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"You know what they say, the more the merrier!" - Dr Eggman (Sonic)
also P I N G A S
"Bumo...Bumomomo" - Yellow Devil (Mega Man)
SA: Shape Memory
SA1: When at an elemental advantage, hits have a 20% chance to inflict a 5/10/15 second slow and Double gains a 10 second Haste.
SA2: Projectiles hit inflict 1/2/3 stacks of slow and bleed that lasts 10 seconds. Once Slow and Bleed are removed, inflict 2 power surge.

"I have studied the complete history of stand-up comedy!" - K1-B0(Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony)
SA: Ultimate Punishment
SA1: All beam and energy hits have a 30/40/50% chance to deal 200% bonus damage. Head drones deal 20% bonus damage and have a 30% chance to inflict a random debuff.
SA2: 50/70/100% chance for Robo-Fortune to switch to an elemental advantage when tagging in and inflict 5 power surge that lasts 10 seconds.

"Just shut up and fight" - Blake Belladonna (RWBY)
SA: Shadow Semblance
SA1: 30% chance when back dashing to get 3/4/5 stacks of perma barrier.
SA2: When a stack of barrier is removed, gain 1 stack of regen for 10 seconds and gain 3/4/5% HP.

“Roar xD”—myspace

SA: Pinkeye
SA 1: Critical hits always deal at least 1/1.5/2% of opponent’s health. (Overrides armour. Does not add any additional damage.)
SA 2: Once per match when taking a fatal hit, remove all debuffs, gain permanent immunity, and gain last stand for 3/5/7 seconds.
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tin.png dos.jpg merry.png
Switch places!

Tinny Tune Big Band
Instead of "Tiny" like Peacock, it is "Tinny" because, you know, he's all metal.

Merry Melody Peacock
Was going to be "Big Bang" (some SA about powerful projectiles), but "Merry Melody" ties a Big Band nod with an animation reference.
I know I JUST posted before but I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF

0803DAC9-3656-4B83-BF4A-00D37FAD2851.jpeg A66FA2BC-D710-4EAE-9080-CE3FCF1A9A24.png
SA: Falling into Madness
SA 1: Every 10/7/5 seconds of the match inflict death mark for 5/7/10 seconds and permanently increase damage dealt by 1/2/3%.
SA 2: When below 10/15/20% health gain 5 stacks of permanent enrage. (Remove if recover above 10/15/20%.)

D5846D22-BABF-4D2F-B7CE-BF9423F1786F.jpeg 47DD8AD4-11BC-4883-84DA-C17F25D920D0.png

SA: Can you stand on your own head?
SA 1: When Miss Fortune removes her head, stun opponent for 0.5/0.7/1 second.
SA 2: Head attacks have a 10/15/20% chance to apply a random rebuff. (Excludes doom and stun.)

C29E4A8D-D99E-485F-A820-C647418724C5.jpeg 24C048D3-06DC-49EE-8D82-5D988E883C5F.png

SA: Heads off with ya!
SA 1: Being close to an opponent for 3/2/1 second, apply death mark and armour break. (Removes when away from the opponent)
SA 2: Killing an opponent with a Blockbuster makes them un-revivable.
It's time for another set of skins!
"Takin' care of business." - Retsuko (Aggretsuko)
SA: Roar Rage
SA1: All blocked attacks have a 10/15/25% chance to give Ms Fortune enrage for 10 seconds.
SA2: As long as you have 4/3/2 stacks of enrage, Ms Fortune gets 5 stacks of armor for 10 seconds when the enemy uses a BB3.
Caterwaul Ms Fortune.png
"Let's keep this short and sweet!" - Princess Peach (Mario series)
SA: Lead The Way!
SA1: When summoning an Egret, give Parasoul a random buff for 5/7/10 seconds.
SA2: As long as an Egret is on screen, all hits recover 15/20/25% of damage dealt.
Fruit Of Labor Parasoul.png
"Does it hurt yet?" - Lucy (Elfen Lied)
SA: Sweet Vectory
SA1: All wheel hits have a 15/20/25% chance to apply bleed for 10 seconds.
SA2: When either side uses a blockbuster, Painwheel gets a stack of thorns for 5/10/15 seconds.
Elfen Bleed Painwheel.png
"Error: FILE CORRUPTED." - Monika (Doki Doki Literature Club)
SA: My Reality
SA1: As long as Robo Fortune has a higher HP percentage, Robo Fortune has haste and the opponent has 1/2/3 stacks of slow.
SA2: When launching a headdrone, get one random buff for 1/3/5 seconds and heal 1/3/5% health.
Code of Conduct Robo Fortune.png
And I'll just tack this extra joke palette for fun. Kudos if you know what I based this one on!
"Face it, I'll always be stronger!"
SA: Muscle Memory
SA1: Get one stack of precision every 10/7/5 seconds. Precision hits have a 20% chance to grant a new stack of precision.
SA2: At 5/4/3 stacks of precision, all special moves and projectiles are unblockable.
Weird Flex Cerebella.png
Ended up making a few more custom skins, because I'd be lying if I said I don't enjoy making them. Humanity has (and will always have) an affinity for referencing media into other media.


