• [2018/06/22]
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  1. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Model Leader + Dead of Winter (opponent)

    If a Squigly revives after killing an Annie, she revives with 4 stacks of armor. Is this a bug or a coincidence due to timing?
  2. C

    Should I evolve my Purrfect Dark or Bio-exorcist to Dia?

    I like both of them and I have enough essences to evolve either of them. I don't know which to evolve. On one hand, Purrfect Dark definitely needs ATK invesment, while bio-exorcist doesn't really. On the other hand, I use Bio-exorcist as a defensive variant in my rift base, plus I think she's...
  3. S

    Bug - Normal 3 issues i've found

    First one i've found is in Cerebella's master level daily event. It has a "Get a grip" effect and makes all throws deal no damage. But some Squigly and Filia blockbusters deal no damage too cuz of this effect. Idk if this is a feature or a bug. Another issue is with the russian translation of...
  4. P

    Ashes to Ashes & Center Stage.

    These 2 moves are considered squigly's worst moves for different reasons. Ashes doesn't combo at all and the only safe use-case for it as as a combo finisher, but there are way more better options for that. Aswell it inflicts wither which squigly can already inflict with opera and inferno, and...
  5. BallotBoxer

    "Gang Green" - Strategy & Discussion

    GANG GREEN SQUIGLY Element: Air Variant: Silver Palette: Gum (Jet Set Radio) (palette #19) First Appearance: 4.5 (December 2020) Twitter Demo: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1328866370201718786 Signature Ability DEATH ROLL Squigly gains BLOCKBUSTER METER equal to 3% of her MOVE SPEED...
  6. Felix Alvarez

    Other Squigly daily event

    Hello, my name is Felix. I'm a fan of both games Skullgirls 2nd encore and Skullgirls mobile. Youre doung a very good job supporting mobile game and as every single fan we hope some day to have a future Skullgirls 3. However I just want to ask you something in some way as a customer complain...
  7. VictuTheNewb

    Resolved Softlocked because of Dead of The Winter

    I was able to kill the last teammate of a Dead of The Winter Squigly a milisecond before she ressurected. Cerebella standed in the victory pose and the victory screen froze. I can't do anything because no user interface is being shown. Please help. Bug ocurred during christmas prize fight at 2...
  8. Gabryael

    Bug - Normal Dead of Winter's Arrival/Start bug

    Squigly Dead of Winter has a bug when she cames in the fight, she repeats her animation. Here it is: Version: 4.0.2
  9. BladeGuy9

    Squigly: Thrill Shrieker SA2

    So I bought some Halloween Relic packs and ended up being lucky enough to pull a Thrill Shrieker. I was ecstatic and was able to max out her skill tree. But one thing I'm curious about is her SA2 comboing with Basso Buffo... in that it doesn't? Basso Buffo forces a tag out, which is how Thrill...
  10. fanghoul

    Plot Twisted Squigly

    Another interesting preview https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1185748576669855744?s=20 Quote is from Alice in Wonderland, but she's not the Disney Alice. I think it might be American McGee's Alice? It looks like her SA auto-revives her with 50% life, 5 stacks of thorns and around 500% her...
  11. E

    Bug - Normal Squigly special move.

    Tapping to use a special move in the air, canceling the use, and carrying the wirm's tail, the canceled blow recharges. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ahb5hBJcpPFPuMFj3wLNA1vuYkDHKA?e=KBbqeK
  12. MatDestruction

    Bug - Normal Squigly's charge attack command

    Right now, there's an annoying bug where when you try to defend (pressing 2 fingers at the screen) the character will sometimes, instead of blocking, will prepare a Charge Attack. I've seen this happen quite often when playing Squigly (might happen with other fighters), and I am not sure on how...
  13. Arkantos

    Bug - Normal Bio-Exorcist's ability no longer works

    Title says it all. I was just battling in 'A Head of the Game' with my fully powered Bio-Exorcist Squigly. She was fully charged, and at no point was she inflicted with Hex. Yet, three times, she was killed in battle instead of reviving with 50% health like she was supposed to. I had to revive...
  14. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Squigly´s WYRM'S TAIL Camera buggy

    Hey! hello everyone in HVS!! I have notice that now, when you use Squigly´s WYRM'S TAIL when you just defeated an enemy, camera moves or something, and squigly stops storing Dragon Charges, and you have to press it quickly again, or make some time latter for ti because the other enemy is...
  15. S

    Bug - Normal Squigly's ground combo problem

    When I start a first combo of a game(without back dashing, charging or getting hitstun), then squigly's ground basic combo upgrade does not works for this whole combo. Same issue is always in training room. my phone is galaxy Note 9
  16. D

    Resolved Squigly Nearly Departed Bug of 2° Skill

    When Squigly loses more than 50% of her health, she does not revive her peers, only leaving the first skill available.
  17. M

    Resolved Sad Zombie

    IOS user Is it me or has Squigly started missing a lot? It seems like some of her moves in her combo chains hit farther out than some, especially the early hits, so the enemy is pushed too far away to continue the combo. They retaliate and I get stomped. I’ve lost a few fights this way.
  18. Erick Draves

    Squigly Store Relics mecanics douth?

    Are the store relics pack 10+1 (and another)? Hello! I buyed a special pack in the store today and I thought they were 10+1 relics, and, nope. They Opened first 10, and then 2... If they are not and I missed that point, well, can't be helped, and even if I think they should be 11+1... Weeeell...
  19. theLoneskull

    The Night of The Ghoul...

    Introducing Squigly: To play Squigly requires you to find openings for attack. Instead of falling back on her base stats, Squigly players have to use the character ability and signature abilities to take advantage of openings to opponents leave and be precise with timing in order to maximize...
  20. NinjaPenguin76

    Squig-Lee: Return of the Draugen (Advanced Combos Video-Guide)

    Howdy everyone ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ (Skip to the red text if you don't care about context and just wanna see the combos lol. It should be noted that these aren't meant to be implied as best combos or what you should even necessarily do, but rather examples of what you could do and why you might...