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So yeah, I got bored and decided to create a palette of Squidbob Tentaclepants xD

download (2).png

Her abilities:
"Guess we're stuck together"

Fused Opposites
SA1: When at elemental advantage you gain 1/2/3 stacks of ARMOR and 1/2/3 stacks of MIASMA for 3/5/15 seconds. While MIASMA is active you'll be granted 3 random buffs until the MIASMA expires.

SA2: When at elemental disadvantage all of the active buffs/debuffs will immediately convert into ENRAGE for 5/15/20 seconds. While ENRAGE is active you'll be granted FINAL STAND until ENRAGE expires.

(Can be reactivated again upon tagging out and tagging in.)

Here's another one xD

It's Princess Bubblegum
download (1).png

Her abilities:
"Science, Science, Science."

Calculated Fairness
SA1: After 60 seconds of the match if you have higher health % you will gain 1/2/3 stacks of ENRAGE for 4/8/10 seconds.

SA2: After 60 seconds of the match if the opponent has higher health % you will gain 1/2/3 stacks of REGEN for 4/8/10 seconds.

(This has no reference but I just created the palette for fun.)


Her Abilities:

"My Hunger Always Whispers."

Good or Bad
SA1: When you and the opponent is in your side of the stage you will gain FINAL STAND for 5/8/15 seconds and covert all debuffs into REGEN for 5/8/15 seconds.

SA2: When you are in the opponent's side of the stage you will gain 1/3/4 stacks of THORNS for 5/8/15 seconds and covert all debuffs into REGEN for 5/8/15 seconds.

download (3).png
Her Abilities:

"Real Original"

Joke's On You
SA1: Hitting an enemy has a 10/20/35% chance you'll inflict BARRIER for 3/5/8 seconds. (Does not affect blocking.)

SA2: Upon using a Blockbuster or a Special Move while the enemy has active buffs it will convert all into random a debuffs (Except STUN) for 5/8/15 seconds. If the opponent has 5 active debuffs it will all covert into DOOM for 45/35/20 seconds.

download (4).png
Her Abilities:
"Withered Away"

Block Lustered
SA1: When using a Blockbuster inflict 1/2/3 stacks of WITHER and DISABLE SPECIAL that lasts 5/8/12 seconds.

SA2: Being near to opponent with WITHER grants 1/2 stacks HASTE for 4/7/15 seconds. If you suffered a fatal hit while having HASTE permanently inflict 3 stacks of WITHER.

download (5).png
Her Abilities:

"It's just how it works"

Pure n' Toxic
SA1: Every 45/35/30 seconds you will gain a permanent HASTE. While having HASTE you will gain HEAVY REGEN for 3/5/8 seconds.

SA2: While having HEAVY REGEN you gain 2/3 stacks of ENRAGE for 5/8/13 seconds. While ENRAGE and HEAVY REGEN is active it will consume 5/15/25% of your opponent's health but all buffs will be removed.

download (6).png
Her Abilities:

"We're All Human On The Inside"

Stoned Grace
SA1: Idling for 5/3/1 second you'll inflict FATIGUE for 8/10 and STUN for 4/8 seconds. (Will not activate if the enemy is blocking)

SA2: Using a Blockbuster while the opponent is stunned you'll be granted HEAVY REGEN and 2/3 stacks of REGEN for 5/8/13 seconds. If the opponent uses a blockbuster while HEAVY REGEN and REGEN is active you'll gain INVINCIBLE for 7 seconds.

I'm back again xD
This is Dark Alessa from Silent Hill.

download (8).png
Her Abilities:

"I'm born from my pain and suffering"

Cursed Anguish
SA1: Every 30/20/10% health lost you will permanently gain THORNS and HASTE. While having THORNS and HASTE active your DAMAGE increases for 5/6/7% until the end of the match. (Damage is increased per stack of both buffs.)

SA2: Once per match, If suffered a fatal hit while having atleast 5/4/3 stacks of HASTE and THORNS you will regain 10/20/35% of Health and convert all active debuffs and buffs into a permanent CURSE and DISABLE TAG INS. While having a active CURSE and DISABLE TAG INS you will gain a 7/9/15% Blockbuster Meter per 3/2/1 second and All special moves are UNBLOCKABLE. Cannot be revived again after dying once.
(The damage increase still remains.)

This is for fun.
download (7).png
Her Abilities:

"Fish, Fish... FISH!"

