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OFFICIAL: 4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)


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May 17, 2017
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A 4.2 SERVER ONLY hotfix update is being deployed. The following changes will be live once it is complete:
  • Fixed an issue where some Rift Battle fights were not ending correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where an "ERROR 1" message would prevent players from converting their Diamonds into Essences, Diamond Shards, and Skill Points.
  • Fixed a bug where the UPPER LIMITS modifier in Peacock's Master Origin Story would stop functioning once a character tagged out.
  • Fixed a bug where Fukua - Vaporwave Vixen came equipped with a Silver Blockbuster instead of a Gold One. Players who were already impacted by this bug will receive a compensation mail with the correct Blockbuster soon.
  • All players have had their Fighter collection cap increased by 50, and their Moves collection cap increased by 100, regardless of their current capacity as originally intended.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could receive more rewards than intended from ads.
  • More known instances of ads not granting rewards on completion have been addressed. If you are experiencing this issue still, please post in this thread with:
    • The ad provider, which you can find by pressing the button in the lower left during an ad. This is required.
    • Your device model.
    • The region you are connecting from.
The original update notes are below:


Hey everyone,

Our 4.2 update is nearing completion, and we hope to release sometime within the week of March 23rd - 27th. Keep an eye on our social media (Twitter: @sgmobile) for the latest and greatest news on the release.

Please note that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we MAY experience longer wait times as we're waiting for our app to be approved for release. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands. If this happens, we'll keep you updated.

Now then, on to the update notes!




One of Brain Drain's less-socially-acceptable hobbies is cloning, and often he forces the souls of dead warriors to inhabit these clones. Fukua is the result of a fortunate - or unfortunate - Lab Zero accident: a union of two souls.

One, a once-proud warrior known for her brute strength in close combat; the other a silent assassin who specialized in ranged weapons for her kills. Together as one, Fukua possesses the best of both specialties... but relationships formed under intense circumstances often don't last.


Fukua excels as a mid range character who uses projectiles and her Shadow Clone Special Moves to harass her opponents from a safe distance. She can easily turn these long range pokes into devastating combos with clever usage of her tools.


Although Fukua and Filia share many moves, their play styles feel quite different. Fukua is generally a little slower than Filia, and she has unique tools which allow for lots of mix-up opportunities, making her harder to predict and safely punish.

Fukua's Character Ability is SANGUINE SHADOW, which grants Fukua 100% Scratch Damage (AKA Red Life) at all times. This is the red section on the lifebar that dictates how much health can be recovered when a character is tagged out.


This means that any Fukua fighters that are on the bench can ALWAYS heal up to full health if she has the time to do so. You'll want to finish her off before she tags out and undoes all your hard work!


11 new Fukua Fighters are yours from the taking once our 4.2 update releases!


You can speculate what each Fighter's Signature Ability is on our social media, where we've been sharing gameplay reveal videos. As of this moment, some Fighters have yet to be revealed. Once they are shared, we'll update this thread and image to include them!


Fukua will also be added to COMPETITIVE VERSUS when 4.2 launches. However, you can only use Fukua if you have at least one Fukua Fighter in your collection.



To help create space for your new Fukua Fighters, everyone's Fighter Collection size has been increased by 50, and Move Collection size have been increased by 100. Enjoy!

NOTE: This only applies to players who have not previously upgraded their collection past 300 Fighters, and 500 Moves.


As mentioned in our "OFFICIAL: Fukua Release Details & Relic Availability" thread, Fukua's availability will be a little bit different from our last few Character launches. To summarize the thread linked:


  • Fukua WILL NOT be available in Standard Relics at launch in 4.2. This includes Premiere, Jackpot, Elemental, Silver/Gold/Diamond, and many other Relics.
  • If you are saving existing Relics for Fukua, you WILL NOT be able to acquire her from those Relics in 4.2. (If you still wish to save your current Relics for Fukua Fighters, she will be added to Standard Relics in 4.3)

  • Fukua WILL be available with increased odds (much like the 2x odds for Standard Relics when we launched Robo-Fortune) in special Fukua "Branded" versions of the Premiere Relic and Jackpot Relic, called the Cloned Premiere Relic and Cloned Jackpot Relic, respectively. These Relics will be available for Theonite (150 and 500 respectively) in the Relic Store for the entire duration of the 4.2 release.

