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A-a-a-a-a-a! 😍
I've seen a lot of images with Wander and Peacock, but never thought that this palette would work. I was wrong.
Oh my, we need more WOY-SG colours.
Let me guess, the palette name is from the Russian dub?
Yes, you're right.
I really love this cartoon so I tried to convey its whole atmosphere)
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To someone who is in his right mind, I would hardly dream of me.


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Mistral. Signature Ability: Same fate. SA1: If a parasoul is debuffed, it has a 25/35/50% chance to mirror them on the enemy. If positive effects on the enemy, parasoul has a 25/35/50% chance to mirror them to herself. SA2: All teammates and Parasoul have a 3/5/7% chance on hit to inflict a stun on the enemy for 3/4/5 seconds. Also, for each exploded tear, the parasoul receives 1/2/3% on damage-_2022-04-03T115334.068.png
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Sundowner. Signature Ability: Explosive block. SA1: On his own side when you block, there is a 15/20/25% to inflict stun for 3/4/5 seconds on the enemy. Also inflicts bleeding and wither on the enemy for 3/5/7 seconds. SA2: Every 20 seconds, there is a 50% chance to inflict invincibility and auto-block on the big band for 3/5/7 seconds.sundowner-1.png
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Raiden. Signature Ability: Ripper Mode. SA1: When Annie turn Star Power, Annie gets 3/4/5 lvl. permament rage, and 1/2/3 lvl permament bleed is inflicted to the enemy, but Star Power is spent on 35/30/25% faster. When annie defeats an enemy in Star Power, then annie receives 3 lvl of precision, and the rest of the enemy teammates receives a death mark. Skill 2: When Annie hit, there is a 10% chance to inflict bleed and armor break on the enemy for 5/7/10 secondsraiden_2.png
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Trying my best to honour the hero of "Untitled Goose Game".
Blessed be our feathered overlords.
And a tiny bit of random colours. I liked that one.
Senator Pain.png

"I don't do encores"
Witch Rock Band.png

"I'll lend a hand where I can"
Alternate Friend.png

"Maximum Spider!"
Web Warrior.png


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Some time ago I made a Watchdog ("Wander Over Yonder") palette for the Egrets, and I'm sure they need a commander.
Parasoul kind of fits, so there's my take on Commander Peepers.
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Inspired by Grumpy from "The 7D". He had his wrestling moments.
Beowulf_ColdStones (1).png
And a couple of randomised palettes. Very bright ones, indeed. They remind me of my festival youth (even if I never had one).
Beowulf_ColdStones.pngParasoul_HighRuler (2).png
"With a taste of a poison paradise"


A Dye based off of Robo-Julian from Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

"Cat got your tounge?"

Based off Mystique Sonia from Hero 108

"Ba-Bump! Ba-Bump!"

Based off SAYU from No Straight Roads
Inspired by Tsareena in Pokemon
SA - Queenly Ascent
SA1 - When TAGGING IN, gains Haste for 5/10/15s. Also gains 1 stack of permanent ENRAGE/ REGEN/ SHIELD/ IMMUNITY/ THORN depending on the ELEMENT of the teammate TAGGING OUT; this BUFF is removed when TAG OUT.
SA2 -Opponents TAGGING IN against Cerebella is inflicted with IMMOBILIZE and SLOW for 5/10/15s.
Umbrella Sawada 01.png
Umbrella Sawada 01_orp.png
Based on my appreciation post that i made in January, I'll Post one of the palettes that i made for Umbrella as a Custom Fighter with a special visual effect. When Hungern enters in RAVENOUS mode, UMBRELLA'S BODY COLOR CHANGES TOO.
Left Card: Overstuffed, Satiated. - Right Card: Ravenous
Umbrella Custom Card 01.pngUmbrella Custom Card 01 Alt.png
"My humanity has completely gone when i kill her" - Aki Sawada/Spider Orphnoch (Kamen Rider 555)
SA1: When Hungern enters in RAVENOUS mode, opponent suffers INVERSE POLARITY and one stack of POWER SURGE for 10 seconds every 5/4/3 seconds
SA2: If Umbrella dies when Hungern stays in RAVENOUS mode, 50%/75%/100% chance that the opponent suffers DOOM for 15 seconds and the rest of Teammates suffers permanent SLIME, INVERSE POLARITY and 5 stacks of POWER SURGE.
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