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Let me introduce new diamond Black Dhalia -Returnee From the Lift!

“ I’m back from the hell, and now I’m stronger than ever.”
Motif - Galvatron from Transformers

Signature - Dark burn

Sig1 - BLOCK PROFICIENCY increases by 30% when blocking projectiles. While blocking far away from opponent, gain PRECISION every 0.5/0.4/0.3 seconds. PRECISION stack decreases rapidly while not blocking.

Sig2- When reaching 5 stacks of PRECISION, it will change to a PERMANENT PRECISION and last for 5/6/7 seconds. While benefit from PRECISION, all melee attack’s CRIT DAMAGE increases by 10% and all shot’s CRIT DAMAGE increases by 75%.
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name: undestined destiny

quote: "You have one of those familiar faces. I feel like we've met somewhere before. Perhaps in a past life?"

ref: daan and pocket cat (from fear and hunger termina)

sa name: A servant of the trickster god

sa1: When CHARGED while far away from the enemy gain 1 EVASION every 4/3/2 second and inflict 1 random DEBUFF for 5/10/15 second.

sa2: When CHARGED 25/50/75% chance to convert all EVASION into random DEBUFFS for 5/10/15 second to the opponent.


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These ones may be the kids' favorites. Well... They're currently my favorite ones too. 😅

426 Sem Título_20240325102848.png
Fukua as Herobrine (an urban legend from Minecraft)


(SA1) While alive, reset the opponent's BLOCKBUSTERS and grant INVINCIBILITY for 7 seconds to all allies every 30/25/20 seconds. It also applies while Fukua is not on the field

(SA2) While Fukua is on the field and none of her BLOCKBUSTERS are fully charged, she gains MIASMA for 10/12/15 seconds, EVASION and cleans all DEBUFFS active on her every 5 seconds

→ Fukua and Herobrine share astoundingly similar traits with each other. They both are mysterious, powerful, apparently evil versions of their protagonist counterparts. They are not treated as real or canonical. Instead, they are seen as wraiths, delusions or even nightmares that, funnily enough, still captivate the heart of many fans around the world.

→ I tried to make something to highlight the fact that Herobrine is some kind of wraith and can't hurt or be hurt normally, and also the fact that he messes many minds through his terror from time to time. All these things reminded me of EVASION, INVINCIBILITY and meter depletion. I considered all those characteristics to be better on defense, so I tried to make this variant more defense-focused than anything else.

→ Of course. She has constant MIASMA for chip damage, EVASION as a safety net, cleans debuffs on her and also has INVINCIBILITY for all allies. She not only can be used offensively by herself but also as a support for the entire team.

"It's hero time!"
428 Sem Título_20240326120345.png
Cerebella as Ben Tennyson
Vice-versa as Skurd
(both from Ben 10 Omniverse)



(SA1) When using a SPECIAL MOVE or a BLOCKBUSTER, gain 2 stacks of ENRAGE and inflict ARMOR BREAK for 5/7/10 seconds each

(SA2) While benefiting from at least 4 stacks of ENRAGE, SPECIAL MOVE and BLOCKBUSTER HITS have a 15/20/25% chance of inflicting STUN for 4 seconds and resetting all opponent's DEBUFFS

→ There are almost nothing in common between Cerebella and Ben Tennyson. Still, she just happened to have the PERFECT sprite for this reference and good accessories and color areas to make this work. Cerebella and vice-versa have almost the same kind of relationship that Ben and Skurd have in battle

→ I tried to make something that could remind Four Arms, from Ben 10. ENRAGE was a must-have, ARMOR BREAK was a nice choice too. I also tried to make her ability worth it, since Cerebella unfortunately suffers when it comes to good signature abilities. I just gave her stun and debuff resetting so; let's say this Cerebella hits so hard that both her opponent and their debuffs get very confused after the blow.
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Note: Whaddup! Creanz here, i know Sans Marie is already out for a while now but i still wanting to do my own take on her for funsies :>

View attachment 22287

"You're Gonna Have a Bad Time"

Ref: Sans the Skeleton from Undertale (i also did some of my own undertale character variants)

SA: Judgement Day

SA1: Marie deals 25% more damage per defeated ally fighters. When she is the last one alive, gain 3 stacks of Armor per ally and 1 stack of Evasion every 10 seconds. Armor stack reduced if enemy fighter uses a Blockbuster.

SA2: Every 20 seconds while benefitting from at least 2 stacks of Armor deal damage equal to 18% of Marie's attack and inflicting Stun for 12 seconds. Hitting a stunned enemy will inflict Inverse Polarity and disabling Special Move for 12 seconds.
i wish the in-game variant didn't lose her Armor on her BB uses, too. She would be crazy good instead of 'meh'..
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As I stated in here, I think adding more original color (no reference) variant would be really good option to increase the originality of the game and discover color-matching of each fighter that cannot be found by referencing.
So, I made my gold original color Umbrella, Strawberry & Milk!