  • Fukua's Character Relic, known as the Doppelgänger Relic (containing ONLY Fukua Fighters) WILL be added to all Fighter Variety Pack offers when 4.2 launches. Other Fukua related offers will also be available in the Store - keep an eye out for them!

Fukua's Daily Event will be scheduled every Thursday once 4.2 goes live. Since Fukua's Moves can't be found in Gold, Silver, or Bronze Move Relics, this Daily Event is a great place to build your Move collection for Fukua!



As a reminder, Fukua's Prize Fight WILL NOT be available in 4.2. This event will be available after 4.3 launches. When this Prize Fight is available in 4.3, Fukua's Relic (the Doppelgänger Relic) will also be available in the Relic store for Theonite.


Two new deadly Modifiers will be releasing alongside Fukua!


MIASMA is a new BUFF utilized by many of Fukua's new Fighters. While active, it drains 1% HEALTH from nearby opponents, while healing 1% HEALTH per second. It also drains 1% BLOCKBUSTER METER from nearby opponents every second, while granting 1% BLOCKBUSTER per second. Remember: NONE of these effects will trigger unless the Fighter benefiting from MIASMA is close to their opponent.


While FATIGUE is active, the inflicted Fighter has their SPECIAL MOVE and TAG IN cooldowns recharge at half speed. When FATIGUE expires, it has a 50% chance to apply a STUN for 2 seconds on the afflicted Fighter.


Did someone order an apocalyptic nightmare world? Say no more! Fukua's stage, "Nightmare Crest", will be added as a possible random stage in 4.2.


You can also find this stage as Fukua's home stage on her character details screen, her Daily Event fights, and in any event that uses random stages.


Also arriving in 4.2 - SHINY FIGHTERS! Shiny Fighters are extremely rare versions of Fighters which sparkle during combat and on all UI screens.


Shiny Fighters have NO COMBAT BENEFITS - their effects in gameplay are purely cosmetic! However, they only require HALF the amount of XP to level up, and HALF the amount of resources (Canopy Coins, Skill Points, and Theonite) to upgrade their Skill Trees.​

You can find a Shiny Fighter from any source that grants Fighters. This includes Relics, the Cabinet of Curiosities, In-Game Mail (such as Prize Fight rewards), and so on.


Note that when claiming Fighters from the Cabinet of Curiosities or Mail, the Fighter will only have a chance to become Shiny AS you claim them. (Ex: You won't see Shiny effects on the Cabinet of Curiosities Fighters before you buy them.)

If you find a new Shiny for a Fighter you've already invested in heavily - don't fret! You can TRANSFER the Shiny property to the exact same Fighter (e.g. Pea Shooter to Pea Shooter, not Pea Shooter to a Rerun) through POWER UP, or EVOLUTION.


The Fighter you transfer the Shiny effect to will also have halved upgrade costs on their Skill Tree, and need half as much experience to level up, as mentioned above.

Lastly, the odds of finding a Shiny Fighter are increased the higher the rarity the Fighter is. That means your odds of finding a Diamond Shiny are much higher than your odds of finding a Bronze Shiny, because you won't be acquiring Diamond Fighters as quickly as Bronzes!


As you're well aware, Skullgirls Mobile has never included in-game advertising. Intrusive advertising which distracts the player from playing the game never felt like the right fit for the polished experience we have worked so hard to build.

That said, we've received a lot of requests for us to implement ads so that players can support Skullgirls without needing to use in app purchases (we love you all). As such, we've been thinking about ways we can create a non-intrusive "opt-in" implementation of ads that doesn't ruin player immersion.

With all of that in mind, we're excited to introduce the VIEWING PARLOR! You can find a new button on the side ribbon of the main menu.


Tapping this button will open up the VIEWING PARLOR, where you can watch ads. After watching an ad, you'll receive THREE of the rewards from a list of available rewards below. That's it, simple!


After successful viewing and reward claiming, you must wait for time to pass until you can watch your next ad. Feel free to check back later to earn some more free rewards! Or... don't! It's up to you! If you don't visit the VIEWING PARLOR, you'll never see an advertisement.

In the interest of transparency - watching an ad generates a small amount of revenue for Skullgirls, and that revenue is immediately invested back into Skullgirls so we can create more content and help fund future characters.



