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Other Quality of Life suggestions

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Dusty00, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Dusty00

    Dusty00 Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2019
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    First of all, I'm grateful for all the updates and new content that HV has been & will be working on. New contents keep the game fresh and exciting, and there are lots HV has in store for us in 2019!

    I've been playing SGM since near the beginning of Line days and have been reading forum posts as a guest. While most issues and QoL related matters have been pointed out by others and resolved, there are some additional ones I'd like to point out. The goal is to provide a different perspective and rationale to why QoL changes are important to us users.

    What is Quality?
    Quality game play is time a player spend that focuses on the main mechanics of the game. In the case for SGM, that is the actual fighting portion. It's important to emphasize that not all fights are of quality. Fights that are too easy are time sinks, and fights that are too difficult cause frustration. Fights that provide just the right amount of challenge and rewards net the highest quality of gaming experience. Let's call these the sweet spots.

    What do we mean by Quality of Life, and why does it matter?
    Quality of life to me refers to game mechanics that affect the quality of gaming experience. Any design of the game that does not contribute to generating high quality gaming experience should be looked at seriously, because it affects how much a player will enjoy spending time on the game. When the gaming experience isn't of quality, then players will drop the game and move on to another game that provides a better experience for them to invest their money and time.

    Current High Quality Game Design
    Here's my attempt to list aspects of the game that I consider "sweet spots" and enjoy spending time and money on. Keep in mind that I'm writing this as a long-term end user. My experience is different from players who have only recently started playing the game.
    • High Streak Prize Fights - Fights after 15 win streaks are meaningful. These fights cannot be done with Fight Assists and require the player to actually play the game. Streaks 15 to 30 earns you healthy amount of Score, allowing you to claim rewards and earn resources towards character progression. Streaks 30 and above is when you get matched with high-risk/high-return fights that earn yet another very important reward: EXP points (for diamond tier characters). Personally I find myself enjoying PFs the most after streak 30.
    • Rift Battles - Battles that are matched evenly and/or give you a chance to win some fights to earn Rift Coins are meaningful.
    Putting myself in a beginner's point of view because I have been there once, here's a list of Quality Game Mechanics for them.
    • Story Mode - The stories are awesome, and the rewards are some of the best you could earn! Story Mode is perfect for new players to learn how to play and make incredible progression in the game.
    • Daily Events - These fights were designed to supply moves, Canopy Coins, and Character Experience for beginning players. The 4 difficulty levels allow players to improve as they grow stronger. Some of the modifiers are challenging and forces players to think rather than just fight.
    • Show Me Your Moves Prize Fight - The unique modifier and restrictions to this PF makes it almost a complete different mode of the game. It was refreshing to play them back in the days.
    As you can see, this game is packed with high quality aspects for both new and old users. Now, that doesn't mean there aren't aspects of the game that can use some improvements.

    Current Low Quality Game Design
    Below is a list of what I consider Low Quality aspects because they are either a time-sink or points of frustration, and some suggestions (from me and the community) on how to improve these aspects.

    1. Daily Missions: Story Mode
    There is no reason why anyone would go back to play story mode after they've been completed. Forcing a player to play that mode to earn Theonites is purely a waste of their time.

    Suggestion: Remove daily missions associated with Story Mode.

    2. Daily Events Game Mode
    This mode is outdated with the current Diamond Tier fighters. It's purely a time sink using Fight Assists to earn Canopy Coins and moves.

    Suggestion 1: Rather than providing "levels" for players to choose from, come up with an algorithm that scales the fights to the fighters you bring. The opponents's FS will scale depending on how strong the fighters you bring, and rewards are proportional to the tier of fighters you used. For example, you select 10 characters before entering daily events and are locked to those 10 characters only. The system generates a buff to the map to match the total FS of your 10 characters, and the rewards scale depending on total FS.

    Suggestion 2: Improve Fight Assist. Give fight assists a Fast Forward option. If I can toggle it to 4X or 8X, then the total fight time to complete Daily Events will be a lot shorter. It doesn't, however, address the fact that it's still a time sink and does not provide meaningful rewards.

    Suggestion 3: Premium option to use Theonites to complete the daily event with the push of a button. Essentially you're asking people to pay to save time while still earning CCs and moves. It's a fair trade-off.

    3. Prize Fights Game Mode
    Streaks 1-15 are huge time sinks, even with Fight Assist. It's a steep price (30 minutes) to pay to build up a streak.

    Suggestion 1: Improve Fight Assist. As discussed above, give it a 4X or 8X option.