“The sweetness of strawberries fills your mouth!”
Motif - My original color

Signature - Queen of sweetness

Sig1 - When either fighter uses BB, gain REGEN for 5/7/10 seconds and your element changes to NEUTRAL. When your element is already neutral, it returns to FIRE and reset the timer of REGEN.

Sig2 - For every 10/7/5% of your EXTRA HEALTH gained from REGEN, gain 1 stack of ENRAGE, MIASMA, BARRIER or THORNS. These BUFF will removed when your health drops below 80%.
(Edit: I changed sig2 a bit)

•”Extra health” means that the health you would have gained from regen when your health is full.

I made it prettier than ENG version🍓🥛
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Katara from Avatar
download (63).png
“You can’t knock me down!”
SA: Marine Snow
-Gain unflinching while charging a dragon charge. Also Gain 1/2/3 stacks of armour every second while charging. 1 stack of armour is removed when using a dragon charge.
- With 3 or more stacks of armour, blockbusters have 50% chance to be unblockable and have a 25% chance to grant miasma for 5/7/10 seconds on hit
Zuko from Avatar
download (51).png
"The scar is on the wrong side."
Sa: Too Hot To Handle
-25/35/50% chance when thrown to automatically throw-break, inflict a 5 second stun and inflict cripple for 15 seconds. Also gain 1 stack of enrage for 15 seconds
- 50% to deal damage equal to 35/50/75% of Valentines health and inflict bleed for 20 seconds when stun expires.
Hey, Guys, i made new card and bb pallette for Marie! There's a Quan Chi vacuum cleaner and a rabbit amulet!!
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They're back! After months and years took out!
(Sorry, you two)

"Why yes."
Parasoul as Penelope Pitstop


Egrets as The Ant Hill Mob

"Blast again! I'll kill you slowly!"
Black Dahlia as The Hooded Claw


Bunnies as the Bully Brothers
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Azula from Avatar
download (68).png
"My own mother thought I was a monster. She wasn’t right."
SA: Boiling Nerves
-Start the match with 3/4/5 stacks of permanent enrage. 1 stack is removed every 30 seconds or when the opponent uses a blockbuster
- When losing 1 stack of enrage lose 10 % health but gain 50/75/100% blockbuster meter, gain 10% increased atk and inflict 1 stack of permanent power surge.
Big Band - The Veteran

“This is my job”
Motif - Himself before becoming a cyborg
Signature - STOP RIGHT THERE!!

Sig1 - When Big Band’s opponent attempts to DASH, 10/15/20% to prevent it and inflict IMMOBILIZE for 10 seconds. If it is BACK DASH, the chance is doubled.

Sig2 - While opponent is suffering from IMMOBILIZE, opponent’s RESISTANCE becomes unavailable. Also, all SPECIAL MOVE and BLOCKBUSTER has 10/15/20% chance to become UNBLOCKABLE and inflict WITHER for 10 seconds.
(Edit: I changed sig1 a bit)

I’d like to see more in-game references…
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Big Band - The Veteran

“This is my job”
View attachment 22718
Motif - Himself before becoming a cyborg
View attachment 22719
Signature - STOP RIGHT THERE!!

Sig1 - When Big Band’s opponent attempts to DASH, 10/15/20% to prevent it and inflict IMMOBILIZE for 10 seconds. If it is BACK DASH, the chance is doubled.

Sig2 - While opponent is suffering from IMMOBILIZE, opponent’s RESISTANCE becomes unavailable. Also, all SPECIAL MOVE and BLOCKBUSTER has 10/15/20% chance to become UNBLOCKABLE and inflict WITHER for 10 seconds.
(Edit: I changed sig1 a bit)

I’d like to see more in-game references…
Cooool!! Awesome pallette input from the story!❣️👍🤟
name: resurected despair

(ref. ayanami rei from neon genesis evangelion)

quote: "who am i? what am i? what am i? what am i? what am i?"

sa name: "The End of the Evangelion"

sa1: every match start with 2 stack of timeless MIASMA, and timeless IMMUNITY and inflict CURSE for 3/5/10 second every 35/25/15 second while benefiting a BUFF all BUFFS are removed when KNOCKED DOWN.

sa2: once per match when defeated, RESURECT with 15/25/50% HEALTH and gain FINAL LIGHT and HEAVY REGEN for 5/15/30 second, when RESURECTED she change a different palette.


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Cool! It reminds me of BLEACH - when that guy loses his focus and control then he gets possessed by his inner Hollow demon! 😃🤩😁☠️💀😈
It also reminds me of other similar Animes like Tokyo Ghoul and others I can't remember by titles