• [2018/06/22]
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prize fight

  1. Qrron

    Bug - Normal Only 2 defense fighter slots in medici crime spree. Also won’t let me play

    I was planning to post images but I do not know how. Can anyone help?
  2. bilinos

    How much points do I approximately need to get 10% on the current Ring of Fire prize fight?

    Well, the title says it all. Approximately how much?
  3. BallotBoxer

    Fireworks Show Prize Fight

    4th of July Fireworks Show Prize Fight 7/1 - 7/5 FIREWORKS SHOW Milestone Rewards 25,000 = 10 Theonite 5,000 Canopy Coins 50,000 = 20 Theonite 7,500 Canopy Coins 100,000 = 30 Theonite 11,250 Canopy Coins 325,000 = 40 Theonite 17,000 Canopy Coins 1 Revolutionary Relic 800,000 = 50 Theonite...
  4. M

    Fights Prize fight marquee visibility

    It’s always a little frustrating that when going into prize fights you can see which characters have their marquee unlocked in the opponent select screen, but when you move onto the team select screen you can’t tell anymore. My brain’s not gonna remember everything, and I’ve had times when...
  5. Hall☆weenQueen

    Fights PF Boss battle suggestion

    What if we had a boss battle in PF where after a certain number of streaks (say every 30 or every 20) there would be an optional boss battle which would give you extra points if you win? I think Marie would be fun but I understand it would be difficult to make her work in mobile. Perhaps you...
  6. StrongestAntiMETA

    Fights New PF rewards for top10

    PF rewards that will encourage players to play like there's an event. We all know that players are playing more if there's an event cause of the rewards. Then, we have PFs with top10 rewards that aren't too far from the top10% rewards. Hence, players aren't too motivated to fight for higher...
  7. BallotBoxer

    Cinco de Mayo - ¡Viva la Fiesta! Prize Fight

    CINCO DE MAYO ¡VIVA LA FIESTA! Prize Fight 5/2 - 5/5 ¡VIVA LA FIESTA! Milestone Rewards 25,000 = 10 Theonite 5,000 Canopy Coins 50,000 = 20 Theonite 7,500 Canopy Coins 100,000 = 30 Theonite 11,250 Canopy Coins 325,000 = 40 Theonite 17,000 Canopy Coins 1 Bandera Relic 800,000 = 50 Theonite...
  8. S


    Medici tower, new mode 100 level tower called The Medici Tower you fight stages that get stronger with each level (that increase in attack modifier ) Medici theme. Resets once per month and gives rewards on every 5th and 10th floor. Medici tower
  9. S

    Other What needs help ?

    Hi consider me a voice of the in game chat people . I have a lot of suggestions to add so I won’t waste your time. how come players like me and you vie for fighters as the best part of this game and after we finally are rewarded with golds and diamonds were bombarded with having to re run...
  10. BallotBoxer

    St. Patrick's Day Prize Fight - Craic Some Heads

    Once a tiny one-day prize fight, the St. Patrick's Day prize fight, Craic Some Heads, has gotten the same super upgrade the Valentine's Day prize fight got: 4 days duration and a 100 million milestone reward track. CRAIC SOME HEADS Milestone Rewards 25,000 = 10 Theonite 10,000 Canopy Coins...
  11. M

    Prize fighter defense order

    I’ve been playing for years but I’ve never been able to figure out what order my defense team is in when an opponent selects my team to fight against. When I select “defense” on the fight screen, my fighters appear in the order I see them when I go up to fight. However in the prize fight page...
  12. G

    Other Daily Login Rewards, Medici PF two suggestions

    Hello lovely people, today I'm coming at you with two suggestions I'd like to hear a public opinion about. First for the daily rewards, I like the revamp that they've given to the daily login rewards, I also like that it's only 24 rewards so that it's easy for even casual players to get all the...
  13. BallotBoxer

    Season's Beatings 2019

    MILESTONE REWARDS 20 tier rewards track: 25k = 10 Rift Coins 5 Theonite 5,000 Canopy Coins 50k = 14 Rift Coins 7 Theonite 7,000 Canopy Coins 100k = 20 Rift Coins 10 Theonite 10,000 Canopy Coins 325k = 26 Rift Coins 13 Theonite 13,000 Canopy Coins Ornamental Relic 800k = 34 Rift Coins 17...
  14. G

    Fights New Character PF Tier

    Hello dear readers, I was thinking about a new character prize fight tier. As of now we have Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Tier I would like to suggest would be Diamond, it would have a new modifier, restrictions to only use diamonds and the rewards for milestones would be theo, coins, skill...
  15. Pit Frango

    Bug - Normal valentine killjoy does not resurrect dead comrades with his SA2

    so I played a game of Prize Fights ... on my team I used Valentine Killjoy, Double Xenomorph and Valentine Surgeon General .... when only killjoy left I let her die to recover my other two characters but to my surprise no resurrected nobody ... and I ended up losing the match ... already...
  16. M

    Character Prize Fight Order

    Does anyone know the order of each character specific prize fight and how long each prize fight lasts for
  17. Gamma Ray

    Double Trouble - Beginner Tricks and Tips for Double

    I hope everyone has been enjoying the game as of late. One of the things I have failed to do in quite some time is provide readable content for players to utilize. In this case, I wish to help players by focusing on some beginning notes for my favorite character in the game, Double. Here we...
  18. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Prize Fight defense not showing opponent names

    iPhone 8 iOS 12.3.1 Game version 3.3.0 Was claiming defense points for the “High Wire Hijinks” PF, and noticed for each tier that there were battles that did not record the opponent names, fighters, or even my own fighters. Doesn’t appear to be a case of cheating since on of the battles ended...
  19. bestsuperblox65

    Resolved Relic/Prize Fight order?

    What is the order of the Relics in the store? I'm desperate for Ms. Fortunes and wondering if I should even wait for the cat's relics.
  20. S

    BB3 Activation on Tag-In (Via Death)

    For a bit of backstory, I was in a pretty high streak Prize Fight against most likely maxed out fighters. The Diamond Poltergeist Squiggly I'm fighting traps me with the Inferno of Leviathan BB2, and Battle Opera BB1 forcing to block. She grabs, I break out, but can't do anything to prevent...