• [2018/06/22]
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  1. cappatacus

    Prize Fight Cut Offs After 2.2

    I think the question of the minimum requirements for top 10% in pf has been asked a lot, but with this new update I feel like I've been able to earn pts easier and wanted to know where everyone else stands. Back in August, the Eliza top 10% cutoff was about 2.5 mil; rn I have around 6 mil. Note...
  2. Rithore

    Price fight Blood sport

    I would like to know if anyone know the general amount of points needed to either get in the 1-10% tier or the 1-100 tier. (Obviously to get the gold Eliza) I am quite new to any kind of forum so if I do anything wrong or against community guidelines please let me know!
  3. Gamma Ray

    Bug - Crash Soft-Crash Bug - Dead on Arrival

    When fighting in Prize Fights, Graveyard Shift Valentine's Dead on Arrival created a soft crash bug. The timing of the bug occurred when eliminating Scarlet Viper Eliza and then attempting to perform the Blockbuster move as Doublicious Double entered the stage (Still not on screen/Jumping in)...
  4. TonyPartridge30

    Fights Sekhmet and the Show Me Your Moves PF

    I think the Show Me Your Moves PF is interesting. The new modifier that prevents standard attacks from causing damage is a novel idea and really changes up how you think about the fight. But, it doesn't feel unfair because both you and the opponent are affected. However, I've noticed...
  5. M

    Characters Red Velvet Eliza/Hex

    Hex in itself is a good status effect to be able to deal, but for it to be Red Velvets only SA is a bit poor. It basically means when Red Velvet deals hex neither her or the opponent has a signature ability; i.e. levels the playing field. SA’s are supposed to give you an advantage. Suggest that...
  6. T

    Eliza's Throw

    Whenever I use Eliza’s throw attack on a cpu fighter they literally parry it every single time without flaw, I don’t know what’s wrong with it but it happens even when there blocking, I literally played a whole game using the throw as much as possible but none of them connected
  7. Ichabob

    Bug - Normal Eliza getting stuck in sekhmet

    Apple Iphone 7, running IOS 10.3.3 Playing in prize fight and after using Sekhmet, the button to return to Eliza is not there. When I naturally return to Eliza after timing out of Sekhmet, the button reappears for Eliza but does nothing and disappears when becoming Sekhmet again. Have not tried...
  8. Wilhiem

    Any Tips for Eliza?

    I've had Diva Intervention Eliza for a while now, but i basically only use one or two combos with Sekhmet. What are your guy's favorite combos in Sekhmet mode? Also, does buying the unblockable charge attack in the skill tree affect Sekhmet's charge attack too?
  9. FreyRenoir

    Handling dirty business - special move combos

    Hello everyone! Its about time that we discuss handling elizas special moves, as most would have an eliza card by now, along some moves. I want to know how you are setting up your specials to guarantee a hit. I'm handling upper khat, osiris spiral, throne of isis and dive of horus. Its...
  10. Shawesome

    Characters Character Variant Ideas

    I was thinking about something I read where other palettes might be made into variants, and I had a few ideas for some! Only a couple were thought out really well, and some characters were really hard for me to think of (Painwheel only has one and Valentine has none). ?s are things I couldn't...
  11. J8khero

    Eliza Relics are out! Share what you got on them!

    Eliza Relics are finally out in the new update! Show us what you get on your rolls, either if you did 1 roll or 10 + 1 rolls, post it here and make sure you attach it with a picture! For me, on my first roll I got a Bloody Valentine Eliza which is 1 of the 3 new Eliza so that's cool! Hope to...
  12. AFI

    Characters Should Diva Intervention be buffed?

    I really think that Diva Intervention Eliza needs a buff, she's cool and looks good on paper, but Sekhemet mode is just abysmal. Little combo potential, AI blocking every hit, how easy it is to be punished by unavoidable throws. It feels to trash for Bleached Bone to really do anything. I...
  13. AFI

    Eliza advanced combos

    Are there any? I don't think many of any of her blockbusters or specials that can chain together ,but if anyone knows some then that would be great.