• [2018/06/22]
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Behold!! Danganronpa Silver Cards approaching!!

“A blushing corpse is freaking awesome!!!”

SA: Mechanism of Love

Projectiles deal 50% bonus damage when the opponent has living teammates but Peacock doesn’t
SA2: Instantly builds 100% meter for all blockbusters when falling below 10% health, also gains 3/5 stacks of precision

“I thought males were supposed to be decisive!”

SA: Girl Love

When facing Big Band or Beowulf, deals 20% bonus damage and gains a 30% bonus to crit rate
SA2: When near an opponent other than Big Band or Beowulf, gains haste and regen when Painwheel’s health is lower than the opponent’s

“*Snap* Yep. This one's going in my cringe compilation.”

SA: Freeze Frame

Head hits have a 5/7/10% chance to inflict stun for 3 seconds
SA2: Every 3rd hit (including blocked hits), disable blockbusters and specials moves for 3 seconds

“I’m sure I will be fine, but what about you?”

SA: Worship Me

SA1: 15/25/35% chance to gain haste and blessing on hit
SA2: 50% chance on death to resurrect teammates with 10/15/20% health

sayafil.png“I'm psychic, not psycho.”

SA: Surprise!

SA1: When hit by a special move or blockbuster, gain 10/20/30% chance to gain thorns for 10 seconds
SA2: When thrown, gains a 50% chance to gain amor and inflict cripple for 5/7/9 seconds
finally got my account up and decided to try my hand at fan-cards with PPG inspired skins, which I initially started before I realized Mouse made some first >.< I love hers too and didn't intend to steal the idea I promise lol. Thought I'd take a chance and share mine tho. :oops: sorry I'm not so good with names oof
bubble dutch.png Squigly as Bubbles
everything lice.png Filia as Blossom
cattitude problem.png Ms. Fortune as Buttercup
fear no evil.png Valentine as Mojo Jojo
siren song + others.png
Eliza as Sedusa w/ Sekhmet as Ima Goodlady + Albus & Horace as Ace & Big Billy of the Gangreen Gang
devils advocate.pngDouble as HIM
cashed out.png Parasoul as Princess Morbucks
whistling dixie.png Big Band as Fuzzy Lumpkins
Another batch of Danganronpa silver cards...

download (1).png
“Humans are truly wonderful… I’ll have one please.”

SA: One to Go

SA1: 10% chance on hit to transfer 10% of health from the opponent to yourself
SA2: 20/30/50% bonus damage against enemies without living teammates

download (1).png
“Mega Attack! Mega Piston! Mega Typhoon! Mega Tornado! Mega Splaaash~!”

SA: Soap Drama

SA1: While near an opponent, gain a 30% chance to disable special moves and blockbusters for 5 seconds after 7/5/3 second(s)
SA2: 10% chance on blocking hits to gain unflinching and 3 stacks of thorns for 3/5/7 seconds

“Everyone knows that only pervs wear hats!”

SA: I Invented That

SA1: When an opponent has a special move ready, build 25% meter for all of Valentine’s blockbusters
SA2: When Valentine has a blockbuster ready and is near an opponent, reduce 1/3/5% of the opponent’s blockbuster meter per second

“You pig!”

SA: Squish Squish

SA1: Special move hits have a 30/50% chance to inflict inverse polarity and armor break for 5 seconds
SA2: Each non-blockbuster hit handed on an opponent suffering from a debuff increases damage by 5% for the duration of the debuff


SA: Impeccable Finish

SA1: Special move hits have a 5/7/10% chance to grant unflinching or final stand for 3 seconds
SA2: 2% chance when hit to match the health of the opponent for the rest of the match
Now get ready for Danganronpa gold cards!!!

download (1).png
“For my family.”

SA: Unfazed

SA1: Gains unflinching for 3/5/7 seconds when detonating at least 3 tears at once. The detonated tears also count as hits when landed near an opponent
SA2: Gains a 20% resistance to all debuffs and 20% chance to convert debuffs on yourself into precision

(My queen Celestia)
“How many times have I told you? Anyone who can't adapt... will die.”

SA: After Hours Witch Hunt

SA1: Build 100% meter for all of Eliza’s blockbusters when falling below 10/15/20% health. Also remove all buffs gained by the opponent and inflict permanent curse.
SA2: When triggering Sekhmet under 50% health, gain a 50/50% chance to inflict heavy bleed for 10 seconds on the opponent or yourself.

“If you want to hate someone, hate me. If you want to hurt someone, hurt ME!”

SA: Can’t Kill Me

SA1: While near an opponent, gain unflinching and enrage for 2 seconds after 5/3/2 seconds
SA2: On death, heal all teammates by 20% of your max health, and grant all teammates final stand for 10 seconds

download (1).png
“Now's the time for you to paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic!”

SA: Double Defeat

SA1: Once per match when defeated, resurrect with 20% health, permanent armor, and 3 stacks of enrage. A stack enrage is removed after every hit
SA2: On second death, inflict heavy bleed for 3/5/7 seconds

“Who! Cares! What! Adults! Say!”

SA: Voice of a Generation

SA1: Hits have 7/10/15% chance to inflict stun for 2 seconds when Peacock has living teammates. When an opponent is stunned, gains a 20% chance to gain 5 stacks of enrage for the duration of stun
SA2: Special moves and blockbusters have a 10% chance to be unblockable and deal 50% bonus damage when Peacock has no living teammates

“I believe in multiple-protagonists.”

