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"This is a requiem for a peace in a chaotic dreamscape even if it amplifies their fear requiem for an exercise to extend their amygdala"

SA: Nightmare

SA1: Intercepting a dashing/attacking opponent remove 1/2/3 BUFF(S) and Fukua gain HASTE and BUFF(S) according to opponent's elements.

SA2: While benefitting from HASTE enemy suffer random DEBUFF(S) excluding Stun every 10 hits. If Fukua's health dropped under 50% all attacks are UNBLOCKABLE.
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"Can you truly escapes the nightmares of your past by imitating another's life?"

SA: Metaphor

SA1: Imitates opponents gained BUFF(S) when using a BLOCKBUSTER and extend the duration by 10 seconds.

SA2: When BUFF(S) expired, Filia or a fighting ally gained 10%/12%/15% BLOCKBUSTER meter and a permanent PRECISION.
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"I know this place well, at least i used to"

SA: Memories

SA1: RESSURECTED with 70% of Umbrella's max HP and tags out immediately. Allies tagging in will gain permanent HASTE and 3 stacks of BARRIER and BLESSING.

SA2: Allies benefitting from HASTE will have a 15% chance to inflict Slow and Wither for 7/10/15 seconds while disabling enemy's Special moves and Tags in after 3 seconds suffering from Wither.
Palettes based off of (Telltale) The Walking Dead game

Reference: Lee Everett, protagonist of the first season

Changes when falling below 25% health. Displayed on card while below 3 energy.

Abillity: No Time Left
• Gain UNFLINCHING for 5/7/10 seconds when suffering a CRITICAL hit.
• Once per match when falling below 25% HEALTH, gain permanent FINAL STAND and 1/2/3 stacks of MIASMA for 20 seconds each.

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Reference: Clementine, protagonist/deuteragonist of the main seasons, featuring Hungern as a Walker/Zombie

export202308021628149500.pngdownload (77).png
Palette changes once per defeated teammate. Version displayed on card is determined by its tier.

Abillity: All That Remains
• 50%/75%/100% chance to gain permanent ENRAGE when any teammate is defeated
• Once per match, teammates resurrect with 15% health and 2 stacks of MIASMA after 15/12/10 seconds being defeated.

"It's not about fun. The flames are a part of us. We have to burn in order to live."

Annie's palette #29
(Lio Fotia, from Promare)


(SA1) At the start of the battle, gain permanent ENRAGE. For each active ENRAGE stack, heal 0.5 / 0.75 / 1% health

(SA2) Also grant 1/2/3% BLOCKBUSTER METER for each active ENRAGE stack.



"I'll extinguish you with my burning soul!"

Beowulf's non-existent palette
(Galo Thymos, from Promare)


(SA1) THROWS remove 1 BUFF from the opponent and have 15/20/25% chance of inflicting CRIPPLE for 10 seconds

(SA2) Against FIRE OPPONENTS or opponents suffering from CRIPPLE, SPECIAL MOVES and BLOCKBUSTERS inflict BLEED and WITHER for 5/6/7 seconds


DISCLAIMER: Someone here had already made Galo Beowulf. But, since I had already made Lio Annie months ago and, recently, Galo Beo in a contest, I felt bad for posting just one instead of both. They are kinda cute together. Please, friend that made Galo Beowulf before me, don't be upset with me. 🙏
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descarga (1).pngHello people: D I wanted to share this variant that I made of a character from the video game that I am working on and I would like you to help me so that it can be added to the game

Their skills are

Never give up: Once per fight when you have 20% health you get 3 units of regeneration for 6 seconds and 3 units of permanent rage.

Foul Play: You inflict curse for 12 seconds for every combo of 12
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"Humming a tune while crossing her arms, she has her own unique standards for the guests"

SA: Fog Blades

SA1: While on her side of the field, Valentine gains 1 stack of EVASION and Barrier every 7/5/3 seconds

SA2: Projectile hits while benefitting from barrier will inflict Wither and Slow while disabling opponents TAG-INs and BLOCKBUSTER for 20 seconds (Also apply on blocked hits). When Valentine defeat an opponent suffering from debuff, all ally will receive 35% BLOCKBUSTER meter.
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"Everyone has to find their place in life"


SA1: Reloading after firing the last bullet gain 2/3/5 stack of PRECISION and lightning shots. All shots are UNBLOCKABLE while benefitting from PRECISION and last lightning shot will inflict Stun for 15 seconds

SA2: Once per match, RESURRECT with 50% health and gains permanent HASTE as well as HEAVY REGEN and LAST STAND for 25 seconds
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im back with those "get a snack at 3 am" palettes, i did do these before but i have new palettes and i also pressed send too early before i could add everything. My mistake!

