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It also reminds me of other similar Animes like Tokyo Ghoul and others I can't remember by titles
The first “neutral” Black Dahlia, Supreme Brave!

“Show me how strong… you've become!”

Motif - Brave X Dragon from Puzzle & Dragons X
Note - 3rd shot will become RANDOM if her element is NEUTRAL

Signature - Brave field

Sig1 - When firing SPECIAL SHOTS, gain BUFFS for 10//12/15 seconds based on the fired shot.

Sig2 - Once per match when your health drops below 35/45/50%, remove all DEBUFF, Gain IMMUNITY and 3 stacks of BARRIER for 15 seconds, and instantly reload all 5 SPECIAL SHOTS and 1 random SPECIAL SHOT.

•The buffs gained from sig1 are…
🟣Lightning: REGEN
🟢Railgun: MIASMA
🟡Shotgun: EVASION
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name: foxy temptress

ref: hakumen from tokyo afterschool summoners aka. housamo

quote: "Caught you!"

sa name: mecha love!

sa1: when being KNOCKED DOWN gain one random BUFF and FINAL STAND for 5/10/15 second, and inflict IMMOBILIZE for 3/5/10 second.

sa2: while using a BLOCKBUSTER 15/25/50% chance to convert all BUFFS and gain additional 5/10/15% permanent damage increase for each BUFF are converted while the opponent benefiting from IMMOBILIZE.


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ดาวน์โหลด - 2024-04-16T032814.614.png
" The~ Game~ Is~ On~ "
Variant - Diamond
Element - Quantum- I mean- Dark
Signature Ability - Monodrama
- Whenever TRANSMUTING, gain
1/2/3 stack(s) of buff depending on the previous element that lasts long until TRANSMUTING again.
- When Double uses SPECIAL MOVES while granting any buff, gain
1 stack of them for 10/20/30 seconds, which can be over-stacking when limited.
Reference : Sparkle from Honkai: Star Rail
An original color Filia with Valentine’s Day motif (too late…), Rising heartbeat!

“It’s a bit embarrassing, but…/// will you accept it….?“
Motif - My original color

Signature - True love for you

Sig1 - Every 2 seconds while BLOCKING, gain BARRIER and 3/4/5% BB METER. When you are far away from opponent, interval is halved.

Sig2 - When using BB, convert all BARRIER into 5/7/10 seconds of ENRAGE. When ENRAGE is at 3 stacks, it becomes UNBLOCKABLE and inflict QUIETUS for 15 seconds at 5 stacks.

(Edit: I changed blessing to barrier)
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Another Valentine’s Day themed variant! Introducing Annie - Pure lover!

“I have…/// something to tell you today…!”
Motif - My original color

Signature - After school romance

Sig1 - When you are near at opponent and not suffering from HIT, STAR POWER METER accumulates 50/55/60% faster.

Sig2 - When activating STAR POWER at full meter, each fighter gains 30/40/45% BB METER (only activates once per opponent). While all of the BB’s METER of each fighter is full, BB inflicts 200% bonus damage.
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ดาวน์โหลด - 2024-04-22T041116.700.pngดาวน์โหลด - 2024-04-22T041159.125.pngดาวน์โหลด - 2024-04-22T041204.038.png
" It's all or nothing~ "
Variant - Diamond
Element - Light
Signature Ability - The Red or the Black
- When Eliza uses SPECIAL MOVES or BLOCKBUSTERS, grant herself and her allies a stack of BARRIER for 15/30/45 seconds and reset the timing of it whenever this happens again, this BARRIER won't go by TAG INS and TAG OUTS and also will affect allies that not on the stage.
- Grant herself and allies a CRIT. RATE 10/20/30% for 10 seconds when Eliza gets hit that damage to her (excluding blocked hit), also grant a stack of ENRAGE for 5/10/15 seconds to the one in the team who inflicts CRITICAL DAMAGE while benefiting from BARRIER.
Reference : Eliza as Aventurine, Horace as Dr. Ratio, Albus as Topaz (Sorry, Numby got eaten by him :(.) all from Honkai: Star Rail.
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Another Valentine’s Day themed variant here! (again, too late) A once-a-year treat arrives, Marie -Chocolate Angel!

“It’s all my handmade!”
Hilgard is chocolate-like color!
Motif - My original

Signature - You got served♪

Sig1 - Using SPECIAL MOVE heals 3/4/5% health and GIVE the opponent a RANDOM BUFF for 8/7/6 seconds.

Sig2 - When opponent’s BUFF has lost or expired, deal damage equal to 1/1.5/2% of their MAX HEALTH. This percentage is infinitely increases by 1% each time this effect has activated.
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Beo Robin

beo robin 1.png
beo robin 2 .png
also his emblem is letter B for Beowulf.

"Watch a real hero in action."


SA1: When teammates defeat an opponent while Beowulf is alive gain deadeye and 3 random buffs.

SA2: If Beowulf is the only one standing, SPECIAL MOVES, and BLOCKBUSTERS have a 50/75/100% chance of being UNBLOCKABLE. Also, gain permanent enrage.

The SA's are the opposite of Dark Might


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Recent card of mine that got me veeeery proud #1

"It's a wolf! It's a fighter! No. It's both!"

View attachment 22191
Beowulf as Superman, from DC Comics​



(SA1) While facing a NON-AIR opponent, gain permanent HASTE and 2 permanent stacks of 1/2/3 of these different BUFFS: ENRAGE, ARMOR and REGEN. While facing an AIR opponent, suffer SLOW, CRIPPLE, ARMOR BREAK and HEAVY BLEED.

