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I'm surprised no one (that I know of) thought of this.
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Been a while, here's a bunch of deltarune inspired cards! (I know some people have done stuff like this before, this is my own version) Credits to interestingpost from reddit for the SAs!

Delta Warrior.png

"Don't forget, I'm with you in the dark" Deltarune song

SA: Tension Point

SA1: When blocking gain 5% star power meter per hit
SA2: When using star power at full meter gain 2 stacks of enrage and regen (both removed upon deactivation of star power)

Mean Girl.png

"How would you feel about losing your face?" (Susie)

SA: Rude Buster

SA1: When hitting a attacking or dashing opponent gain one stack of enrage for 7 seconds
SA2: Deal an additional 3% dmg per enrage stack

Fluffy Princess.png

"I hope we can be good friends!" (Ralsei)

SA: Heal Prayer

SA1: When hitting a opponent with a projectile gain a stack of regen for 3 seconds
SA2: When using a level 3 block buster heal 25% hp to every alive team member

Utter Chaos.png


SA: Devilsknife

SA1: When hitting a opponent you have a 20% chance to inflict a random debuff for 10 seconds (excluding doom)
SA2: When getting hit you have a 25% chance to gain a random buff

Killer Queen.png

"I only play mobile games" (Queen)

SA: Acid Barrier

SA1: 30% chance when spawning a tear to gain one stack of miasma and armor for 7 seconds
SA2: Gain 1 stack of barrier for each miasma stack that wears off

Big Shot.png

"Are you watching heaven!? It's time for my comeback special!" (Spamton Neo)

SA: Hyperlink Blocked

SA1: When hitting a opponent with a beam or headrone attack, gain either enrage, regen or armor for 7 seconds
Sa2: When a buff runs out inflict either cripple, bleed of armor break for 7 seconds

Yet Darker.png

"This next experiment will be very, very interesting..." (W.D.Gaster?)

SA: Photon Reading

SA1: When transmuting into the opponent’s elemental inflict 3 debuffs and gain 3 buffs (excluding doom)
SA2: When either fighter is effected by a debuff reduce the enemies blockbuster meter by 1% and gain 1% blockbuster meter every second
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My submission is for the 50th anniversary celebration of Kamen Rider Franchise. For the movie "Kamen Rider Beyond Generations", the fandom has surprised to see TOEI breaking their Anti-Nepotism rules for the confirmation about Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider Ichigo character are performed by Maito Fujioka (Son of the original actor Hiroshi Fujioka), the guy who performed the son of Segata Sanshiro (Also performed by Hiroshi Fujioka), Sega Shiro for SEGA 60th anniversary.
The Squigly color is based in the outfit that Maito used to perform Takeshi Hongo (Leviathan as the belt). It's totally great seeing Maito following his father example.
Squigly Custom Card 02.pngRobo-Fortune Custom Card 01.pngSquigly_SM8_AshesToAshes.pngRoboFortune_BB5_CatastropheCannonOmega.pngmaito_fujioka_official_261881277_877874066264412_7700633059652366776_n.jpgrevicesatsu_579_262535250_617297956387200_1609352925024783410_n.jpgjoefigure28_265285778_111793701229962_4439966292161012061_n.jpg
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"Should've went to Boise."
Robo-fortune as Cleaver from Cook Serve Delicious 3.


download (38).png
"I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere in your game."
Robo-fortune as Kairobot from the Kairosoft series.

download (35).png

"Hey DJ! Come on say yeah, yeah, yeah!"
Annie as Hiroko Akutsu.


Hola esta es An nie representando a Colombia
Habilidad de Cartel
* Produce Furia, Armadura, Ultimo Esterdor a ella y sus aliados de fuego, agua y luz, Ademas por cada aliado vivo Annie tendra 50% de daño adicional
* Produce Rompe guardia y Maldición a oponentes oscuros y de Aire
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Hola este es beowulf Bombarus representando a Rusia
Habilidad de Cartel
* Un Imbloqueable te da 5 de Armadura por 10 segundos
* Todos los Elementos Fuego sufren Lisiado por 30 segundos, cuando Beowulf tenga 50% de vida baja
Fixed! Thanks for spotting them!

Thanks! I wasn't sure if folks would actually want special move templates, but I whipped up a batch just in case!
I'll get around to BBs at some other point!

Do you resognize robot from mighty switch force? Signature Ability: End of Level. Skill 1: When you change a character in your team, each character of your team gets an increase to the blockbuster 15/25/35%, as well as an auto-block for 5/7/10 seconds. In addition, the Robo Fortune gains Enrage and Armor for 5/10/15 seconds every 40/35/30 seconds. 2 skill: When the character of your or the enemy team becomes less than 15/25/35 health, doom is inflicted on the enemy for 60/45/30 seconds. Also, blockbuster blocking and blocking of special moves for 10/12/15 seconds are inflicted


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Signature Abillity: Fake acquittal. Skill 1: Deals 35/50/75% more additional damage to debuffed enemies. If the enemy has positive effects, there is a 15/20/25% chance of damage, which will remove all positive effects from the enemy. Skill 2: Every 25 seconds, the beowulf gains an haste, armor and an auto-block for 5/7/10 seconds. When you try to remove a positive effect from a beowulf, the effect of the positive effect is halved (not removed), and a random negative effect is applied to the enemy for 3/5/7 seconds (except for stun and doom)

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