    Suggestion 2: As discussed above, provide a premium option to use Theonites to skip streak 1-15 and start with streak 16.

    4. Collection: General
    The sort system is not sufficient for players with a big collection of over 100 characters and 300 moves to efficiently sort and organize. It is a huge time sink to go through your collection and prepare for the fights.

    Suggestion 1: Add different ways to sort or even filter your collection. Here's an existing thread that discusses this.

    Suggestion 2: Implement a "Favorites" mechanism. @Joaquin discussed this more in depth in this thread, and @crx again in this thread.

    5. Collection: Moves
    Bronze and Silver moves are useless for anyone who's played the game for more than a couple of weeks. They don't serve any purpose once a player can clear Expert mode of Daily Events.

    Suggestion 1: Include a global game option to automatically sell bronze/silver moves.

    Suggestion 2: Allow merging or recycling of moves to create higher tier moves. (I can't seem to find who brought this idea up first. Please help me with citation if you can find it.)

    Suggestion 3: Think about a different way to acquire moves. See David's thread for more details.

    6. Collection: Characters
    Duplicates of characters are just taking up space and there are currently limited ways of using them. Almost no one will sacrifice a character for EXP, because the ratio is just laughable.

    Suggestion 1: Implement some sort of Recycle or Exchange system. See @Veeko's idea in this existing thread for details, and @デービッド idea in this thread.

    Suggestion 2: @Kumaro shared his Involution Concept. See his thread for more details.

    Suggestion 3: Change how "Power up" works - instead of giving a set # of EXP, make it so that sacrificing a character boosts entire levels. For example, sacrificing a bronze = 1 level, silver = 2 levels, gold = 5 levels, and diamond = 10 levels. I would gladly feed my spare Diamond Heavy Handed to bump the original by 10 levels, which would save weeks of grinding and allow me to enjoy using her immediately in PF and rifts.

    7. Character EXP
    There are very limited opportunities to gain character EXP.

    Suggestion 1: Increase EXP gained at higher level PF streaks.

    Suggestion 2: Increase EXP gained for playing Daily Events. If this game mode can be changed to generate enemies proportional to the total FS of the fighters you bring, then this should solve the problem.

    Suggestion 3: Allow characters to gain EXP when participating in Rift battles. One idea is to reward all characters that have participated in a rift battle a flat amount of EXP at the very end. That way, a player can choose to risk using a weak character and losing the overall battle itself in exchange for the high reward of gaining a lot of EXP at the end.

    I tried my best to cite anyone who's provided suggestions in other threads. If I missed your idea, or didn't give you credit, please kindly point it out and I will edit the post.

    8. Graphics
    From Flashing lights to Dry thumbs, these are important aspects to consider!

    Suggestion 1: Include a global option function to disable flashing lights. @crx brought it up in this thread, and @MiiJack brought it up again in this thread.

    Suggestion 2: Moisturize hand and other creative ways in a thread started by @NinjaPenguin76.

    Let's discuss and come up with more options for HV devs to consider as they continue to improve this awesome game.
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  2. Kumaro

    Kumaro Member

    Nov 29, 2018
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    Hey man, I'm glad that you mentioned me in your post, but when you click "His thread" when you mentioned me, it doesn't go to my thread talking about the involution...
  3. Dusty00

    Dusty00 Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2019
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    Oops! I pasted the wrong link. It should be fixed now.
  4. educavalcantee

    educavalcantee Active Member

    Jan 2, 2019
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    I agree. A way to detect when the player completes the story mode and then remove the missions associated with it would be nice.

    The same thing can be said about keys. Both suggestions (in the topic 6, collection: characters) could be applied to them.

    Very nice post man :)
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  5. Pepperlunatic

    Pepperlunatic Active Member

    Jun 16, 2017
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    I got additional suggestions on quality of life for higher leveled players

    1. Having prize fights dedicated for just gold and diamonds which gives diamond key for 10% or higher. This allows people who prefers prize fight over rift battle to reliably get diamond key and give more challenging experience for the experienced.
    2. No max player level cap similar to overwatch and league of legend. This allow players with 70 levels to feel the sense of progression as well as a free energy boost from time to time.
    3. More milestones in gold prize fight: To experienced players, the current amount of milestones are easily achievable within hours. Considering normal prize fights lasts two days or so, it might make players to feel fatigue and does not want to do prize fight if they don't care about reaching the 10% rewards. By having more milestones, this encourages high leveled players to play more prize fights even if they do not care about the 10% rewards.
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