• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Lucifilly

    Bug - Normal Megalith Array Bug/Change?

    Before the 4.2 update when megalith array was activated right on top of an opponent, it would do an extra amount of damage and resume shooting normally with the opponent stuck in the “knocked up” position, to where they would land on their feet. However, after 4.2 if megalith is activated on...
  2. M

    Other Major Issues with the Game, Imo

    Alright so, I've been meaning to write this since June 17 morning, but the forum was down. Oops. I'm speaking for myself mostly, but I'm sure lots of others will be able to relate to this. TL;DR at the bottom. This will be organized in "Major changes" and "minor changes" (or nitpicks). I'll be...
  3. P

    What do you think about BB3s at the current moment?

    It sure is much less frustrating than what it was in 2.5. Still, I still find this system a bit annoying, especially when fighting against opponents 2 or 3 times stronger than you, with a high AI difficulty. Most of the time I find myself blocking their hits, and once they've landed one, just...
  4. S

    (New) AI activiting BB in between combos?

    Started playing this week, already pretty far with one gold pull and a few silvers. I hit a streak in silver PF where my "easy" option was 2x my total possible FS at 4,500 to my ~2,300. Almost clutched it out with Stone Cold until Parasol activated a BB in between the middle of my ground combo...
  5. S

    Bug - Normal I interrupted my Good Fellows with my ownImpeding Doom

    I’m not sure how exactly that happened, I’ve spent around 5 to 10 minutes in Training trying to replicate this. I was playing Rerun Peacock against Understudy Cerebella in Show Me Your Moves. I used Impeding Doom and almost immediately after that I used Good Fellows. Before I managed to run up...
  6. S

    Will Megalith Array ever be released?

    Devs probably don’t visit character forums often, but who knows, maybe someone will respond.
  7. ImaiKari

    Options for Meter Drain/Reduction

    This is a guide for lowering or managing enemies' meter and special moves, as well as who I recommend to use and not, as well as reasons why. In SGM, there are multiple moves and variants that can reduce enemy meter (even an MA on Cerebella), and might help you overcome challenging opponents who...
  8. B

    Bug - Normal Bb3 staged kills killing earlier

    So some bb3 have "staged kills", meaning that they can only kill ln rhe last hit, like Good Fellows for example. The thing is sometimes this blockbusters will kill you in the middle of the animation, when they are not supposed to
  9. B

    Bug - Normal Inferno Brigade shot 0 shoots

    So I was in a show your moves fight, used Inferno brigade at point blank range, and it just didn't shoot anything, just played the animation and costed me the fight. Already posted ablout it shooting less shoots and I know devs are checking thst, but don't know if this is same issue or another one
  10. Inked

    Bug - Normal Double BB3 doesn't execute

    iPhone 5S IOS 10.3.3 i was playing in silver PF earlier when i encountered this problem. the whole enemy team is down except one Decrypted Eliza. Deciding to quickly finish her off, i activate my Nunsense Double's Nightmare Legion BB3. while Double starts the BB3 up, the Eliza dashes backwards...
  11. B

    Bug - Normal My bb3 got blocked

    So I was doing prize fights, defeated 1 of the enemy fighters, tapped Blowout to go off and when enemy Beowulf got to the stage he just blocked the first hit and bb3 didn't go off while losing it
  12. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Grabbed Peacock out of BB3

    Similar to what's been reported of Eliza (in this thread, for example), I managed to throw a Peacock to death, even when she initiated an Unblockable. Main Attraction -- Advanced, the Untouchable Peacock fight in the Medici Tower section. I've got a Silver Heavy Reign Parasoul and a Silver Grey...
  13. Black Egret#13

    Bug - Normal Buer overdrive whiffs+cerebella falling out of juggles

    These we’re both in the Eliza gold prize fight at around the same time, so I decided to loop them together. I was playing rage appropriate Painwheel against untouchable peacock, and then tried to use my BB3 midway into the Game. I pressed the button, and the startup was normal, but instead of...
  14. Black Egret#13

    Bug - Normal Double BB3?!?

    I was in a prize fight against bad hair day fillia with my robocopy big band. Her BB3 was charged, so she used it. Then my hair apparent came in and got punished. Suddenly, after 3 hits the enemy fillia's BB3 was charged again. So, I died.
  15. Evangelionlovr

    Bug - Normal Inferno Brigade Tag-In Bug

    I use an iPhone 6S (just says S on the back so I'm assuming it's 6s) I'm currently running iOS10. Playing as Primed Parasoul I've noticed that if I fire my Inferno Brigade too early when an opponent is tagging in, then it does way less hits and damage then it is supposed to. I can usually...
  16. BrolaireOfAsstora

    Untouchable and bb3s

    I actually lost a match today thanks to an untouchable avoiding the last hit of Big Bands Big Stand bb3, which was promptly followed by eating her bb3. Now this got me thinking. Peacock has, what, a max of 15% to avoid and attack, right? So what I'm wondering is if a peacock could...
  17. Black Egret#13

    Bug - Normal Not so Unblockable...

    I was doing a mission in who's the boss, expert, with two random characters. The character I started fighting with was Fillia. After doing my standard combo, followed by Gregor Samson, My BB3, "Blowout" was charged so I decided to use it. But suddenly, the Valentine I was fighting tagged out to...
  18. tom641

    New BB3 datamined

    Analysis of the app's files show that the devs left a mostly-functional BB3 that currently can't appear on AI characters or from move relics. As to why it's not in the game, it's hard to tell. Right now it appears that it was deemed too weak to be a BB3 and might be re-added in the next patch...