Dying Grace
SA1: Every 40/30/20 seconds gain 2/3/4 stacks of REGEN for 8/16/23 seconds.

SA2: While REGEN is active gain 1/2/3 stacks MIASMA until the REGEN is expires. If suffered a fatal hit while MIASMA is active comeback to life with full Health after 30/20 seconds.

Here's Ariel from Little Mermaid
download (9).png
Her Abilities:

"Part of your world"

Singing Siren
SA1: When used a Blockbuster and the opponent blocks it, immediately inflict STUN for 2/4/6 seconds.

SA2: While the opponent is STUNNED 30/50/100% of the damage dealt is regained as health. After the STUN expires, immediately spawns a BATTLE OPERA directly at the enemy that lasts 1 second.
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Just finished watching She-ra, had to make these fighters based on Adora and Catra

"For the honor of Canopy!

Special Ability: Honor of Kreig-Skull

SA1: Once per match, Gain 3 Stacks of Enrage and Armor for 10 seconds each when using a blockbuster while health's below 50%
SA2: Gain unflinching and immunity for 5 seconds when spawning 3 or more tears


"Hey, Adorable..."

Special Ability: Abandonment issues

SA1: As long as you have at least one living teammate, gain immunity and evasion for 10 seconds for each 10% HP lost
SA2: Once per match, if at 50% or less health and there's no living teammates, gain 5 stacks of permanent enrage and gain permanent armor break

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Here some cards


  • beowuf diamond wolf.png
    beowuf diamond wolf.png
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  • just parasoul.png
    just parasoul.png
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  • painwheel violent Distortion.png
    painwheel violent Distortion.png
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Soo... Yeah I've reached the maximum file uploads on my previous post.

Imma just create this new one

So this is similar to Inner Pieces.
(She's just much more Golden Thingy I Think.)

download (10).png

Her Special Ability:

"I was only looking for a copper but I've found gold instead"

Buff Rush
SA1: Upon Tagging In, gain 1/2 buff(s) depending on the element of each living teammate(s) that lasts 10/15/20 seconds. Also gain 25% Blockbuster meter while having atleast 3 buffs active.

SA2: Upon Tagging Out while having active buff(s), the tagging in teammate gains 5/10/25% Blockbuster meter and if the teammate already has Full Blockbuster Meter the teammate gains 2/3/4 random buffs that lasts 15 seconds.

I created one again.
(this has no reference)
download (11).png

Her Special Ability:

"What a wonderful experience"

Deadly Steps
SA1: When facing a Non Dark Type Element, every 60/50/40th combo hit you will gain 3/4/5 random buffs (except HASTE and THORNS) for 5/8/15 seconds (Does not activate when using a TIER 3 Blockbuster). Having any active buffs it will all convert into a 2/4/6% Blockbuster Meter. (Will not convert HASTE or THORNS into a Blockbuster Meter)

SA2: When facing a Dark Type Element, every 25/20/15th combo hit you will gain HASTE and THORNS for 8/15/20 seconds. Upon using a Blockbuster while having atleast 5/4/3 stacks of HASTE and THORNS the 50% damage dealt is regained as health. If killed a Dark Type Element while HASTE and THORNS is active, revive a fallen teammate with 20/30% Health.

Last one for today is this
download (12).png

Her Special Ability:

"Why are you draining yourself out?"

Blood Lusted
SA1: Upon hitting an enemy there's a 15/30/45% chance you'll inflict BLEED to yourself for 5/10/15 seconds, While BLEED is active you'll regain 2/3% Health per second and Inflict INVERSE POLARITY to enemy for 8/16/20 seconds when BLEED expires. If you have an active REGEN or HEAVY REGEN you'll drain 5% of your own health per second.

SA2: If the enemy has active INVERSE POLARITY you have a 15/25/35% chance on hit to inflict REGEN and HEAVY REGEN until INVERSE POLARITY expires. If enemy has an active REGEN or HEAVY REGEN they'll drain 2/3/4% of their own Health per 3/2/1 second(s) until REGEN or HEAVY REGEN expires. If the enemy has an active BLEED you have 1% chance to instantly kill them on hit.

Here's a new one again xD
It's Spongebob-!
download (13).png
Her Special Ability:

"Can I be excused for the rest of my life?"

SA1: Upon tagging in you will gain 1/2 stacks of ARMOR for each living teammate(s) that lasts 20/40/60 seconds while having atleast 3 active stacks of ARMOR , you have a 15/25/35% chance to inflict FATIGUE for 24/16/8 seconds. While ARMOR is still active 25/45/60% of the damage dealt is regained as health.

