• [2018/06/22]
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OFFICIAL: 4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

I have a question regarding this:

  • The HYPER ULTIMATE FIGHTER VARIETY pack will be made available soon after 4.2 goes live. It features a 10+1 voucher for every Character Relic - including Fukua's - for 10,000 Theonite.

Is this available only for a limited time or is it permanent?
"Yo Fukua is getting released"
I sleep.

"AI now uses SMs to pressure you just like low level AI"
Real deal?

Honestly i'm excited for fukua, even though it'll take a longtime to get myself a Fukua.

At last, AIs won't be BB trigger happy. Now i can actually hope to see Bloody Valentine in action with the new change.
Overall, a very good update, on paper, I really like the watching palor and the AI tag out( finally I can use my GI Jazz), but I also have some thought on a few things.

1. AI throw tech.
Well there go my Parasoul corner strat. Fun and humor aside, honestly, this will make some boss node on Rift unbeatable. There are so many tanky boss node that even with parasoul corner throw strat, I can barely made it in time to clear, couple with some AI tendency to just standing still to block, or dashing and cancel to block ( I'm looking at you squigly AI). The stall strat with stall fighter like last hope, AG, MnF will dominate the Rift cause no one can beat them in time (and bleed won't work on them either, fun time).
And Neurancer will be a nightmare if you can't corner her.

2. Shiny fighters
This will make some people salty as hell after months of saving and maxing out a diamond (very expensive and time consuming) just to pull a dupe but shiny. All that left is just to look prettier. It is a nice ideal but personally I want to scratch the halve exp and resource, it make people think they wasted a lot of time and money. Or if you can give back a bit of resource when you transfer a shiny, it would be a little bit better.

3. Fukua catalyst, Miasma and Fatigue on Rift
I afraid that this would be a little overpower. And honestly I don't understand the wording. You will get Fatigue if a) she hit you or b) you hitting her. If a) it will be fine and dandy, b) will be a problem, this make Silent Kill or Immunity is a must. But again its only 5% so it will have to wait a bit more.
And I believe the AI will use special move more often and Fukua have a special that gain Miasma? If so, all melee fighters are out of the picture if you want to kill her fast and end with BB ( Silent Kill, Parasoul, Squigly), the only option left is Peacock.
p/s: nevermind that, Silent Kill can erase buf.

4. Hackers and Cheaters problem ( unpopular opinion for some reason)
I know the devs said they will do something in roadmap 2020, but there are some prominent and I would say "popular" cheaters that have been reported on the forum for months without any actions. Some rise to the rank of diamond and freely reap the undeserve rewards, each weeks past meaning they're getting stronger and it will be to the points they don't need to cheat anymore because of all the diamond keys they have. Anyone with a weak collection and manage to climb the high rank know this the most (and some even delete the game because of this). I don't need the devs to take actions right away, but at least acknowledge the problem and inform us. Even in a game like Azur Lane, the devs are banning people who use cheat to climb the leader board for fun ( they don't get any rewards from the leader board).

I don't mean any things negative, just a bit of thought on it. And very hype for Fukua, I have a tons of theonites waiting for her.
Awesome changes! Can't wait for Fukua and the new shiny fighters!
BOI that's some spicy stuff coming up! thanks as always HVS !!! Stay healthy! Hope everything is good on your side !
Tbh i like everything in this update, can't wait for this update to go live! And the ads thing imo is something you should have introduced much earlier!

PS: arrivederci para corner loop you served us well. I'll miss u.
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In 4.2, the AI will be less likely to tag out the more BUFFS they possess, and they will be more likely to tag out the more DEBUFFS they have. You may see AI tag out at 100% life if they have even a single DEBUFF - including permanent ones, like DOOM!

Wouldn't this be counterproductive for Plot Twisted and other characters like say Scarlet Viper etc? This should probably be tweaked for those types of characters that 'benefit' from rebuffs.
Wouldn't this be counterproductive for Plot Twisted
For Plot Twisted, the DEBUFFS and BUFFS will more or less cancel each other out so that it's the normal percent chance to tag out at 50% health, which is very low. For her, there probably won't be too much of a change.

