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First time trying the palette editor (always used photoshop before lol)

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Since Blue Streak and Rose Tinted are a thing...



Gain 1 stack of THORNS and ARMOR for 9 seconds for every 4/3/2 seconds while near an opponent.​
Inflict CURSE and remove one opponent BUFF after every 4/3/2 seconds while the opponent is near Ms. Fortune's head or a defeated teammate's body. Curse is removed if the opponent steps away from either one.

This one is based on Blaze the Cat from the Sonic series! Only a Silver because there's Fire Gold and Diamond variants already. First SA is supposed to represent her being on fire hence the thorns for hurting. Second one I picture as defeated enemies --or the field if you want to imagine it that way-- being ablaze and the heat tiring you out.

Did you know that gato is cat in Spanish? Double the pun, double the pain. Fire woman, you're to blame...
Mediocre attempt at making a Marie character card but oh well....
Name: Jackal Lantern
Fighter: Marie
Element: Air/Wind/Natural
"It looks like she has fallen for me."
SA: Bonding Moment
1: If Marie or her opponent gets knocked over, inflict 1/2/3 stack of SLOW and gain IMMUNITY for 5/10/15 seconds.
2: If opponent suffers 5/4/3 or more stacks of SLOW, inflict permanent HEAVY BLEED and gain HEAVY REGEN, remove all BUFFS and DEBUFFS when Marie or her Opponent uses a Tier 3 Blockbuster, inflict stun for 5/7/10 seconds after a Tier 3 blockbuster is used.

Reference: Carla the Jackal - 007 Agent Under Fire.
p.s: PLEASE ignore the fact her skin looks so ashy 😭
download (8).png

"I can't even give them the happy ending i promised..."

SA: Last Chance

SA1: Gain one stack of enrage and barrier per 15% Hp lose. While benefitting from enrage, attacks have 15% chance to drain blockbuster meter

SA2: When Annie defeated, the next fighting ally will received 35%/50%/70% blockbuster meter and 3/4/5 stacks of each Blessing and Enrage. After the fighting ally defeated, the last fighting ally will received 3/4/5 stacks of Thorn as well as Last Stand for 30 seconds
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download (1).pngBigBand_Megasonic.pngBigBand_Beatbox.png
This funny guy is very funny.
Cool 5th tier frame and character idea. Opal, or, Skullmetal.
Tried to make him look like Gaster but a bit from the old cartoon detective movies. Looks cool, but not exactly what I was expecting (worse than imagined).
Koishi Komeiji
Signature abillity: Forgotten third eye
1: When Umbrella is far from the enemy, every 5/4/3 seconds gains EVASION and PRECISION
2: After EVADING, Umbrella gains MIASMA and a HASTE for 7/10/12 seconds
Satori Komeiji
Signature Ability: Copying everything
1: 50/75/100% chance to copy Signature Ability of active opponent
2: MIRROR 2 opponent BUFFS every 30/25/20 combo hits.


"Spread my feathers!"

Peacock's non-existent palette
(Argos / Félix Fathom de Vanily, from Miraculous Ladybug)


(SA1) While Peacock is alive, and no ally is benefiting from a PSEUDOBUFF, all allies have a 50/75/100% chance of gaining permanent BARRIER and permanent PSEUDOBUFF when TAGGING IN (it disappears when the ally loses the BARRIER)

(SA2) Allies benefiting from PSEUDOBUFF gain a set of 1/2/3 permanent BUFFS determined by their element (all the buffs disappear when PSEUDOBUFF is lost)


View attachment 20001

PSEUDOBUFF: It's a modifier identified as a buff, but doesn't have any effect by itself. Useful for triggering some Signature Abilities in a controlled way.
310 Sem Título_20230721031826.png
306 Sem Título_20230717172224.png
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Ichirin Kumoi and Unzan
Signature Ability: Buddhist Faith
1: All Blockbuster or Special Move HITS have a 30/40/50% chance to gain ENRAGE, HASTE and DEADEYE for 5/7/10 seconds
2: Every 30/25/20 seconds she grants 3 random BUFFS to all teammates for 10 seconds.
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Persona 3 hours baby!

download (54).png
Reference: Fuuka

Abillity: Enemy Analysis
- Teammates gain an additional 25%/35%/50% ELEMENTAL advantage.

- Teammates inflict HEX and DEATH MARK for 4/5/6 seconds each every 10 seconds facing the same opponent.

download (50).png
Reference: Female Protagonist

Abillity: Total Wipeout
• Gain DEADEYE and 2 stacks of ENRAGE after 20/15/10 seconds facing the same opponent.

• Opponents TAG-IN with 15%/20%/25% less max HEALTH for each of their defeated teammates.

download (52).png
Reference: Male Protagonist

Ability: Mass Destruction
• All teammates gain 15%/20%/25% BLOCKBUSTER meter when knocking down the opponent.

• All TIER 3 BLOCKBUSTERS deal 25%/35%/50% bonus damage for each living teammate, with 15% of the damage inflicted applied onto the opponents teammates.

Edit: re-tweaked the cards and some aspects of the palettes (old cards below)
download (46).pngdownload (47).pngdownload (48).png
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download (10).png

"You can't defeat me Bruh! I have the power of God and Anime on my side!"

SA: Memelord Epicness

SA1: Start the match with 1/2/3 stacks of permanent Armor, Final Stand and Blessing for 30 seconds. Suffering a HIT while benefitting from Armor will inflict random debuff(s) for 12 seconds each.

SA2: Gain PRECISION every 10 Hits. PRECISION hits will grant random buff(s) for 10 seconds each. When using BLOCKBUSTER, have a 35% chance to convert buff(s) into permanent Enrage, Thorn or Regen while converting enemy's debuff(s) into permanent BLEED, CURSE and HEAL BLOCK.
made some palettes based off of the roblox game get a snack at 4 am, let me know if you like them!
☆ Umbrella palette based off of Otomachi Una (V6) ☆

☆ Sugar palette ☆• Default, Converted to when going OVERSTUFFED
☆ Spice palette ☆• Converted to when going RAVENOUS

Signature Ability: SUGAR & SPICE
• 20% chance on hit to gain REGEN and inflict WITHER for 4/6/8 seconds each while OVERSTUFFED (also applies on blocked hits).
20% chance when hit to gain THORNS and inflict BLEED for 4/6/8 seconds each while RAVENOUS (also applies on blocked hits).


Quickish one based on King from Tekken. Hype release from another great fighting game!
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Empress Siren from Shantae and the Seven Sirens
"I will live forever and beyond!"
Signature Ability: Restored Power
1: Projectiles have a 15/20/25% chance to steal 20% of the enemy's health and 15/25/35% of the BLOCKBUSTER METER
2: Chance 25/35/50% to gain 3 stacks of ENRAGE, 1/2/3 stacks of ARMOR and AUTO-BLOCK for 10 seconds when any fighter uses a blockbuster
empresssiren.png siren.png
download (11).png
"With my pure heart, i shall devote my life to my duties"

SA: Recovery

SA1: Charging wyrm tail will grant squigly random BUFF(S) lasted for 15 seconds. While benefitting from BUFF(S) each HIT will inflict Heal Block and one stack of each Slime, Slow and Wither for 5/10/15 seconds.

SA2: When squigly defeated, resurrect with 70% of squigly's max HP while gain 1/3/5 stacks of permanent Regen, Blessing and Thorn.
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