SA2: If the opponent has an active debuff, there's a 2/3/5% chance you'll inflict STUN for 2/4/6 seconds and Special Moves and Blockbusters deals 50/75/100% more damage on Stunned opponent. If the active ARMOR is removed while the opponent has active FATIGUE, immediately STUN the opponent for 3 seconds.

Here's another one xD
(This has no reference)
download (14).png

Her Special Ability:

"I'm beyond powerful by myself"

Wrath of the Phoenix
SA1: Upon entering SEKHMET MODE inflict 2/3 stacks of random debuffs (except for DISABLE BLOCKBUSTERS, STUN and DOOM) for each dead teammate(s) (Debuffs are removed if opponent uses Blockbuster). If entered SEKHMET MODE while teammate(s) are still alive, Gain 2/3 stacks of random buffs for 5/10/15 seconds. (Buffs are instantly removed if used a Blockbuster.)

SA2: Once per match, if you are the only remaining teammate and your Health is below 15/25/30% you will permanently gain 3/4/5 stacks of ENRAGE. While having atleast 5/4 active stacks of ENRAGE your Blockbusters and Special Moves will reset the cooldown every 30/20/10 seconds. When suffered a hit that would be fatal while ENRAGE is active, immediately inflict DOOM for 20/15/10 seconds if the opponent's Health is above 80/70/60% and also revive a random fallen teammate with 30% Health.

Here's the last two for today.
download (16).png

His Special Ability:

"Don't tempt me, I'm holding myself back"

SA1: Every time beowulf suffers a Critical Hit there's a 5/10/20% chance to inflict HEAVY BLEED for 4/8/16 seconds and gain HEAVY REGEN for 5/10/15 seconds.

SA2: There's a 15/30/45% chance you'll either gain EVASION or inflict ARMOR BREAK for 10/15/20 seconds. While the opponent suffers from ARMOR BREAK, you have 20/30% chance to either gain 5/10/15% Health or Lose 5/10/15% Health. If you lose 5/10/15% of your own health, gain 3/4 stacks of ENRAGE. (ENRAGE is removed if opponent either uses a Special Move or Blockbuster.)

download (15).png

Her Special Abilities:

"I did not eat that... well kinda"

SA1: When at Elemental Advantage and being near to the opponent, drain 1/2/3% of their Blockbuster Meter per 3.5/2.5/1.5 per second(s) and gain HASTE and MIASMA for 10/15/20 seconds and if you fully drained the opponent's Blockbuster Meter.

SA2: When at Elemental Disadvantage and being near to the opponent, drain 1/2/3% of your own Blockbuster Meter per 3.5/2.5/1.5 per second(s) and there's a 10/15/20% chance you'll inflict yourself SLOW and BLEED for 5/10/15 seconds and if you fully drained your own Blockbuster Meter you'll gain 1/2/3 stacks of THORNS and REGEN expires when the opponent Tags Out. While having SLOW and BLEED there's a 4/8/16% chance on THROW instantly kill and absorb all of the opponent's current Health.
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Heres my First 2 Cards i Did, Double referencing Giygas from Earthbound/MOTHER:deathmelodyDOUBLE.png
And Big Band referencing Hearts Boxcars from Homestuck:BIGBAND.png
Variants based on: Mortal Kombat, Pacific Rim, Kimetsu no Yaiba and Devil May Cry


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Color palettes based on Ben 10, Thudercats and Hellsing


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a touhou palette! I know that squigly already has one, but I wanted to do it anyway.
this time, I tried using firealpaca too, since I wasnt quite happy with the shading before. she's based on Youmu Konpaku.
download (2).png
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Based variants of the Minecraft video game


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So I tried creating a Sylvia Christel palette...

I may need to improve her a bit, and also I need a phrase...
So yeah, I'm back... again but with these new palette ideas-!

This one has no reference(I think).
download (3).png
Her Special Abilities

"I bet you didn't 'see' that coming."

Hidden Power
SA1: Once per match, If your health drops below 10/15/20% all of your attacks will become UNBLOCKABLE and UNBREAKABLE until this character dies.

SA2: If you defeated an enemy below 5/10/15% Health you will gain 2/3/4 stacks of REGEN for 6 seconds.

I uploaded two cause why not? and plus this Palette is actually Marceline The Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. (You can see this outfit on the episode called "What Was Missing?".)download (2).png
download (1).png
Her Special Abilities:

"Corpses buried in mud that's black, from death I command you to come back!"

