• [2018/06/22]
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  1. B

    Bug - Normal Annie—Model Leader Visuals Glitches—SGM

    I noticed this bug while playing PFs, and I thought maybe it had been either my graphic settings or something, but the ocean textures on Annie’s sword and moves were showing up on the gallery and the training modes. Idk if it’s just the PFS specifically or ??? It also managed to somewhat fix...
  2. Poyo1

    (Question) is MEANER. BETTER. FASTER. STRONGER (master) even possible?

    Hello, new here and I have a genuine question, how am I supposed to beat master if I’ve done every strategy known to man. more specifically the 3rd level, where 3 foes are able to revive after death and even if you’re winning the game unfairly puts you on doom and there is NO way around this...
  3. Van_Bob

    Very easy guide

    Для damage diler Атака Проницание Крит - Defense Броня Сопротивление Бонус к стихиям. - P.s Понравился гайд который вам сразу же поможет нагибать всем то ставьте (класс)
  4. E

    Bug - Normal I cant access the shop

    I play Skullgirls Mobile and i cant seem to access the shop no matter what i do. Is there any limitations? Please help me!
  5. S


    Medici tower, new mode 100 level tower called The Medici Tower you fight stages that get stronger with each level (that increase in attack modifier ) Medici theme. Resets once per month and gives rewards on every 5th and 10th floor. Medici tower
  6. Erick Draves

    What smartphone do you use/recomend to play SGM?

    I have been playing SGM for over 2 years, and the contract payment of my phone is almost over!!, So I have been thinking about buying a new one. So, I have also been wondering about what kind of smartphone do you use to play MGS.... (Hahahahahaha, sorry, many years of playing that other...
  7. XxViolettaxX

    Pull Rates for The Characters Themselves?

    Before we start, NO THIS IS NOT RELIC RARITY ODDS. Hey guys, Violetta here with my first post. I haven't seen anybody else make a post about this (maybe I'm just blind) so i decided to make this post on this topic myself. I want to know if anybody knows what the actual pull rates for the...
  8. N

    Stolen phone

    Hello guys, so I play Skullgirls mobile but someone stole my phone so I'm holding until I get a new one, what bothers me is that I had a lot of gold characters and I'm afraid to lose my progress in the game, it was associated with my Facebook account, so do you think I will be able to keep it...
  9. OozyGamer

    Double Basic to Advanced Combos

    I know it's been a while but I recently ran into some issues in regards to my PC. Anyways, here's another video demonstrating some basic to advanced combos for Double utilizing her most optimal special moves and blockbusters.
  10. OozyGamer

    Remove Prize Fight Golds from Relics (EDITED)

    Around some time yesterday I made this post with a petition stating as to why they should remove Prize Fight Golds from relics. However, I did not provide any effective reasoning for it, and that's what this edit is for; to provide some effective reasoning as to why I feel the way I do about...
  11. OozyGamer

    The only Cerebella combo you'll need

    "Let's nerf Paraste Weave" (Full credit goes to ImaiKari for discovering this "optimal combo")
  12. OozyGamer

    Parasoul Basic to Advanced Combo

    Decided to make another video this time demonstrating some basic to advanced combos using Parasoul, while utilizing most of her special moves and Blockbusters
  13. KillInvestor

    When add a Double?

    In a computer game, Double, my favorite character. Please tell me how soon will add the mobile version of this hero?
  14. P

    Prize fight feels unfair

    I love the game, and have been playing since launch. That said in prize fight I do get quite annoyed that once you reach a certain difficulty you really have no chance to win. The enemies will get inblockable moves basically guaranteed around 5k+ and the higher you go the higher the chance of...