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I decided to put my hand on custom card and palette creator, so I made my 1 set of custom palettes for my fave fighters on SGM (silver + one diamond. Bonus a Fukua silver one cause I am waiting for her to appear in 2020). Added quotes and SA's names (not in depth ones cause I am bad at making those but who wants to can make them based on your feels) Leave a comment on your fave one!^
lejupielāde (1).png
"Don’t hesitate and move for me!"
SA: Lovely girl

lejupielāde (2).png
"What should I do about you?" (reference - RV's Psycho translated lyrics, Verse 1)
SA: Abusive kicks

lejupielāde (4).png
"This is not funny! I am now that slow!"
SA: Life giver

lejupielāde (7).png
"Well, if you want something done right, you just do it yourself!" (reference - Holly Blue Agate/Steven Universe)
SA: Electric shock

lejupielāde (11).png
"There's purple flame's boiling within my veins"
SA: Scratchy scars

lejupielāde (13).png
"Every fake pulchritude has a weak spot"
SA: Pressure up

lejupielāde (12).png
"Get out of my way!"
SA: Cold stone stare
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i took a while to find that this thread exists but here it is, all my palletes

Beowolf - Warrior God - Kratos (God of War PS4)
Beowolf Deus Guerreiro.png

Cerebella - Unbreakable Diamond - Josuke (Jojo Part 4)
Cerebella Diamante Inquebravel.png

Eliza - Demon Hunter - Tanjiro (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Eliza Caçadora de Demonios.png

Eliza - Hinokami Kagura - Tanjiro (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Eliza Hinokami Kagura.png

Eliza - Nightmare Ver 1 - Nightmare Fredbear (FNAF 4)
Eliza Pesadelo 1.png

Eliza - Nightmare Ver 2 - Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare (FNAF 4)
Eliza Pesadelo 2.png

Ms. Fortune - Killer Chimera - Neferpitou (Hunter x Hunter)
Ms.Fortune Quimera Assassina.png

Peacock - Crazy Crystal - Peridot (Steven Universe)
Peacock Cristal Maluco.png

Robo Fortune - Friendly Android - Penny (RWBY)
Robo-Fortune Androide Amígavel.png

Squigly - Scarlet Magic - Avdol (Jojo Part 3)
Squigly Magia Escarlate.png
these last 3 palletes doesn't have card cause the card maker is glitched, but i thought i should share anyway
Filia_BB5_T1_DrillTempered.png Filia_ClassCutter.png 7642d228a440cfa1ed02ecb1858b3b6c251233c6r1-900-530v2_hq.jpg

Eliza Original Color
Eliza_Revamped.png Eliza_ScarletViper.png Eliza_SM7_ThroneOfIsis.png

Parasoul Original Color
Parasoul_NoEgrets.png Parasoul_SM9_NapalmTrigger.png Parasoul_BB2_T2_MotorBrigade.png
It's been a while! New card!

"I'm Ready! I'm Ready! (Spongebob Squarepants)

Signature Ability: Absorbing and Yellow
SA1: 20% chance to gain 2 stacks of armor and immunity for 10 seconds when recieving a hit that does 5% or more health,
SA2: When Benefiting from Armor, change all debuffs applied into stacks of regeneration

Sponge Budr.png
new ones!!!!

Big Band - Explosive Terrain - Original
Big Band Terreno Explosivo.png

Double - Flesh Sins - human skin, flesh and blood
Double Pecados da Carne.png

Eliza - Sleeping Dragon - Original
Eliza Dragão Dormente.png

Eliza - Kind Lake - Thorani (Indivisible)
Eliza Lago Gentil.png

Filia - Magic Ninja - Enid (Ok Ko Let's be Heroes)
Filia Ninja Magica.png

Painwheel - Light Fury - Original
Painwheel Furia Luminosa.png

Parasoul - Aquatic Nightmare - Original
Parasoul Pesadelo Aquatico.png

Valentine - Killer Tornado - Original
Valentine Tornado Assassino.png
So I made these a while ago, and I realized I never posted them! Whoops...
I doubt anyone will get the reference, so I'll put a spoiler down below.
ms fortune clawberry card.png
valentine mint condition card.png
parasoul new leaf card.png
cerebella pudding punch card.png
filia devils fruit card.png
Ms. Fortune, Valentine, Parasoul, Cerebella, and Filia as Mew Ichigo, Mew Mint, Mew Lettuce, Mew Pudding, and Mew Zakuro (respectively) from the anime/manga series Tokyo Mew Mew
Hot damn, those are like screenshots from a parallel universe @SpanSpec! Palette, moves, portrait, SAs, and even quotes! Such an attention to detail. :eek:

@Shadow1802 And the best part of Adventure Time Beowulf is the macabre implication that he killed and skinned Jake.

And now, a couple cards:
D.Stroyer Cerebella
based on D.Va from Overwatch
Notes: Hard to tell, but Vice Versa's head is a transparent green to mimic D.Va's cockpit windshield.

Allegro Reprise Squigly
based on Heartman from Death Stranding
Notes: Allegro (120-168 BPM), a popular and quick tempo, sometimes called the “heartbeat tempo.” Reprise because like Heartman, this variant's SA would center around constant resuscitation.
Black glove for the skeletal hand, translucent skirt to give a more pants appearance, and a ghostly nearly-invisible Leviathan.
Here's a jester!
Facade and blade.png Facade and bella.png "It's time you children learned one final lesson!" Joka (Klonoa)