Vampire's Grace
SA1: If your health is below 25/30/35% there's a 15/20/25% chance you'll inflict yourself a CURSE for 5/10 seconds upon hitting an enemy with an basic attack.

SA2: While CURSE is active, The 25/50/75% damage dealt of the basic attack is regained as health until CURSE expires and If defeated an enemy while near to your teammate's dead body and CURSE is active instantly revive it with 25% health.

And here's the last one for today.
(Has no reference.)
Her Special Abilities:


Abusive Colours
SA1: If your current health is below 20/30/40% there's a 5/10/15% chance if the opponent blocks your projectile(s) you'll instantly inflict CURSE and WITHER for 5/8/10 seconds.

SA2: There's also a 5/8/10% chance you'll instantly remove all of the opponent's active buff(s) including PERMANENT and inflict ARMOR BREAK for 8/10/15 seconds and Blockbusters deals 200% more damage against CURSED and WITHERED opponent.

New One hehehe...
A Sinister Inspiration.
download (5).png
Her Special Abilities:

"Once you killed both of them, Nothing can save you now."

The True Mark Of The Beast
SA1: Everytime you use a Blockbuster you'll inflict a Permanent CURSE until the enemy knocks you down. CURSED opponent(s) grants you ENRAGE, DISABLE TAG INS, SLOW, POWER SURGE, DEATH MARK, and HEAL BLOCK until CURSE expires.

SA2: While having atleast 7/6/5 different types Debuffs grants you 2/3/4 stacks BARRIER. Once per match if you died while having 7/6/5 different active Debuffs you'll inflict DOOM to all teammates and opponents for 15 seconds. (DOOM is removed if either performed a 15 hit combo and also if died from DOOM it can no longer be resurrected.)
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Well I've got to admit, this is fun-!
So that's why I'm back... Again.

First One.
This is 1951 Chesire Cat-!
download (5).png

Second One is Mulan and Mushu-!

Third one Hercules-!
download (4).png

Fourth is Mad Hatter-!
download (3).png

The last two is a original palette of mine hehe.
download (1).png download (2).png
Couple of Gundam-related cards.


  • Robo Fortune - Build Executor.png
    Robo Fortune - Build Executor.png
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  • Cerebella - Red Power Astray.png
    Cerebella - Red Power Astray.png
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  • Robo Fortune - FLX-0.png
    Robo Fortune - FLX-0.png
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  • Big Band - Thunderbolt Jazz.png
    Big Band - Thunderbolt Jazz.png
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I'm back, back, back again
I really enjoy doing stuff like this-!

First one is Cerebella (My 2nd Favorite Fighter.) Her palette's inspiration is Yellow Cab and Princess Pride.
Her Abilities:

"Phew, that was a close-call."

Panic Mode
SA1: If you performed a Successful Throw Break, you will gain REGEN and ARMOR for 5/10/15 seconds. Once per match, if performed Quick Throw Break while current health is below 20% you will gain Permanent HEAVY REGEN until current your health reaches 50%

SA2: If the opponent performed a Throw Break, you will gain 2/3 stacks of ENRAGE. (1 ENRAGE will be consumed if used either a Special Move or Blockbuster.)

The 2nd one is Peacock (3rd Favorite Fighter.) Her palette is the same as the first one.
download (2).png
Her Abilities:

"I'm quite a shocker."

Stunningly Annoying
SA1: Basic Attack Hit(s) has a 1/2/3% chance to inflict 4/5/6 seconds STUN. (Blocked Basic Attack Hit(s) will not activate her ability.)

SA2: PIERCING increases for each CRITICAL HIT(S) on STUNNED opponent(s). All Attacks has 25/50/75% More Damage against STUNNED opponent(s).

And the last one for today is Eliza (My #1 Favorite Fighter.) Again, her palette is the same as the last one but with different hair-!
download (1).png
Her Abilities:

"I'm just 'borrowing' it, really!"

Blood Bender
SA1: While at SEKHMET MODE, being near on opponent(s) you will drain 5/10/15% of their Current Health to yours if your current Health is below 25% also inflict INVERSE POLARITY for 10 seconds.

SA2: Once per match, If you killed an opponent during SEKHMET MODE, you will remove all active debuff(s) and become INVINCIBLE until the opponent uses either a Blockbuster or Special Move.
Also gain 30/40/50% Blockbuster Meter if INVINCIBLE is removed.

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