In Skullgirls, the AI is designed to remember what actions you perform and learn from them. If you repeat the same actions a lot, the AI will start to counter them more often. Ideally, this means that the more you throw the AI, the more likely they are to throw tech.

However, the AI was "forgetting" that you had thrown them recently by the time they stood up after recovering from a throw. This lead to some pretty unsavory (and frankly, boring) throw strategies which have been dominating high streak Prize Fights and Rift Battles.

In 4.2, the AI will only begin to "forget" they were thrown recently if they are not being hit. The AI will also begin to forget they have been thrown recently more slowly if they are blocking hits. If you relentlessly pressure the opponent with throws - expect them to escape now!


"Finally, I've been waiting for this moment... with my 3 stacks of ARMOR, and 5 stacks of REGEN, I am unstoppable and I will crush all those who oppose me... lol nevermind time to tag out" - GI Jazz's AI.

In 4.2, the AI will be less likely to tag out the more BUFFS they possess, and they will be more likely to tag out the more DEBUFFS they have. You may see AI tag out at 100% life if they have even a single DEBUFF - including permanent ones, like DOOM!


High level AI will now use Special Moves (and rarely, Blockbusters) outside of combos, similar to our lower level AI. That means Peacock will use George's Day Out at full screen... Parasoul will fire off Napalm Shot, and Beowulf WILL Wulfshoot blocking opponents. Adjust your defensive loadouts accordingly!

In addition, the AI will also more intelligently use Bursts to interrupt combos on occasion. Remember to use an early launcher to prevent Bursts, since you can't Burst in the air!



  • Double - Evergreen Evil and Peacock - Mean One have been added to all standard Relics.

  • Fukua's Catalyst, "Sleeping Powder" (more details in the OTHER CHANGES section) has been added to the Treasures tab of the CoC.
  • Fukua's Moves have been added (at a premium price) to both tabs of the CoC with 2x odds of appearing.
  • Fukua's Skill Points have been added (at a premium price) to the Treasures tab of the CoC.
  • Parasoul - Shadow Ops' Canopy Coins cost has been reduced to the normal amount for a Silver.
  • Numerous Fukua related offers will be available periodically as Fukua launches. Act fast, because these deals won't be around forever!
  • The HYPER ULTIMATE FIGHTER VARIETY pack will be made available soon after 4.2 goes live. It features a 10+1 voucher for every Character Relic - including Fukua's - for 10,000 Theonite.
  • Gifts and Gold Gifts have had their chances of granting an XP Booster reduced.


  • Just like all other characters, Fukua now has her own Catalyst which only affects Fukua Fighters!
    • Fukua has a 5% chance to inflict FATIGUE for 15 seconds when HIT while below 50% HEALTH.
    • At max level, the FATIGUE will only last 5 seconds. Shorter FATIGUE timers mean faster STUN activations!