(SA2) Against a NON-AIR opponent, HITS that deal at least 15/12/10% of the opponent's MAX HEALTH convert up to 2 BUFFS into ARMOR BREAK and GUARD BREAK for 15 seconds each

During his HYPE MODE, his eyes glow red.

View attachment 22202
View attachment 22201

I want him so bad 🥲
honestly, by far the best beo sgm custom fighter they should add this. i want this too
Screenshot 2024-04-23 141215.png
booster gold.pngbig top booster gold.pngbooster gold 3.png
Quote: "I’m pure gold, ladies and gentlemen."


SA 1: Gain precision whenever either character lands a HIT (includes blocked hits).

SA 2: While benefitting from precision gain Deadeye and transfer 5 stacks of precision to 1 stack of armor. While at 5 stacks of Armor gain Invincibility for 30 seconds.
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ดาวน์โหลด - 2024-04-24T040834.842.png1713907265130.png1713907222912.png

" Whatever may come, our love is eternal... "
Variant - Gold
Element - Neutral
Signature Ability - Domineering
- When entering Sekhmet Mode, consuming her health 1% per second to gain her BLOCKBUSTER METER 1/3/5%, and all the damage Eliza receives is inflicted as permanent SCRATCH DAMAGE during this mode.
- When Eliza's HEALTH percentage is lower than an opponent's, every 1% lower than inflicts bonus damage 1/2/3% and regains 100% HEALTH for SCRATCH DAMAGE from bonus damage.
Reference: Eliza as A.B.A, the Staff of Ra (and Sekhmet) as Paracelsus. These from Guilty Gear -Strive-.
(This is my favorite 🥲 AHHHHH)
Christmas themed variant here! A Santa motif Beowulf - Happiness Bringer!

“Let’s share happiness in this wonderful night”
Motif - Santa Claus, Coca Cola (a bit)

Sig - Spreading Happiness

Sig1 - When Beowulf is alive, all teammates gains RANDOM BUFF for 5/7/10 seconds Every 20 seconds. The number of BUFF will be same as the number of living teammates.

Sig2 - When Beowulf is alive, all teammate’s BB removes 1 BUFF and convert it into 5/7/10% health and 5/710% BB meter for living teammates.
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(at the rando being really rude for some reason here??)

i know,yes i dont have a hobby,i have nothing better to do,but the reason why i am so angry is people,always them,i dont see reasons to respect them,even if i after regret it
"Even if i after regret it"? ...Huh. Reminds us of when we were an unaware system and our anger alter would lash out at people. ...Whelp, we're directly responsible for most of the transfem artists on tumblr now realizing they're plural, so might as well shoot the shot while we can.

S'it possible to talk to the "you" that's there when you "regret it", as you say? Just wondering if you've ever thought of that, you know.
name: copy cat

quote: "...Born with pure hatred for the world... and with the power to destroy everything."

sa name: "looking into a two way mirror"

sa1: once per match when an opponent didn't have an elemental advantage while on the field for 30/20/10 second, it have a 50/75/100% chance to inflict timeless INVERS POLARITY and DEATH MARK.

sa2: if an opponent TAG OUT while benefiting from a DEBUFF it have a 25/50/75% chance to inflict 2 random DEBUFF and gain IMMUNITY and MIASMA for 5/10/15 second.


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name: cold handed

quote: "Die, die we all pass away"

sa name: "death's touch"

sa1: every time when using a special move while benefiting from DRAGON CHARGE, inflict 2 SLIME and POWER SURGE For 3/6/12 second.

sa2: while a DEBUFF is expire while having 2 DRAGON CHARGE it have a 15/25/50% chance to gain AUTO BLOCK and MIASMA for 3/6/12 second.


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I personally think this is the motif that perfectly fits with Annie… Introducing Annie - Newbie Summoner!

“Let’s have a battle with puzzle! “
Motif - Heroine (right) from Puzzle & Dragons Z
Signature - Dragon orbs

Sig1 - Gain ENRAGE, ARMOR, REGEN, BLESSING or THORNS every 20/15/10-hit combo. 1 of these buff will removed when block or suffer a HIT, and 3 of these buffs will removed when knocked down.

Sig2 - When any of these BUFF reaches 5/4/3 stacks, remove them all and an orb depending on the removed buff will orbit her body. While holding orbs, next BB will consume 1 orb to change her ELEMENT and activate a SKILL depending on the removed orb.

• Orbs will not disappear until defeated, but you can only hold a maximum of 3 orbs.
• Orbs are consumed in the order that obtained.
• The skills activates by sig2 are…

🔴Red orb (enrage) : Change to FIRE and inflict 25% bonus damage for next 10 seconds
🔵Blue orb (armor) : Change to WATER, remove up to 3 opponent’s BUFFS and inflict FATIGUE for 10 seconds
🟢Green orb (regen) : Change to AIR and regain 20% BB meter
🟡Yellow orb (blessing) : Change to LIGHT and remove all DEBUFF
🟣Purple orb (thorns) : Change to DARK and inflict DISABLE SPECIAL AND BB for 7 seconds
Screenshot 2024-04-29 10.09.58 AM.png
SA: Toxic Wrath
SA1: Beowulf Starts the Match with 5 Stacks of Permanent MIASMA. 1 Stack is removed for every 10% Health lost.
SA2: Throws inflict FATIGUE for 10 Seconds while Benefitting from MIASMA. Deal 50% Bonus Damage while Benefitting from MIASMA

Reference: Okidogi from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Screenshot 2024-04-29 10.22.01 AM.png
😷Huh, say, how are people getting custom poses not on the site into their cards? Are they just taking characters and individually photoshopping the colors, or are we missing something?
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