SA: Deadly Ballroom

SA1: Gains a 20/30/50% chance to mirror all damage taken when hit by projectiles or thrown
SA2: On death, reduce the opponent team's remaining health by 50%

“I do this for everyone.”

SA: My People Need Me

SA1: 20% to evade when hit by dash attacks, also gain haste and precision for 5/7/10 seconds when dashing back
SA2: When knocked down, deal 5% of the opponent's maximum health, and set the opponent’s blockbusters on cooldown

tsumig para.png
“Being all depressed won't help anything.”

SA: Don’t Look Away

SA1: When Parasoul or the opponent is near or passes by a tear, inflict 1 stack of wither for 3/5/7 seconds
SA2: Disable tag ins for 7/10/15 seconds when the opponent falls below 30/50% health
Here's some more custom cards but with a cool twist! This time, I replaced existing variants in the game with the actual character its referencing. You'll see what I mean in a second.




You know what time it is.
"I can keep your foes at bay." - Creeper (Minecraft)
SA: Hissy Fit
SA1: Get enrage every 5/4/3 seconds when near the opponent. When no longer near the opponent, remove all enrage.
SA2: After being near the opponent for 10/7/5 seconds, automatically use Circuit Breaker. If the explosion KO's the opponent, heal 25% of your max health.
Cellular Beta Robo Fortune.png
"Reality can be whatever I want it to be." - Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel)
SA: Infinite Possibilities
SA1: Get two specific buffs depending on what element Double transmutes into for 5/7/10 seconds. Remove buffs from the previous transmutation when changing elements.
Fire- Enrage and three stacks of precision
Water- Two stacks of barrier and armor
Air- Regen and two stacks of evade
Light- Unflinching and blessing
Dark- Haste and two stacks of thorns
SA2: Once per match, when using a BB3, cut the health of everyone on the enemy team in half and get five stacks of enrage for 5/10/15 seconds.
Snap Judgment Double but better.png
"Imagination is the essence of discovery." - Winston (Overwatch)
SA: Domiprimate
SA1: Get one stack of barrier every 20/15/10 seconds.
SA2: Convert all stacks of barrier into permanent enrage when entering Hype Mode. Convert any barrier obtained in Hype Mode into 1/2/3 stacks of precision.
Gorilla Warfare Beowulf.png
"Let's work on your balance." - Wii Fit Trainer (Wii Fit)
SA: Stretch Marks
SA1: When the opponent uses a special move, get 1/2/3 stack(s) of barrier for five seconds.
SA2: 25/35/50% chance when hit while benefiting from barrier to inflict bleed and death mark for ten seconds.
Tank Top Ms Fortune.png
"I'm back!" - Earthworm Jim [based on a beta palette from 2nd Encore]
SA: Master Blaster
SA1: Get enrage every 4/3/2 seconds when far away from the opponent. Physical hits remove all enrage.
SA2: When at least three stacks of enrage are removed, get 1/2/3 stack(s) of evade.
Down To Earth Squigly.png
View attachment 6426

SA: Sugary Blood
SA 1: When ever ms.fortune is knocked down gain 1/2/3 stacks of haste and stack of regen for 6 seconds
SA 2: Head hits have a 5% chance to cause stun for 4 seconds


View attachment 5437 View attachment 5436

SA: Can you stand on your own head?
SA 1: When Miss Fortune removes her head, stun opponent for 0.5/0.7/1 second.
SA 2: Head attacks have a 10/15/20% chance to apply a random rebuff. (Excludes doom and stun.)
I apologize for not posting on Thursday, I was pretty busy. Here's the palettes.
"There's always two sides to the same coin." - Bisexual pride flag
SA: Prideful
SA1: When inflicting a debuff, get one random buff for 5/7/10 seconds.
SA2: When entering Hype Mode, inflict 1/2/3 random debuff(s) for ten seconds.
Two Wulfs Beowulf.png
"No one can hide from my sight." - Widowmaker (Overwatch)
SA: Strait Shot
SA1: Blockbuster hits have a 5/10/15% chance to inflict bleed and armor break for ten seconds.
SA2: Critical hits increase the length of all debuffs on the opponent by 2/3/4 seconds.
Widow Of Opportunity Eliza.png
"I even work underwater!" - Flex Seal
SA: Swiftly Sealed
SA1: All critical hits have a 10/15/20% chance to remove all permanent debuffs from Double and her teammates.
SA2: When falling below 10%, get permanent unflinching and immunity. Also get 1/2/3 stacks of armor for five seconds.
Sealed Soul Double.png
"I will love you for eternity." - 1st Prize (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning)
SA: Mad Dash
SA1: When dashing, get 1/2/3 stacks of barrier for five seconds.
SA2: Getting hit when benefiting from barrier has a 20/25/30% chance to reflect 100% of damage received.
Hall Monitor Robo Fortune.png
"If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mom." - Bayonetta
SA: Time Warp
SA1: When using a special move or blockbuster, get 1/2/3 stack(s) of evade for five seconds.
SA2: Evading an attack has a 15/20/25% chance to inflict slow and cripple for ten seconds.
Fallen Angel Parasoul.png
download (1).png
"Come any closer and I'll make you regret it!" - badeline (celeste)
SA: part of you
SA1: When ever Filia is suffering a debuff the opponent also gains that debuff and is extended for 1/2/3 seconds
SA2: When ever Filia lands a critical hit gain 1/2/3 stacks of presicion and inflict death mark