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Signature abillity: Unicorn Power. Skill 1: When the dragon is charged, there is a 15/25/35% chance to get permanent blessing and immunity for 5/10/15 seconds (After the resurrection, it will not be possible to receive a blessing when the dragon is charged). When you turn on the blessing, all deceased teammates are resurrected. Skill 2: When a Squigly has a permanent blessing, teammates have a 25/35/50% chance when you turn on the blockbuster to get heavy regen for 5/7/10 seconds, and also have a 25/35/50% chance when you turn on a special move to get an haste by 5 / 10/15 seconds


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I'm Back

"I want to sleep"
Fierce Fruit.png


"Lets Take 'em Head on!"
Fire Gaunlets.png

"Can I be the Antagonist?"
Happy Havok.png


"Henshin-A-Go-Go Baby"
Henshin Hero.png

Saint Louis from Azur Lane


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Vocaloid Reference. Signatire abillity: Nostalogic. SA1: Gain 1 positive effect for 7/10/12 seconds when dealing a combo equal to 20/15/10. Also deals 50/75/100% bonus damage vs Idol Threat Filia. SA2: When a blockbuster is turned on, inflict a random negative effect for 7/10/12 seconds for each positive effect (except for stun and doom)


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Also vocaloid reference. Signature Abillity: Magic Mushroom. SA1: When filia receives a fatal hit, she drain 15/20/25 health from each living teamate, and teammates receive 35/50/75% to all blockbusters. Also filia deal to the filia idol threat with 25/35/50% bonus damage and teammates when fighting with her receive 2 lvl of miasm. SA2: When you turn on the blockbuster, there is 35/50/75% to get 3 lvl. enrage and miasm for 3/5/7 seconds and also gets fatigue for 3/5/7 seconds (if you already have 3 lvl enrage and miasm SA2 does not work)


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Was watching too much cartoons lately. Got the inspiration of a royal kind (mostly).
Here's Beowulf as Lord Hater from "Wander Over Yonder" and Eliza as Emperor Kuzco from "Emperor's New Groove".

Без названия (12).png
"What if he flies in at the last second, and shoots us with shrink rays from his eyes that makes us all teeny-tiny?"

Без названия (13).png
"Whoa! Look at those wrinkles. What is holding this woman together? What the..."

A tiny bonus for those, who know about Soviet cartoons. I'm sorry, but Beowulf just asks to have a palette from "Nu, pogodi!".
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Hey, I'm new here but I made a Roxanne Wolf skin for Robo-Fourtune download.png
"Tampering with machinery will result in a suspension in your membership"
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"Worst of the worst... Not worth my time"
Blade Princess.png

"Protector of Alola"
Electro Cluck.png

"I will show you the power of Best Friends"
Traveler Imp.png
"not even ashes will remain"
Sa : frostfires
Sa1 : 5/10/15% when hit a blocking opponent to inflict 10 sec bleed
Sa2 : 15% when hit opponent that
suffering bleed with special moves
to inflict stun for 3/4/5 seconds
eliza - signora genshin.png
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Fraude Piramidal
Frase: "Ten este prestamo pero me lo devuelves con intereses"
Habilidad De Carte: Reina Del Gobierno
SA1: Eliza en modo skelement provoca bloqueo de todo de curacion, movimientos bloubosters y de relevos por 15 s
SA2: Cada vez que un opoente releve eliza obtendra inmunidad pro 15 s y el openente sufrira maldicion por 30 s
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Bueno ahora les toca ha los otakus y sus variantes de parasoul uwu
SKY Otaku o Cielo Otaku
Frase: "Ten una sombrilla parala lluvia fea"
Habilidad de Cartel: Paraguas Arriba
SA1: Parasoul otorga 5 armaduras a sus aliados mientra este viva
SA1: Parasoul acumula daños criticos en un 50% cada vez que el oponente obtiene un buff y acumula un 50% de resistencia si sufren debuff sus oponentes
descarga (4).png
Firmeza Otaku o Otaku Firme
Frase: " Jamas me redibaran"
Habilidad de Cartel: Preciosa Joya
SA1: Al activar tres lagrimas parasoul no resivira daño
SA1: Al usar un imbloqueable Cat 3 con tres lagrimas activas parasoul matara en seguida a su oponente no importa la vida que tenga