  • Characters will now flash RED if they are "counter hit" out of an attack. A counter hit is when a character is hit while attacking when they had no chance to block.
  • Fixed an edge case bug where some characters could not cancel their Dash Attack into their Tap attack if they recently cancelled a Dash Attack → Tap attack into a backdash, which was immediately cancelled back into another Dash Attack. #rare
  • Clarified that Ms. Fortune's BB1 - Cat Scratch Fever can apply DEATH MARK even on blocked hits.
  • Fixed a few instances where Purrfect Dark's SA text would not fire on the screen when it activated.
  • Fixed a bug where Napalm Shot tears that shot off screen weren't interacting with her Character Ability and Signature Abilities correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Beowulf was invincible to throws during his crouching hitstun.
  • Plot Twisted will no longer revive if killed by Robo-Fortune's BB3 - Catastrophe Cannon Omega, which prevents revives.
  • WYRM'S TAIL (Character Ability) no longer counts as using a Special Move for various Signature Abilities and Match Modifiers.
  • Fixed an issue where Squigly could set her Special Moves on cooldown with some edge case WYRM'S TAIL usage.
  • Fixed an exploit where the AI would not counter attack against her Charge Attack correctly.
  • SM - VIAL HAZARD (A/B/C) now goes off cooldown much faster when she loads a vial initially.
  • Eliza's SM - CHAOS BANISH now mentions that it activates its ability on block. This move will activate on blocked hits.
  • Fixed a bug where the SAINTS AND SCHOLARS (St. Patrick's Day Prize Fight) and TRICK OR TREAT (Halloween Prize Fight) match modifiers could have two active modifiers triggered at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where the SHE LOVES ME NOT (Valentine's Day Prize Fight) match modifier could activate on blocked hits.
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles getting hit could prevent match challenges from being completed. (Ex: George's Day Out, Lonesome Lenny, Parasoul's Tears...)
  • Landing hits on dead opponents will now complete Combo Hit challenges.
  • When opening rewards from Gifts and Gold Gifts, the reward frame will be colored Pink or Gold to match the rarity of the Gift.
  • Fixed an issue where the Energy Refill pop up could appear during gameplay if you pressed it twice very quickly.
  • Resolved an issue where "CURSED" or "IMMUNE" text could spam over top of Fighters extremely quickly. Now, only one instance of the text can be visible at any given time.
  • Fixed a bug where the "OPEN GIFTS" button on the social pop up could be pressed more than once if your connection was extremely terrible.
  • The pause screen now updates the current Elemental Advantage or Disadvantage icon shown if Double transmutes to another element.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't see your Canopy Coins or Theonite values increase after claiming a milestone reward from a Prize Fight defense win points claim.
  • Fixed an issue where the REMATCH REQUESTED and REMATCH REJECTED text wasn't appearing.
  • The opponent's total team Fighter Score will now be displayed in FREE FOR ALL, instead of ???.
  • Fixed a bug where COMPETITIVE VERSUS characters could be used in profile duels.
  • Clarified that the HALFTIME match modifier (Rift Battles, Accursed Experiments) only activates once per match.


That's it for now! As always, we want to extend a huge thank you to our amazing community for waiting a little bit longer for this full content update while we worked on Fukua.

Just as a reminder, the current COVID-19 pandemic MAY delay our release depending on how long it takes for the app to be approved by Apple and Google. We'll keep you updated - fingers crossed!

Questions about the update? Let us know down below.

Thanks so much as always for all your support!

- Hidden Variable
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as usual, thank you dev for delivering the best of the best to us all!

i have a question though; if i have a maxxed silver fighter and say, i want to keep them at silver tier, is it still possible to transfer the "shiny fighter" effect, if so, how?

once again, thanks for the update note!
A question
In one of Fukua trailers i noticed about the usage of one of the Blockbusters in air. Certain Blockbusters with aerial variants in original console/PC game like Checkmate Incitions, Gregor Samson, Necketh Breaker are planned to be used in air combos?
I think at some point in the future it would be nice to go back to old Blockbusters and give them some extra love, but I don't think we have immediate plans for that lined up right now. Good feedback though! Using those moves after a Juggle would be sweet. ♥
i have a question though; if i have a maxxed silver fighter and say, i want to keep them at silver tier, is it still possible to transfer the "shiny fighter" effect, if so, how?
Yep! That's actually the example in the image here - notice how she's level 40 already.


You can ALWAYS transfer shiny, regardless of level and rarity.
Wow this is looking great!! Devs, you all work too hard!

I do worry that Fukua seems a bit strong, but I'm sure that once she hits her strength in practice will determine how she'll be modified in the future. From what I've seen of her, the shadow clones seem like a ton of fun to play around with!

I'm also pretty thrilled about the "shiny fighters", that certainly will be a huge help to players old and new.

Out of unrelated curiosity, why reduce the chance to get XP boosters from gifts? Is it to balance the boosting effects of the shiny fighters?

As always, thank you Devs for all you do! Please stay safe during this time of uncertainly and turmoil!
I have a question
The shiny fighters are basically the same but they cost half of everything to improve them?
I'm no Dev but it looks that way.

