :(

Hang in there, everyone!
So Apple just sucks all the way around lol
I don't know whether this was the intention or not but the treasure node in accursed experiments gives you keys even on a defeat
iOS is back everyone :) ( at least for me )
So something happen to my skullgirls game, it feels the game become heavier and it was loading really slowly, and there's this bug that make my main menu screen black but I can still press other option as long I tap the right button location, this also happened to the daily event, it was pitch black for event and main menu.
What should I do?
I have uninstalled and reinstalled and Everything looks to be good now. This may help those who are having IOS trouble who have a backup-able account.
I had uninstalled the game last night and then reinstalled it thinking it would help (of course it did not), and I woke up a bit early so i’d Have time for school. so when I looked to see if the update was finally out, and Yay it was! But of course when I went back into the game, I had to do the entry stuff like what language and terms of service. But now when I try to login, it’s giving me this “email or password is incorrect” which it WAS correct... and now i’m Just more upset that I won’t be able to play it... and no it did not have the -1 error.
I have it exactly how it is, and I even tried the password change as well. But it still hasn’t allowed me to log in. It’s giving me a code called “8.UDE.42”
I’m pretty sure there might be a thread JUST about error codes and stuff, but i’m Not exactly sure who to turn to then.
Knockdown to Standing Combo Adjustments
  • Made tweaks to "re-stand" logic which prevents characters transitioning from a knockdown state to a standing hitstun state when hit, allowing for unintended combos.
AKA Merry Go-rilla is useless now

This “tweak” basically pushes Cerebella to the bottom the tier list since she will now lack a lot of damage compared to before and have even worse combo potential because MGR can’t re-stand now.

In that case then MGR should get a solid damage buff to compensate for the damage she missed out on.

And speaking of compensation, the compensation for extended maintenance downtime felt inadequate.

I would get way more coins in two days from completing Filia and Band expert dailies than a measly 25,000 from the mail. Not to mention the potential gold moves with good stats I missed out on.