• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Oberisuk

    Post Your Squigly and Ms. Fortune Movesets.

    I just recently got Gold pulls for both Squigly and Ms. Fortune, but I have no idea what moves I should be using for them. I had been going off of user "moisterrific"'s tier list for the other characters, but they haven't been posting lately. So if anyone could post what they use on these...
  2. L

    Bug - Normal Inferno of Leviathan vanishes too soon

    If it doesn’t hit on the first come back, Inferno of Leviathan simply disappears. I know you guys wanted to fix a bug that made the move stay on the background, looping until the match ends but it seems like you put a worse one in the game (unless this was an intentional, cruel nerf on Squigly...
  3. Gamma Ray

    Bug - Normal Cancellation Flea Activating During Wyrm Tail

    This bug should be pretty easy to reproduce. When you use Wyrm Tail during MF's master tier event daily, it activates Cencellation Flea automatically despite the text stating that it should only proc during special moves or blockbusters. Any squigly procs this, and you simply need to perform...
  4. cappatacus

    Inferno Of Leviathan

    Does anyone know the best way to use inferno of Leviathan? There's always the hit or miss chance that the opponent just blocks when I use it. I tried waiting till a certain number of hits in my jab, but the results didn't come back the same every time. Is it a matter of who the opponent is and...
  5. S

    Bug - Normal Bio Exorcist SA Bug

    iPhone X iOS 11.4.1 I posted this on discord and the devs have responded, but I figured I'd do so here as well. While using Bio Exorcist in Gold prize fights (both Bella and Ms Fortune) after the 2.6.0 update, her Signature Ability which allows her to res by stealing X% health from team...
  6. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Parasoul and The Invisible Zombie

    So, the first fight of the first section of No Shelter--Expert. I try and do a ground combo with my Heavy Reign against the opposing Bio Exorcist, which worked as normal, but upon trying a grab...well... Yeah, that happened. Squigly shrinks down to a little clump of pixels, totally untouchable...
  7. L

    Squigly Silver Chord unflinching glitch

    Ok, I have just experienced this twice in last couple minutes. If you get hit during Silver Chord animation with Scarred Stiff Squigly (and possibly with others too) with unflinching buff Squigly gets locked in that animation and can’t do anything until get hit after the buff ends. I...
  8. cappatacus

    Is Bio Exorcist Even Good?

    I don't have one myself, but in my pf experiences, I'm excited to see her on a defense team. Her drain isn't terrible, but it's never seemed to make the difference between a win or loss. What really seems to kill her usefulness to me is the second part of her SA, where she drains hp from her...
  9. Amanita

    Bug - Normal Squigly Frozen in Ground Attack After Enemy Used Battle Opera

    Hi everyone! I tried searching previous threads and it didn’t seem that anyone else reported this, so I decided to make a post! I am using an iPad Pro running version 11.2.5 iOS. I was using my Poltergust Squigly against another Poltergust Squigly in the Daily Fight mode. I charged Wyrm’s Tail...
  10. OozyGamer

    Remove Prize Fight Golds from Relics (EDITED)

    Around some time yesterday I made this post with a petition stating as to why they should remove Prize Fight Golds from relics. However, I did not provide any effective reasoning for it, and that's what this edit is for; to provide some effective reasoning as to why I feel the way I do about...
  11. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Squigly Tombstone Bug

    Similar to how Squigly would revive herself and proceed to try and fight me after the round is already over, it seems her tombstone is a tad rambunctious, as well. Though, I think this makes enough sense; the Parasoul that the tombstone seems to want to back away from was the last enemy to be...
  12. Inked

    Bug - Normal Squigly takes no damage in elemental prize fight

    iPhone 6S IOS 11.3.1 the title says it all, really, but i’ll explain anyways. i was playing the water elemental prize fight earlier when i came across this bug. i was playing against a team that had a Dead of Winter Squigly, which i defeated first. before defeating the second member of the team...
  13. Gamma Ray

    Bug - Crash Squigly End Match Soft Crash Bug

    When utilizing Inferno of Leviathan to finish off a match, if you prime Rage of the Dragon afterwards Squigly will simply float to the other end of the screen and the match screen will not show up. This will not affect one's win streak but it is annoying to have to restart the game when priming...
  14. A

    Bug - Normal Squigly silver chord freezing bug

    when i was playing on story mode, the game frozen when enemy bigband's bb3 and my squigly's silver chord was used at the same time. it seems that unstoppable bb3's code mechanism and silver chord's CC is conflicting.
  15. Octovalley (Q)

    Is Squigly still locked from Premiere Relics?

    Can’t find any news about an unlock. Please provide as much info as you can, including info about Shard to Get, Silver Lining, etc. I just got a StG and I’m wondering if it’s worth holding onto for the squiggy chance.
  16. A

    questions for squigly special moves & usage of theonite

    hello, i'm noob player, who just get started 1 weeks ago. i got 'dead of winter squigly' from 1st anniversary gift relic, and now i'm curious about her SA. her SA says that when she get some armor, she deals 150% more damage. is there any special moves or blockbusters of squigly that gives...
  17. MatDestruction

    Bug - Normal Inferno of Leviathan vs. Windstep

    So I was fighting with my Squigly Bio-exorcist in the Prize Fights, all was normal before I used the Blockbuster-2 "Inferno of Leviathan" against a Windstep Fillia. The projectile was considered dodged, however it didn't vanished, insted it was stuck in the cenario still trying to hit the enemy...
  18. Bryan

    Bio-Excorcist SA is technically heavy bleed?

    When i was playing casket match i realised that the modifier went off even though the opponent did not have any debuffs on them when i was playing bio with her ability.I also noticed that when i was fighting bloodbath eliza she was constantly regaining health when i was fighting her with bio and...
  19. Shawesome

    Resolved 0:0?

    Ever since I finally got some of her moves, this has been nagging at me. There’s a {0:0} {1}. I have never seen this before, on any move. This includes the one’s of hers I have.
  20. cappatacus

    Squigly PF scores

    Just wondering what everyone's gold pf scores are rn, to see how I'm doing. I stand around 5.5 million, I didn't get to do too much yesterday