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"I'm trying to sleep and your chewing woke me up."

(reference: Father Figure)

SA: I don't have a name
1: gain 1 STACK of ENRAGE everytime an opponent bounces off a wall
2: While benefiting from ENRAGE, inflict WITHER and FATIGUE for 15 seconds

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"I'm having a party! Do. Not. Forget."

(Reference: Party Person)

SA: also don't have a name
1: teammates gain 1 STACKS of ARMOR every 10% HEALTH lost
2: While benefiting from ARMOR, teammates gain IMMUNITY or UNFLICHING

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"Let me guess, snack? at 4 AM?"

(Reference: The Player, Hungern as Kyu)

1: While hitting less than 50% HEALTH while OVERSTUFFED, gain HASTE and 5 STACKS of THORNS
2: After 20 seconds revive and gain 7 random BUFFS

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"Seems like the data in the game has been corrupted."

(Reference: Dummy)

SA: can't think
1: While at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, 100% of damage is regained as HEALTH.
2: Put 5 random DEBUFFS when the opponent is at an ELEMENTAL DISADVANTAGE.

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"you ever think that we're in a game or something?"

(Reference: The Cashier)

SA: I forgot how all of it went my fault
anyways those were all the palettes i made! sorry i forgot the signature ability names I made the valentine one and the umbrella one a while ago.


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🌸 A couple of palettes based off of Cardcaptor Sakura 🌸
or Cardcaptors alternatively...
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Reference: Sakura Kinomoto

download (80).pngdownload (83).pngdownload (85).pngdownload (80) (1).pngdownload (78).pngdownload (66).pngdownload (88).png
Abillity: Feast of the Seal
• Inflict DISABLE BLOCKBUSTERS, DISABLE SPECIAL MOVES, and DISABLE TAG-INS for 10/12/15 seconds each when trapping the opponent in a BUBBLE.
• While OVERSTUFFED, THROWS have a 25%/35%/50% chance of granting MIASMA for 10 seconds while against an opponent inflicted with any DISABLE effect.

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Reference: Syaoran Li
Abillity: Trump Card
• STAR METER accumulates 50%/100%/200% faster while BLOCKING.
• When activating STAR POWER at full METER, stop time for 5 seconds and gain 25%/35%/50% BLOCKBUSTER METER. Time resumes when ATTACKING the opponent.
Main Hero from Cave Story
Signature Abillity: Killer Robot
1: Gain 2 stacks of ENRAGE for 10/12/15 seconds and inflict 2 stacks of POWER SURGE for 10/12/15 seconds when using TIER 3 BLOCKBUSTER
2: Lightning Shots have a 50/75/100% chance to inflict STUN for 5 seconds and Death Mark for 20 seconds. Also deals 10/15/20% bonus damage for each DEBUFF stack
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Cerebella - Delirium

"Another death... Am I myself now?.. Not yet..."

Collective Consciousness:

Signature Ability 1:

No one can control Cerebella except for Brain Drain. She can revive 1/2/3 times with 33% Health and inflicts STUN for 3 seconds upon her revival. She gains 1 Permanent ENRAGE and inflicts herself with 1 Permanent BLEED per revival and 1 extra Revive when an opponent or ally is defeated when Cerebella is alive.

Signature Ability 2:

She regains control when she has no extra revive. Upon her revival or death, opponent suffers 1/3/5 stacks of GUARD BREAK and DEATH MARK for 10 seconds. With at least 3 stacks of ENRAGE opponent's buffs are constantly transferred to Cerebella and opponent suffers DISABLE BLOCKBUSTERS and DISABLE SPECIALS.