"Shiny Fighters have NO COMBAT BENEFITS - their effects in gameplay are purely cosmetic! However, they only require HALF the amount of XP to level up, and HALF the amount of resources (Canopy Coins, Skill Points, and Theonite) to upgrade their Skill Trees."
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I'll be back with more detailed thoughts later, but here's a quick overview:

- Fukua Fukua Fukua Fukua Fukua Fukua FuKUA FUKUA FU-- *mic cuts out*
- Shiny Fighters seem like a fun concept, both a useful discount for upgrading and a new way to flex by decking out your defense teams with sparklies.
- Viewing Parlor? Let's give this bread.
- I'm curious to see how the new AI behaves, it'll probably be a rough week or two until I get used to it.
- Hyper Ultimate Fighter Variety Pack you say? Well, I know what the best new thing to save for is gonna be.
- Good to see that Fatigue only has a 50% chance to stun, it looked very powerful in the previews. Same for Miasma, good to know it has its own limitations.
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Thanks for the info Liam I'm going to save my diamond relic to see if I can get a shiny
Rerun was so OP they had to make a debuff to counter her. Wow.

Alright, jokes aside, this update looks really cool. At first, I admit I was pretty uninterested in Fukua. However, after seeing her combo potential from the Twitter, I’m really interested to see what I can do with her.

Having said that, Miasma seems like it’ll be a tad overpowered. Health drain and meter control is a deadly combination that when stacked multiple times could lead to some devastating damage.

Anyway, my final thoughts are that this will be an interesting update. Can’t wait for Fukua. Here’s hoping for the Maeruto palette, because the back story on that one is too good to pass up.
I'll be back later with more detailed thoughts later, but here's a quick overview:

- Fukua Fukua Fukua Fukua Fukua Fukua FuKUA FUKUA FU-- *mic cuts out*
- Shiny Fighters seem like a fun concept, both a useful discount for upgrading and a new way to flex by decking out your defense teams with sparklies.
- Viewing Parlor? Let's give this bread.
- I'm curious to see how the new AI behaves, it'll probably be a rough week or two until I get used to it.
- Hyper Ultimate Fighter Variety Pack you say? Well, I know what the best new thing to save for is gonna be.
- Good to see that Fatigue only has a 50% chance to stun, it looked very powerful in the previews. Same for Miasma, good to know it has its own limitations.

Haha I feel the same way!!!! Do you think the 50% stun is enough of a limit on it's effectiveness? I mean let's be honest, Fukua looks like a beast to play and a monster to fight against. Could she be too strong? (I really want to hear other opinions so I'm playing devils advocate a bit)
That change is bad.
View attachment 8956

This causes confusion for many Japanese players.
Just as you say "sabituki" to Americans, you don't know when you say "ラスティ" to Japanese.
Sentences translated into Japanese have humor for the Japanese, and humor for the Americans is hard to convey (except in some cases).
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Please do not change the characters variant name. Japanese players are confused and channel 602 is in chaos now.
I am in love with all these changes especially the small ones like showing counterhits and improving the AI, and i hope i dont get addicted to shinies like i do in pokemon, thanks for everything HVS!
Hey guys!!

You are doing a great work, congratulations.

I know that is not easy to translate the game perfectly for each language. I like to play in English, because is perfect for me, but I have many friends that start the game in Spanish and they don't like the translation.

Many characters name's are awful, it would be better if they are in English as the originals. On the other hand the translation in the stories has several mistakes.

I offer you my help to fix this little inconvenience. I don't want money or anything. I like so much this game, I want the game to grow and many people know it

Thank you guys.
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Glad to see that we get to choose when we'll watch ads! There are a lot of apps where ads just pop in the screen every five minutes or so and it can get annoying.

I'm personally hoping for more social features in the future! Guilds are gonna be a thing soon so yaay! :3
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Excuse me, but most of the new Spanish names are awful, why don't we just use all the original ones? We certainly never had any problem with variants who have english names such as Cold Stones, Silent Kill, etc.
Also, hispanic community have a lot of cultural differences, because of this some translated references make sense in one region but not in another. I give you an example: Regally Blonde is a reference to Legally Blonde movie and it's translated as "Una rubia muy real" ingame which is understandable for Spain (movie is known there as "Una Rubia muy Legal") but not for Latin America (the movie is known as "Legalmente Rubia" there), so don't you think it's better to stay neutral and use original english names?
Will shiny fighters sacrifice after transferring shiny ability to other fighters?
"Finally, I've been waiting for this moment... with my 5 stacks of ARMOR, and 5 stacks of REGEN, I am unstoppable and I will crush all those who oppose me... lol nevermind time to tag out" - GI Jazz's AI.
That should be "3" stacks of armors :)
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