Good note though! We'll keep an eye on fighters that inflict themselves with DEBUFFS and see if there's more tuning to be done.
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This causes confusion for many Japanese players.
Just as you say "sabituki" to Americans, you don't know when you say "ラスティ" to Japanese.
Sentences translated into Japanese have humor for the Japanese, and humor for the Americans is hard to convey (except in some cases)
Please do not change the characters variant name. Japanese players are confused and channel 602 is in chaos now.
Many characters name's are awful, it would be better if they are in English as the originals. On the other hand the translation in the stories has several mistakes.
Excuse me, but most of the new Spanish names are awful, why don't we just use all the original ones? We certainly never had any problem with variants who have english names such as Cold Stones, Silent Kill, etc.
For those of you who have concerns with the new translations, we really appreciate the feedback. We're going to be reverting the name changes for this update.

We'll share more information at a later date if and when we look at adjusting Fighter names in the future.
Is this available only for a limited time or is it permanent?
Our offers are current scheduled to provide a variety of opportunities for different players at different times. That said, this variety pack will be available immediately after launch for a limited time and will very likely be made available again (for a limited time) at various points in the future.

However, it's possible that it may take quite awhile before it appears in the store again. Hope that helps!
Time to become a shiny hunter again :>

Really exciting stuff coming our way. I'm hyped for what this all means for my rift battles.
Oh yeah, about shinies.
Why though? Kinda feels insulting to veterans who already maxed out fighters and all they can do now is halfing thier xp. Why? Cost reduction feels like a kick in the head, XP reduction is no use of compared to the money you have invested to your fighters.

Lemme guess, Boosters are gamebreakers that much?
No entiendo porque reducir lo de potenciadores de experiencia. Solo darán monedas y emblemas entonces.
In 4.2, the AI will only begin to "forget" they were thrown recently if they are not being hit.
About this part, is it Parasoul-proof? By that I mean if, even if after the grab and a few light attacks followed afterwards (i.e. Grab -> L3 -> Down Slide) the A.I. will still remember it was grabbed shortly ago despite being hit.

I do say Parasoul-proof but mostly applies to any character. Just put her as an example given she took the biggest benefit out of this exploit.
I've asked before but nobody confirmed one way or another...

Is it safe to assume there is no 2xchance for Fukua acquisition from regular relics in 4.3? (or have you guys not decided yet? :)
So Fukua is the second character since Valentine to have a unique mechanic with the chip damage thing eh? That’s pretty neat. Time to grind theonite for her release.
Just checking - will fukua specific catalysts get added to CoC in 4.2? For example, Hexy time and auto immune.

Excited to see Fukua but also wished there would be more adjustment to rift such as attacker and catalyst diversity, modifier changes, and tuning of some abusive catalysts such as frost armor and Don’t Poke the Beur. Maybe 4.3?
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I find the variant name translations fascinating. Is there a Google Doc of the entire collection somewhere, not just the possible changes?
Adapting a pun into another language is incredibly difficult to balance so everyone is happy. Inevitably some nuance is lost. Like Buzzkill in French went from Killer Wasp (Guêpe Tueuse) to Sting-Stinger (Dard-dard) -- in this case the lethal connotation (kill/killer) is sacrificed for a stronger bee/wasp buzziness. It's tough! Maybe there could be a way for the community to help lean to favored compromises?

Fukua may be the greatest April Fools joke of 2014 (perhaps of all time, an entire character created to mock Capcom's Decapre in SFIV), but there should be a "not canon" disclaimer in her description. She's still outside official lore, right?
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Fukua may be the greatest April Fools joke of 2014 (perhaps of all time, an entire character created to mock Capcom's Decapre in SFIV), but there should be a "not canon" disclaimer in her description. She's still outside official lore, right?

Well the beginning of this announcement gave more of a backstory to Fukua than I've ever seen (and I'm a SG lore nut). If she was created by Brain Drain that would give her some canon standing since she's got origin and an implied real world existence (angry spirit trapped in a cloned body). Still, she's only ever been seen in her spin off bit of encore so I don't think she's cannon... Yet. But that may change since the focus is all on her now.