My thoughts: The Anti-Splitting Image

(When used as a DEFENDER: PRECISION/HEX kills just shut her down, she does nothing until she dies once, you can even use Biting Cold or Altar Ego. IMMUNITY is not recommended as she steals your buffs starting from her 3rd revival (Something like Beast King and Stand Out can possibly still counter this) so you will get bombarded with debuffs like STUN immediately)

(When used as an ATTACKER: You can let her go last with two fodders so that she can use 5 Permanent ENRAGE stacks when you regain her control, though she will be suffering from 5 Permanent BLEED, any mistake will kill you. Or just let her go first with a dependable team if you think fight is going to be risky.)

She can be a menace if you are fighting against her last in a 3v1 situation with no counters. As she will have 5 revives (two teammates of her died) or if you are left 1v1 (2 teammates from both sides died) she would have 7 revives. As long as you don't give her the upper hand she can easily be dealt with. On offensive considering she can possibly have 5 Permanent ENRAGE in fights might sound quite OP, but when you are controlling her she will always be at 1% HP by that time due to BLEEDS. Your easiest bet would be Infinite Combo with Merry Go-Rilla and Battle Butt.
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”It’s a princess’s job to lead her kingdom and kick some serious @?!$!”

Queen of KOs
SA1: When Umbrella KOs an opponent, she gains Regen for 5 seconds and 3/4/5 stacks of Precision.
SA2: After KOing the opponent with a Special Move or Blockbuster, Umbrella inflicts with Death Mark, Armor Break, or Guard Break 7/10/12 seconds on the opponent tagging in.

Reference: Princess Charm (Knockout City)
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wolf goddess2.png4446e1ba9b147fed90b9dded7cb5f813-min.jpg
Fukua - Wolf Goddess

"I'm not afraid to die! I'd do anything to get you humans out of my forest!"

Harmony of the Forest:

Signature Ability 1:

Fukua cannot critically hit but all the crit modifiers grant 10/20/30% of their value as ATTACK. When landing a SPECIAL MOVE while far away from the opponent DRAIN 5% of your opponent's total Health. EXCESS HEALTH is converted into BARRIER.

Signature Ability 2:

All healing done by your team increases by 50/75/100% while Fukua is alive. While benefitting from BARRIER she cannot suffer more than 10% HEALTH from a single HIT. BLOCKBUSTERS consume all the BARRIER stacks and deal 20% bonus damage for each stack.

My thoughts:

As a SUPPORT: She can be incredibly useful with many aspects of the game as she buffs many modifiers like MIASMA, REGEN, BLESSING or any other type of revive. She also increases the healing potency of characters like Filia, Fukua and Valentine (Even Treble Maker lol). But she might be hard to protect because she has no means of really protecting herself as a defender support. As there is no real Neutral Catalysts in rift, I don't think she would be a problem.

As a DEFENDER: If you were to see a well-built Wolf Goddess on a high streak in PF, she would shred through your block due to her insanely high ATTACK stat.

As an ATTACKER: Let's do the math. She has the same base stats as Dream Demon. 13,556 ATTACK, and her move stats are presumably pure damage. +75% ATK, +100% total CRIT RATE, +%100 total CRIT DAMAGE and some Piercing. So 200% Total CRIT stats, it converts to +60% ATK, so she would have +135% ATK with this build. 13,556+18.300 = 31,656 ATK. This might sound so high. But don't forget Snake Bite can have more than 30K total ATK with just the move stats and he has an Infinite Combo. Even though Snake Bite has an Infinite Combo, Wolf Goddess makes up for it thanks to her incredible damage potential and utility. She doesn't even need to utilize ranged lobs to get BARRIER, she can do x2 melee lob reset, and that would easily fill up her meter. Then she can use Inevitable Snuggle to consume and regain the BARRIERS. Using a BLOCKBUSTER with 5 Stack of BARRIERS would mean a 5 ENRAGE BLOCKBUSTER.

Being purely CRITLESS and not requiring a whole new loadout can help with many aspects of the game, but probably not with the DON'T POKE THE BUER because Wolf Goddess is quite hard-hitting.
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SA Name: no idea lol

SA1: While Valentine is alive, all teammate's CRITICAL HITS landed from projectiles have a 50% chance to heal 25% of the damage inflicted, and gain ENRAGE for 10/12/15 seconds.

SA2: While Valentine is alive, teammates gain IMMUNITY while benefiting from at least 5/4/3 stacks of ENRAGE.

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SA 1: using blockbuster 3 inflict 180 second permanent doom and 10/15/20 second hex

sa 2: Projectiles reduce doom time for 1/1.5/2 second
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