• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Kheul

    Blockbusters with bonus damage per COMBO HIT

    So, the thing with these type of Blockbusters is they deal 2/5/8% bonus damage per COMBO HIT, yeah? That is not the case, they have an internal limit that immensely pulverize all the potential these type of blockbusters can do, they reach their limit with what, around 30-35 hits? (+15) Yeah sure...
  2. Scorialimit

    Staple moves for each fighter

    We don't have an updated move tier list, but I never liked the move tier list since it doesn't explain what the moves do and they're awkward to compare. So instead, I made a list of staple moves, or moves that you would want to have around. They're not necessarily the best moves in all cases...
  3. R

    Characters Special moves menu

    It would be nice if we could have something like Marvel FF where you can see the characters perform special moves, rather than just their basic moves.
  4. Kunagai

    Collection Auto-selling system

    Hello, I'm new here, and I would be glad to help and try to give suggestions that I believe could be relevant at reducing time consuming tasks such as regularly selling moves. I thought that it would be interesting to have an option that could convert automatically bronze and silver moves to...
  5. Deeves

    Total amount of Canopies and Skill Points

    I'm not even sure if I'm in the right section but I was actually hoping if somebody can give me a link or a rundown on how much is the total amount needed for fully upgrading a character's skill tree for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond (no Marquee yet) with canopies and skill points. If it's...
  6. M

    Forbidden Procedure Drop

    I've noticed that some moves have a lower drop rate than others (like BB3s) but forbidden procedure seems to almost never drop. I’ve been playing since about a month after SGM hit the app store and in the past (what, three years?) I’ve only managed to get 3 gold versions and I think 2-4...
  7. K

    Fights AI BB timing

    can you just stop allowing AI to time BB just right at the time players perform a throw?
  8. Kanashī Fuan'na

    Resolved Beowulf BB Bug?

    Is it a Bug or New Update BB for Beowulf? Coz idk if this bug or nah And his Block Changed From His Chair to His Championship Belt
  9. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Getting stunned during a BB

    iPhone 6s iOS 12.0.1 Game Version 2.7.0 So I notice this most reproducibly in the Accursed Experiments node with the "Personal Foul" modifier. Performing a multihit BB that enacts stun in the middle of the BB cancels the BB, and when the stun is applied, hits from the BB seemingly don't cause...
  10. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Tympani Drive doesn't combo the same for everyone

    I've noticed something interesting and I'm not sure if it's intentional or not. When using Tympani Drive against Big Band and Beowulf, I can launch (standard up-swipe) an enemy into the air and activate Tympani Drive as they fall, and after they land they bounce up into the Blockbuster. So...
  11. Sinheart

    Characters Unbalanced Blockbusters?

    I made this thread to simply point out that some characters may have high move blockbuster that don’t do as much damage as their lower move ones. The only character I was able to test currently was Eliza and it seems her ‘khepri sun’ does more damage than ‘lady of slaughter’ and ‘nekhbet...
  12. TonyPartridge30

    Fights Sekhmet and the Show Me Your Moves PF

    I think the Show Me Your Moves PF is interesting. The new modifier that prevents standard attacks from causing damage is a novel idea and really changes up how you think about the fight. But, it doesn't feel unfair because both you and the opponent are affected. However, I've noticed...
  13. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Pixelation during B.B. portraits

    iPhone 6s iOS 11.2.2 Game version 2.0.1 The introduction of slo-mo at the final hit and B.B. portraits when a BB KOs the last opponent is nice. However, I’ve noticed twice now that some BBs cause abberant pixelation in the screen during their portraits. Most recently I noticed this with Filia’s...