• [2018/06/22]
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prize fight

  1. Flamerick

    Fights Prize Defense

    This is really ussual in other Mobile Games ; but just the idea. How about a reward for Succes Defense of your team in Prize Fights? I mean, you can say "I want my team in bronze/silver/gold to be this 3", then if they won i get a 50% reward of a normal win to the Prize Fight :). (or something...
  2. T

    Resolved No rewards received from Valentine's Gold Prize Fight

    Multiple users on this thread (myself included): http://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/glitch-7-5-mil-didnt-get-the-event-rewards-on-valentine-pf-gold-12-25-12-28.2443/#post-10994 have received no rewards for Valentine's Gold PF (25/12/2017 - 27/12/2017) even though the scores were in the...
  3. Bannou Neko

    Glitch? 7.5 mil didn't get the event rewards on Valentine PF "Gold"(12/25-12/28)?

    I work hard on this event, play 10~15 hrs per day on silver PF and gold PF!(really want get a gold Valentine) I reach 7.5 million on Valentine 's Gold PF (12/25-12/28), but I didn't get any event rewards mail ! I did get Valentine PF "Silver" (score 1026814) 1%~10% event rewards. Is it a glitch...
  4. Luke

    Resolved STREAK BREAKING crashes (edit i updated to ios 11)

    This is not ok! Ipad air 1, IOS 10 I have crashed in midfight, finish screen and enemy team selection that when logged back in my prize fight streak is ZERO. I can understand the midfight and finish screen crash to reset my streak and I have to admit bad luck. But what is with enemy team...
  5. J

    Fights Prize fight no reward error

    anyone else getting an issue of getting over 1.7 million points in gold prize fights and not getting the rank percentage rewards? It just happened to me September 2-3 for the parasoul prize fights. I didn't get any reward.
  6. BrolaireOfAsstora

    Big Band's beatdown is broken?

    They screwed up this week by making the modifier combomancer. For those who don't know, it says that you get a 5% damage bonus with each combo hit. What I'd like to know is if Epic Sax big band's skill gets a boost from this as well. If so, is he now the objective best for this event?
  7. BrolaireOfAsstora

    How to Improve Scores in Prize Fights?

    I'm able to score upward of 1 mil usually, but then I see scores upwards of 21 mil on here. How do I reach that rank, or even just pass 2 mil?
  8. FuchsiaFinesse

    Other Suggestion to show prize fight streak/multiplier without having to start a match

    Hi there, this will be my first forum post so sorry if I get any formatting/etc wrong. This is a relatively minor issue but I feel that overall it'd greatly increase the quality of life for the player I would like to suggest adding an indicator of your current streak/multiplier in prize fight...
  9. Shenbet

    Other Quick Play and the Complete Removal of the Mode

    Quick Play was a game mode that served the purpose of two things. First off, to me it was meant for having fun. If you didn't wanna progress the story (or couldn't and had to grind that one character you couldn't get XP for) then you could just hop into Quick Play and get a random team to...