"My sword is a tool of justice! Not used in anger, not used for vengeance!" (Raiden, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)


SA1: 5/10/15% chance to inflict Armor Break and Heavy Bleed
SA2: Defeating an opponent with a Blockbuster recovers 25/50/75% of your health


"Battle Chip: NapmSht3. Slot-In!" (Lan Hikari, Megaman Battle Network)


SA1: Using a Blockbuster grants 3/4/5 stacks of Evasion for 10 seconds
SA2: Also gain 3/4/5 stacks of Precision

Sen. Armstrong.png

"Making the mother of all omelettes here, Jack! Can't fret over every egg!" (Senator Armstrong, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Yeah, I really like this game and it shows))


SA1: 25% chance on hit to gain Enrage for 5 seconds
SA2: 25% chance when hit to gain Armor for 5 seconds


"Even If my body was to fall, I will still gladly fight for humanity!" (Harpuia, Megaman Zero)


SA1: When facing Ms. Fortune, either fighter's hits have a 5/7/10 chance to inflict five stacks of Power Surge
SA2: Deal additional 50/75/100% if the opponent suffers from Power Surge
I did some more. With images of what the palette is based off.
Last set of skins for before school starts. After today, I'll work on more skins in my free time. Maybe I'll do this every Sunday, I dunno, we'll see. Anyway..
"What did you say about my hat?" - Josuke Higashikata (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) [I might like this anime a little too much..]
SA: Chased Down
SA1: When an enemy tags in, Cerebella gets haste for 10/12/15 seconds and 5 stacks of precision.
SA2: 15/20/25% of damage dealt is recovered as health for teammates.
Crazed Diamond Cerebella.png
"You are already dead!" - Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star)
SA: Northern Lights
SA1: While in Hype Mode, get two stacks of evade every 3/2/1 second(s). Also get two stacks of evade upon activating Hype Mode.
SA2: 1/2/3% chance for all Hype Mode hits to instantly kill the opponent.

Fist Bump Beowulf.png
"You better hope for a miracle!" - Nagito Komeada (Danganronpa)
SA: Rush-In Roulette
SA1: Dashing forward or backward has a 10/15/25% chance to give unflinching and four stacks of thorns for 5 seconds.
SA2: When either side uses a blockbuster, 25/35/50% chance to increase all of Filia's buffs by 10 seconds and gives Filia heavy regen for 5 seconds.
Gambling Paltrow Filia.png
"This will be over in a nanosecond!" - Zero (Mega Man X)
SA: Saber The Moment
SA1: All attacks while close to the opponent have a 10/15/25% chance to apply death mark for 5 seconds.
SA2: Each present headdrone increases Robo Fortune's crit damage by 10/15/20%. Headdrone hits apply armor break for 10 seconds.
Ground Zero Robo Fortune.png
Also, I made a little something for my Code of Conduct Robo Fortune.
ddlcbackground.png The cards for Sayori Filia, Yuri Parasoul, and Natsuki Painwheel will be next!
ms fortune lionheart card.png
Ms. Fortune - Lionheart (if you recognize this character and the series she's from, you know exactly why you should be ashamed of yourself)
Quote: "Tacklepounce!"
Signature Ability: Rogue of Heart -
Once per match, when receiving a HIT that would be fatal, gain FINAL STAND for 15 seconds
While benefitting from FINAL STAND, gain a 5/10/15% bonus to CRIT RATE and CRIT DAMAGE
Decided that I'll be putting custom cards on this thread every Thursday and Sunday! Anyway, here's what I got, starting with the three DDLC cards I teased last time:
"I guess I'm a little two-faced." - Sayori (Doki Doki Literature Club)
SA: Hang Ten!
SA1: Every ten combo hits, get regen and barrier for 5/7/10 seconds.
SA2: When using a blockbuster, Filia has a 25/35/50% transfer all regen to the opponent and change all regen to bleed.
Heart Beat Filia.png
"I won't sugarcoat that you're doomed!" - Natsuki (Doki Doki Literature Club)
SA: Heart Attack
SA1: For every 25/20/15% health lost, gain permanent enrage.
SA2: Once per match when suffering from a hit that would be fatal, get heavy regen and final stand for 10/12/15 seconds.
Short and Sweet Painwheel.png
"I'm just a cut above the rest!" - Yuri (Doki Doki Literature Club)
SA: Third Eye Blind
SA1: When standing near a tear for 4/3/2 seconds, enemies are inflicted with hex and heavy bleed.
SA2: While standing near the enemy for 3/2/1 second(s), debuffs won't expire for the enemy.
Yuri On Slice Parasoul.png
"Everything sucks forever." - Mae Borowski (Night in the Woods)
SA: Astral Pain
SA1: Apply a random debuff to the opponent for 5/10/15 seconds when using a blockbuster.
SA2: Head hits have a 25% to remove debuffs and deal 5/7/10% damage to health per debuff removed.
Nightmare Eyes Ms Fortune.png
I don't actually have a SA for the next one, but this is just an idea for a Fukua palette. I have many many ideas for new Fukua palettes and when Fukua gets released, I'll show some of them off, since just using Filia poses would be boring, plus this one is the only one that I'm pretty sure comes from Fukua.
"Execute Order 53!" - Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)
Mind Over Master Fukua.png
Anyway, when I have access to more Fukua poses, I'll make some more Fukua palettes. For now, I'll stick to the other characters. More cards coming on Sunday!
lol, maybe Squigly would be a more suitable Pop Team Epic duo with Filia?

On the previous page I had Peacock and Big Band switch places, now the same for characters that would probably hate each other:
uw.png rv.png

lingering questions:
@FriendlyWolf - why is Royal Rival's face blue? Is he choking or is it particular to whatever the palette is based on?
@moomouse - the 9 for the "guess who?" post: most fit under My Hero Academia (at least the first 5, the rest I dunno)
@BallotBoxer Oh that was me being lazy on the color choice of the skin. The pose was taken while on the stage NMO area (night). Although I did mess up the color of the hair, it should've been red. I also added a few spikes to make it a bit easier to recognize who it is.