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I couldn't help myself when I learned that a portrait of Maya existed in the files of Skullgirls and seeing how Annie carries around a rabbit and also has strong connections to celestial bodies (The Moon in Maya's case)
Maya Amano and Mr. Bunbun
Variant Name: Moonchild

I'm thinking of creating one for Crono from Chrono Trigger and maybe Cutie Honey. (I swear if Annie doesn't have more magical girl references)


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I don't know if the suggestions are still open, but I had these already done and wanted to show them ;v;

Pokemon Black and White
Annie: Iris
Sagan: axew
93 sin título_20200818134522.png

Powerpuff girls z
Annie: Bubbles / Miyako Gotokuji
Sagan: octi
93 sin título_20200818131730.png
Hola de nuevo a todos, había dejado este hilo porque ya no tenía ideas, pero recientemente descubrí un creador de tarjetas en Internet y decidí actualizar la paleta de colores que había hecho con los kanroji mitsuri de Annie y aquí está la tarjeta (dibujé un sprite de los videos taquilleros de Annie, pero como no sé dibujar muy bien en digital, así es como me quedo, así que esto es solo un boceto mío), espero que les guste.

Mitsuri Kanroji Annie Card.png
I know many ppl made Peko buuuuuut evfyoawuebgfuoawbrgoublhrg need her

Annie as Pekoyama Peko and Sagan as Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko
Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Annie as Yonaka Kurai and Sagan as Defected Mogeko
Mogeko Castle
Hey, I saw a lot of amazing ideas for Annie's palletes! And I have some ideas, too!
Bloom and Kiko (Winx Club - Believix transformation)
Anna and Olaf (Frozen, since we have Squigly as Elsa)
Ms. Fortune and Minette (really don't sure about this)
Instagram and Whatsapp/Facebook (apps, idk realy what to write else)
Sun and Moon (like real space objects)
Pride and Straight Ally flags
Okay, that's all, folks!
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I'm shocked that Rosalina and Luma wasn't chosen as a pallet option. It seemed like such an obvious choice but maybe that's just me, or maybe it's a potential copyright issue. (But then again, Link seems like a bigger copyright problem and that palette flew). Anyone else feel the same way? What palette do you think should have been chosen but wasn't? (Maybe they'll put it into 2E)
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I'm most likely late to this thread, but I really wanted to do this too (and get a contribution in-game as well), so I did some! 2nd Encore has more potential slots, though, so these will probably go there instead (unless SGM pulls out more slots)! Anyways, here they are!
1. Shiki Ryougi and a regular White Bunny Sagan (Kara no Kyoukai)
2. Jolyne Kujo and Stone Free Sagan (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 6 - Stone Ocean)
3. Jean Pierre Polnareff and Silver Chariot Requiem Sagan (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 5 - Golden Wind)
[This was inspired by a comment in an Annie color palette thread in r/Skullgirls, forgot who exactly, but your idea is now eternalized! I'd also wanna thank them for inspiring me to do the Jolyne Annie above!]
4. Linne and Kuu Sagan (Under Night In-Birth series)
5. Nanase (Under Night In-Birth series)
6. Hiyori Asahina and Sagan as Hibiya's Hiyori doll w/ her sword being in the colors of "Kagerou Daze" (Kagerou Project)
7. Soji Mitsuka [Female] and the Male Counterpart as Sagan (Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!!)

EDIT: I did more!
8. Marie and Velvet Room Sagan (Persona 4: Golden)
9. Momo Kisaragi and Sagan as Shintaro Kisaragi (Kagerou Project)
10. Hibiya Amamiya and Hiyori Doll Sagan [sword colors are switched around to parallel Hiyori Annie] (Kagerou Project)
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I did 5 more, meaning more ideas! (To be honest, I just no-brained about most of these, hope these are palette-worthy, though!)

1. Ene and Konoha Sagan (Kagerou Project)

2. Shiki Misaki and Mr. Mew Sagan (The World Ends With You)

3. Nagi (NEO: The World Ends With You)

4. Rey Skywalker (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

5. Akatsuki and Blitztank Sagan (Akatsuki Blitzkampf) [one of my other favorite ones I did]
Final set I'll be doing for custom colors! I went beyond the stars for these ones!
1. Rock Howard and Garou Terry Bogard Sagan (Garou: Mark of the Wolves)
2. Jonathan Joestar with Luck and Pluck, and Speedwagon Sagan (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 1 - Phantom Blood)
3. Persona 3 Protagonist [Makoto Yuki] and Orpheus Sagan (Persona 3)
4. Diluc and Pyrokinetic Sagan (Genshin Impact)
5. Kaeya and Cryokinetic Sagan (Genshin Impact)
6. Colors based off of the girl and bunny plush in "Anoyo-iki no Bus ni Notte Saraba" MV (TUYU) [TW: Suicide and depression mentions in MV] [but the aesthetic colors are really good]

EDIT: I lied I did more to max it to 10 on this post. Anyways, let's hype up for her arrival in 2nd Encore!

7. Arifureta Miku Hatsune and Aimaina Sagan (Common World Domination PV)
8. Casual Roxas [wielding Two Become One Keyblade] and Org. XIII-themed Sagan (Kingdom Hearts)
9. Lightning Farron [Guardian Corps Garb] and Rose Pink Sagan (Final Fantasy XIII)
10. Tari and Limited Edition Gaming Duck Sagan (Meta Runner)
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how about cloud? colours a bit off but its still good


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I lied, one more, I'm having too much fun with this
Black Rock Shooter and Rock Cannon Sagan (Black Rock☆Shooter)
> This color technically compliments Poltergust Squigly (a.k.a. Dead Master palette), so that's a bonus!
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Connie Maheswaran and Lion (Steven Universe)


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