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Where do I get clean card sprites without the card itself?
download (4).png SA Name: Three Curses
SA1: Every 12 seconds gain 3 random DEBUFFS for 12 seconds, dealing 15% more damage per debuff
SA2: 33% chance when using a BLOCKBUSTER, transfer the DEBUFFS to the opponent, making them PERMANENT (Debuffs exclude stun and fatigue)
Thanks @William for the SA
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More variants referring to Neon Genesis Evangelion


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variants based on the anime Jojo Bizarre Adventures


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Love D.va
We're on the same wavelength, I made a D.Va too a few pages ago. But it appears someone at Skybound Games (the team that did the port) or Lab Zero beat us to the punch when Skullgirls was released on the Nintendo Switch. They officially gave Cerebella a D.Va palette!
Where do I get clean card sprites without the card itself?
Thanks to the genius krazete, we have online tools to help make custom cards:

Skullgirls Mobile Palette Editor
After you adjust all the colors, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Download button. You will get a folder full of PNGs.

Skullgirls Mobile Card Creator
Take your favorite PNG and upload it to this card creator, or use the PSD file provided by Cellsai in the first post of this thread.

SA 1 : Inflict armor break for 5/7/10 seconds when land a critical hit.
SA 2 : BLOCKBUSTER damage is increased by 1/2/3% of enemy current HEALTH.


SA 1 : Change into disadvantage Element type when opponent use Blockbusters, Gain 1/2/3 stack of armor for 10 second
SA 2 : Change into advantage Element type when Using Blockbusters, gain 1/2/3 stack of enrage for 10 second
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Variants based on the anime Attack On Titan


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It's me again! I actually have been making a few palettes but I just haven't been posting them.

"Better live life while we still can, right?" - Rottytops(Shantae)
SA Name: Infectious Bite
SA1: While Ms.fortune is above 95%/75%/50% HP, gain 3 stacks of Miasma.
SA2: Head hits regain 4%/5%/6% HP and has a 2% chance to add 10% of the opponent's base attack to Ms.Fortune's.

"Poking me is illegal" - Slimegal(Shantae)
SA Name: Squish Squish
SA1: Throws drain 5%/6%/7% of the opponent's HP and inflict bleed for 3 seconds.
SA2: While the opponent has bleed and while Double is at an Elemental Disadvantage, gain 5%/8/10% Blockbuster meter per second.

"Gary!" - Gary Clone(Fallout 3)
SA Name: Nuclear Duplication
SA1: For the first 20/40/60 seconds, gain a 150% attack boost.
SA2: Every 80/70/60 seconds, gain Armor and Misma
download (83).png
this is my first post in this forum, I created an account just to post this :')

I made a Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (JJBA) skin for robo-fortune!! ive done a Killer Queen skin too, but i dont know if i should post it here. I'll probably post more of those, because it's fun doing custom skins,,
can't wait for the day this palette sees a card

"Prepare to be pummeled cheerfully, jauntily, and utterly one-sidedly!" -Nonon (KLK)
Signature Ability - Hissy Fit
SA1: Cast a copy of George's Day Out that deals 33/55/77% of its normal damage when using a Special Move.
SA2: Whenever an opponent blocks one of Peacock's Special Moves, reduce the cooldown of Peacock's Blockbusters by 1/2/3%.